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Ask Me Anything - a game of truths... Only Cash Surveys - Register Now & Get $5, Join Today. Your Serif Is Served: Typefaces Imagined As Food. It used to be so simple: We’d experience things through five fairly well defined senses. But these days you can capture a scent like a photograph, feel renderings in the palm of your hand, and see web browsers projected onto the sidewalk. So why not taste your type? Lithuanian design studio Prim Prim decided to serve up four common fonts--Times, Comic Sans, Courier New, and Gothic 821 Condensed--as meals to match their personalities. For Taste the Font, each type-inspired food is created with equal parts historic consideration and wackiness. The sensible, informative Times font is newly appropriated as the most important meal of the day: breakfast. Prim Prim’s reasoning: Times was created (supervised by Stanley Morison and drawn by Victor Lardent) in 1931 for the newspaper The Times and for decades every morning this font was being gulped down by the eyes of the British families while eating fat fried eggs with the pig strips.

Courier New morphs into the more casual sandwich: Create An Intimate Map Of Your Life, Using Just Your Email Inbox. We rarely think twice when sending an email, or adding a few CCs just for good measure. But these small interactions add up, and when deconstructed en masse, will reveal more about you than you might ever expect. Immersion is an interactive network data visualization created at MIT Media Lab’s Macro Connections group by Deepak Jagdish, Daniel Smilkov and Cesar Hidalgo. All you do is give the site access to your Gmail account. It promises to look only at the email headers: From, To, CC, and timestamp fields within your email history. And through the wonders of data mining, it will build an extremely accurate web of your personal relationships. “We are basically counting each multi-personal email as an expression of a connection between the people involved in that email,” Hidalgo tells me.

Interestingly enough, Immersion started as a quest to redesign the email inbox. My last week. “Certainly, we would like to evoke feelings of reflection,” Hidalgo explains. My last month. Try it here. Spokeo People Search | White Pages | Find People. BitTorrent Sync Keeps Your Files In Sync, Skips the Insecure Cloud.

How to Set Up Your Own Private Cloud Storage Service in Five Minutes with OwnCloud. TheBrain :: Mind Mapping Software, Brainstorming, GTD and Knowledgebase Software. A Typeface Where Every Letter Is An Optical Illusion. A good illusion is a few different things all at once. Depending on how you look at it, you could say it’s a work of art, a puzzle, or a piece of graphic design (Or an old woman! Or a young woman! Or a candlestick!) You could say that Macula is all of those things, sure, but there’s another distinction that makes it even more impressive. The typeface was created by Jacques Le Bailly, a Dutch type designer who works under the pseudonym Baron von Fonthausen (apparently not your typical stuffy aristocrat but rather one of those eccentric noblemen you occasionally read about who were into building secret passageways and joining science cults and stuff like that).

At first, Le Bailly tried to base all his letters on a single shape--the rounded rectangle--but he found the results unsatisfactory. Some letters were easy to construct, others were far more complex. However painful to complete, though, the final product is a gorgeous realization of a very ambitious vision. Pressing This Button Will Find Tweetable Sentences In Anything On The Web. "Sharing. It’s hard work," writes Paul Ford on his cheekily named website Don’t we know it: Any digital publication worth its salt has at least one full-time staffer devoted to picking and choosing and curating and sharing the most clickable snippets of its content for the hordes on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. (Okay, not that last one. But you know what we mean.) Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could just click a button to identify what the "tweetable sentences" of any article are, to save you the trouble of reading the whole damn thing yourself?

That’s what Ford has created: The SavePublishing bookmarklet, when clicked, greys out everything in an article except for the passages that are pithy enough for the Twitterati. "I doubt it," Ford admits. Ford hacked the tool together in about week (spread over several months, he says), and it’s not exactly the HAL 9000 of social media: It decides what sentences are "tweetable" by checking their length, and nothing more. How I Went Completely Paperless in Two Days. Back to the Basics: Learn to Use Keyboard Shortcuts Like a Ninja. How to Stop Spies from Digging Up Your Personal Information. ePortfolio. Same textbooks, only smarter | eTextbooks | 15-day money back guarantee | Available on iPad, Galaxy Note 10.1, Windows7 and Web.

The Most Annoying Things You Do with Your Phone That You Should Quit (or At Least Be Aware Of) I think it is a combination of "addiction to the phone". overestimation of skill, and lack of understanding that leads to cellphone use during driving. The immediate nature of phones encourage people to be addicted to them, the response of "now". I have to get this text, I have to make/take this call. How often do you see people volunteer they are bad drivers? It is pretty rare despite the fact there are so many car accidents and speeding tickets. After an accident it is always the other person's fault as opposed to "I was busy changing the radio station".

And lastly, the "I've done it plenty of times and haven't gotten in an accident so it obviously can't be that dangerous" or "it is no different than talking to a passenger in the car/listening to music/eating a burrito while driving". So please, it doesn't matter how talented you think you are or how important that phone call is, wait until your vehicle has come to a stop and not just at a stop light or a stop sign. How to Automatically Archive Your Life with IFTTT and Evernote. Yeah, I tend to agree with you. I don't need every single calendar event "take daughter to practice", "haircut", "take mom to doctor's appt", etc to generate an automatic event auto backing up anything.

