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DIY Holograms

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Universal DIY 3D Holographic Projection Pyramid for 3.5- ~ 5.5- Cell Phone - Blue Products- - Reflective Prism : Can You Have More Than Four Sides? Holographic Pyramid - IPAD Size. 3D Holographic Pyramids for tablets. 3D Holographic Pyramids for tablets 3D Holographic Pyramids for tablets Price: 650 EUR 3D Holographic Pyramids Box.

3D Holographic Pyramids for tablets

Hologram pyramid size. Holho Smart. DIY hologram using a 4-sided pyramid. Here's an easy to make hologram, one that shows four sides of an object.

DIY hologram using a 4-sided pyramid

It's made by taping together four pieces of plastic to make a truncated pyramid as shown below. On a screen such as a phone, tablet or monitor, display an image or animation that consists of four different views of the same object. Sit the pyramid in the middle and when you look at it from the sides, you'll see the image closest to you projected onto the closest face of the pyramid. And since the pyramid is transparent the image will look like it's suspended in air. Note that strictly speaking, this isn't actually a hologram. Hologram images to play with Here are some animations and a still image I've made that you can download and use yourself. Princess Leia giving here message from Star Wars IV - animation leia_hologram_h264.avi - 531KB, H.264 video format leia_hologram.blend - 3.11MB, contains the 3D model and animation for use in Blender, made with Blender 2.71.

On a testé pour vous... l'hologramme fait maison en dix minutes chrono. Le | • Mis à jour le | Par Morgane Tual Tout est parti de cette vidéo, montrant une figurine de Sangoku, le héros de la série Dragon Ball Z, prenant vie grâce à des hologrammes : Il n'en fallait pas plus pour susciter l'enthousiasme de la rédaction de Pixels, qui s'est empressée de faire passer cette information, primordiale, à ses lecteurs.

On a testé pour vous... l'hologramme fait maison en dix minutes chrono

En fouinant un peu, nous nous sommes rendu compte qu'à quelques clics de là se trouvait la recette qui avait permis cette petite prouesse visuelle. A notre grande surprise, cela ne semblait pas bien compliqué : une simple pyramide de plastique, accolée à une tablette. Nous avons donc pris la décision qui s'imposait : nous aussi, nous allions fabriquer un hologramme. Liste des ingrédients : Une tablette type iPadUne feuille de plastique transparente, assez rigide et brillanteUn cutterUn crayon à papierDu ruban adhésif A noter que ces dimensions fonctionnent pour une tablette de type iPad, mais pas pour un smartphone par exemple.

HOLHO: the first Hologram generator for Smartphone and Tablet - Hashslush. HOLHO is an Italian Company, whose name is a sort-of portmanteau of Holla and Jai Ho!

HOLHO: the first Hologram generator for Smartphone and Tablet - Hashslush

HOLHO is a pyramid-shaped structure that sits on top of or underneath smartphones and tablets. It gathers selected screen images and projects them onto its 4 walls to generate a hologram floating harmoniously in the center. The Holho-Phone is a structure that you can place over or under your phone or tablet to project astonishing holographic images. The screen reflects the image on the four faces of the Pyramid generating a hologram in the center. The Holho-Collection offers an incredible variety of tools that can be adapted on any smart phone or tablet.

Learn more at: or on Kickstarter Check out below for the Holho-Collection: HOLHO is one of the smallest and most original holographic Pyramid on the market. HOLHO designed two Full Pyramids you can use with your 7″ or 10″ tablet. HOLHO Naked is the simplest product of the HOLHO collection. Nerd Party Trick: Making 3-D Holograms Using an iPad. Today in the annals of amazing-but-completely-pointless crap you can do with an iPad: Make stuff appear in thin air!

Nerd Party Trick: Making 3-D Holograms Using an iPad

N-3D, by Aircord Labo in Japan, is a sort of hologram machine you operate with your iPad. Set the iPad on top a pyramid-shaped box coated in holographic film, then run a multiscreen app, and poof! Phantom objects spring up before your eyes. With another app, you can even make them jump by clapping your hands. We've got the video below, though you might want to switch off your sound, unless you plan on turning your cubicle into the Love Parade. How it works: The angles of the pyramid reflect images dancing around on your iPad.

You might be wondering: Does this thing have any practical application beyond impressing fellow nerds at DEF CON? [Via] On a testé pour vous... L'hologramme fait maison en dix minutes chrono. Create a 3-D Hologram With Your iPad. Create a 3-D Hologram With Your iPad.