I realize the article is trying to use examples so I can perhaps visualize the stuff I would want to back up—but it makes me think the author doesn't have children or perhaps doesn't have any other obligations outside themselves OR that they don't use their calendar except to record only the most ultra-cool things they have coming up or they have tons of spare time to sift through the minutae of most daily calendars to automate only the ultra-cool things worth preserving.

The other thing—while the idea of automating personal history is a good idea, I think it takes more time to think through as far as those of us who have kids, jobs, life obligations are concerned. PS This article covers what you and I might actually think of as a journal. Airtime. Campaign urges students to ‘Own What You Think’ “Maya Srinivasan [’10] is an amazing person and always willing to help out a friend.

She is also brilliant and a great musician.” So read the message submitted by Margaret Byron ’10 projected on a giant screen on Frist North Lawn on Saturday night. Students on their way to the Street stopped to marvel at this and many other messages on the “Love Wall,” which displayed positive affirmations written by students about themselves and others. The Love Wall is just one of many initiatives that are part of the “Own What You Think” campaign, spearheaded by Class of 2010 president Connor Diemand-Yauman and Associate Dean of Undergraduate Students Thomas Dunne. While the idea for the campaign was sparked by the anonymous college gossip site, Diemand-Yauman said his campaign actually seeks to combat gossip in a much broader sense. For him, JuicyCampus, which has stirred much controversy over the past few months, is a symptom of greater societal ills.

The growing cowardice of online anonymity. World Internet Usage Statistics News and World Population Stats. How to Port Your Number to Google Voice Without Paying an Arm and a Leg. Digital education tools. 25 Ways to Speed Up Your Mac. Posted 04/28/2009 at 8:51pm | by Michael Simon While you're waiting for Apple to nail down a release date for the next major version of OS X, here are a few easy ways to get your Mac tuned and toned in time for Snow Leopard: Open Up and Say, ‘Ahhhhh’ Tucked away in the Utilities folder is Activity Monitor, a useful app that’ll provide you with a comprehensive overview of CPU usage, system memory, disk activity and network performance to help you locate any issues with your hardware.

Before troubleshooting with any of the tips below, a perusal of your Mac’s vitals will make it easier to diagnose, prescribe and dispense the proper medication. I Can’t Quit You, Baby Let’s start off easy. Flip the Switch If you have multiple accounts on your Mac, your side might be negatively affected by apps still running on one of the other users’ screens. Fidget with Your Widgets Update, Update and Away! Remember Your Permission Slip Stick to the Scripts Cache Rules Everything Around Me atsutil databases -remove. Shmoop: Homework Help, Teacher Resources, Test Prep. TOOLS FOR EDUCATORS. Free Printable 2012 Calendar: Holiday Calendar 2012 & Blank Calendar.

Clover Park’s eLearning Quality Improvement System. By Kelley L. MeeusenInstructional DesignerClover Park Technical College As with most colleges in our system, eLearning continues to play a growing role for the students and community at Clover Park Technical College (CPTC). The college has committed considerable resources to expanding its online course and program offerings. During the past four years, as CPTC has significantly expanded its use of this dynamic instructional delivery method, we realized we needed to develop high-quality standards, comparable to traditional course and program metrics, to support this growth. In fall 2011, CPTC chartered an eLearning quality improvement committee, under the oversight of the curriculum committee and instructional department, to develop a quality assurance system for its online courses and programs. The scope of this project covers the entire life cycle of an online course—from its initial approval through its continued live delivery.

The committee’s goals included: 1. 2. 3. A. B. C. PPT Quotes Slides - 180 Free Technology Tips. Compare & Find Best Free Solutions. Dear Photograph. Google Url Shortener. :: Words that stick. Document View - ProQuest. Drop It To Me. Classical | FilterMusic. Learn. Broadcast Yourself.


Multimedia. ExpertFlyer Alerts You When Better Airplane Seats Are Available, Gets You Onto Sold Out Flights. LISTSERV 15.5 - Archive Search. DROPitTOme - Securely receive files from anyone to your Dropbox. Remind101 | Text Messaging For Teachers. Storytelling. How to Turn Humdrum Photos Into Cinematic Portraits. DisaPainted. Universal Subtitles - Make subtitles, translations, and captions for almost any video. The Best 6 Sites to Get Free Ebooks. Advertisement Book lovers all over the world are starting to wake up and smell the coffee: ebooks are way better than paper books.

The benefits are many, like not having to lug around a 10-pound doorstop, being able to bring your whole library with you everywhere, and backing up your entire library to the cloud. Books Suck: Why I Love My Kindle More Than Dead Trees Books Suck: Why I Love My Kindle More Than Dead Trees Modern e-readers hold thousands of novels, weigh next to nothing, have built in lights, and don't give you a concussion when they hit your nose.

Read More But if you’re a voracious reader, buying ebook after ebook can burn a huge hole in your wallet. The other option is to save your money and switch to freely available ebooks instead. 1. When BookZZ claims to be “the world’s largest ebook library,” it’s not kidding. Or you can use the search option, which lets you search by title, author, description, and more. 2. Because it’s a charity, Gutenberg subsists on donations. 3. YouCube--YouTube in a movable cube. Welcome to (about dot me)