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Travels in the US of A

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In Search of Arizona’s “Secret Season” A couple of crucial new criteria have arisen for traveling during a pandemic.

In Search of Arizona’s “Secret Season”

First of all, lower capacity has become an important caveat, as has the ability to comfortably be outside for the majority of the time. The intersection of these two factors makes Scottsdale and Arizona’s Sonoran Desert — already attractions in their own right — new hotspot destinations for the intrepid Angelenos who are still interested in traveling this winter. About the same driving distance as San Francisco, the greater Phoenix area is an excellent alternative to yet another Palm Springs trip for L.A. locals who want to (safely) mix things up. I Walked South From Ocean Beach for 8 Miles. Here’s What I Found. Photos: PHOTOS: Trump's Mar-a-Lago Through the Years, Inside and Out - The Palm Beach Post - West Palm Beach, FL.

Front view of Mar-a-Lago, January, 31, 2017 in Palm Beach.

Photos: PHOTOS: Trump's Mar-a-Lago Through the Years, Inside and Out - The Palm Beach Post - West Palm Beach, FL

Post cereal heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post was Mrs. Edward F. Hutton when she commissioned Marion Sims Wyeth to build her a 58-bedroom Spanish-Moorish-Portuguese-Venetian palace on 17 acres of jungle between the ocean and the Intracoastal. By the time it was finished in 1927, Joseph Urban, a Viennese architect and theater designer, had provided much of the ornamentation. Six hundred workers labored for more than three years to build Mar-a-Lago, using boatloads of Italian stone and approximately 36,000 antique Spanish and Portuguese tiles, as well as old marble floors and roof tiles from Cuba. Happy 174th Birthday, Florida! We love you, we really do. Florida’s birthday is March 3!

Happy 174th Birthday, Florida! We love you, we really do

From Florida facts and Florida history to a little Florida fun in the sun and “Old Florida” postcards, let’s count the ways we love this state. On March 3, 1845, Florida became the nation’s 27th state. That means this lovely, long-haul of a state celebrates its 174th birthday on Sunday. And we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than to count some things we love about Florida — 30 things, actually, and in no particular order. Sure, it wasn’t an easy task and it’s definitely not a complete list, but thank God for crowdsourcing.

Can’t get enough Florida? 1. 2. 3. Florida Memory. The Florida Memory Blog. If you’ve ever looked at a map of Charlotte County in print or online, you’ve probably noticed something a little unusual on the northeast bank of the Myakka River near Port Charlotte.

The Florida Memory Blog

State Road 776, which crosses the Myakka River at that location, appears to run right through a series of concentric hexagons, with a circle at the middle. At first glance, it might appear to simply be a creatively designed neighborhood development. When this area was first laid out in the 1920s, however, its developers had much bigger, even utopian visions in mind. Map showing parts of Charlotte County, including the location of El Jobe-An, indicated with a purple arrow (2014). Map showing El Jobe-An and the surrounding area (1990). Florida History: Florida’s alligators were here first. This week, in “Florida Time,” a weekly column on Florida’s history, we discuss the ever-popular alligator.

Florida History: Florida’s alligators were here first

From how long the reptile has been around to where it got its nickname. West Florida. Because of disagreements with the Spanish government, American and English settlers between the Mississippi and Perdido rivers declared that area as the independent Republic of West Florida in 1810.

West Florida

The Best Hike in Every National Park. From Alaska’s remote bush to downtown Cleveland, our national parks provide us with millions of acres of public land to explore.

The Best Hike in Every National Park

We compiled a list of the best hikes in each park, according to the wilderness guides, park rangers, and hikers who know them. Acadia Maine The Expert: Pat Johnson, Maine Outdoor Adventure Club trip leader The Hike: Penobscot and Sargent Mountain Loop Summit two of the park’s highest peaks on this 9.5-mile loop through thick spruce forest that eventually gives way to pink-tinted granite crags.

The 25 Best Places to Live in America. It's impossible to please everyone with a list of great places to live.

The 25 Best Places to Live in America

Some people prefer big cities, while others may be looking for a quieter place to escape to. The qualities people value in a location—like affordability, culture, and safety—also vary from person to person. But when it comes to diverse options, MONEY magazine's annual list of the 100 best places to live in the U.S. has something for everyone. The Quietest and Loneliest Roads in the United States. Compared to the ultra-high-speed bullet trains of Japan, the breakneck speeds allowed on Germany’s autobahn, and the efficiency of the Swiss rail system, getting around the U.S. is often slow, inefficient, and often pretty dull.

The Quietest and Loneliest Roads in the United States

That’s thanks in large part to our reliance on decades-old freeways to get everywhere. The Most Beautiful Winter Train Routes in North America. Great American Rail-Trail. Mypalmbeachpost. One-Star Yelp Reviews of California’s Most Beloved State Parks. 8 Great Rail Trails in the United States. In the 1960s, a group of railroad history lovers and outdoor enthusiasts in Washington, D.C., organized an effort to preserve unused railroad corridors as public multiuse trails.

8 Great Rail Trails in the United States

Their efforts began with a letter to the editor at the Chicago Tribune, and by 1986, the movement had grown into a nonprofit organization known as the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. Atlasobscura. Big Bend National Park: "Splendid Isolation" A tent surrounded by nothing but desert, a 2-hour trip to Mexico in a dust storm, and the first time I’ve ever looked overhead and seen the Milky Way. As the National Parks Service describes it, Big Bend National Park offers “splendid isolation,” and that description couldn’t be more accurate. I’m kind of letting the cat out of the bag when it comes to the secret that is this place, and I’ll be honest––I feel a bit guilty about it. Route-66-8?email=puhnner@hotmail.

Cookies are Not Accepted - New York Times. Camellia Street Grill - 109 Photos & 141 Reviews - American (New) - 202 Camellia St, Everglades City, FL - Restaurant Reviews - Phone Number - Yelp. Everglades City, FL. Hotel, Seafood Restaurant, Cottages, Marina. Fishing and Exploring Florida's 10,000 Islands - Gear Patrol. We were up early under a dark sky, rubbing sleep from our eyes on the deck of an outboard skiff, wondering if it would rain. Squat gray columns hung over the waterline, grumbling faintly. The wind hammered our faces. But Chokoloskee Bay — shallow and silvery and floorboard flat — was brightening with morning light. The Rollicking 2,000-Mile Road Trip to Find the Center of America. Was that sign defaced, or did it mean to indicate "Agar, pop. 3"? Agar, Home of the 1977 State B Track Champions. Past Onida and on into Hughes County and the state's capital, Pierre, South Dakota, population 13,646.

Back in Bismarck, Dan had warned me that Pierre was rinky-dink, but it looked all right to me. When I went to get dinner, the sign outside my motel said, The earth has its music for those who listen. I ate the chicken-taquito plate with red sauce at La Guadalajara and walked around beautiful La Framboise Island, called by Lewis and Clark "Good humered [sic] Island. " Home - unDiscovered Florida. The 20 Best Small Towns to Visit in 2017. Your favorite small town probably doesn’t look quite like how Norman Rockwell drew it. Small towns may be united by their modest population sizes, but they’re remarkable for their diversity of character.

And so for the sixth-annual round of's America’s Best Small Towns, we set out on a quest to find 20 great slice-of-life (and if you’re Rockland, Maine, also award-winning slice-of-pie) small towns full of unique flavor. To help us on our task, we once again consulted geographical information company Esri (which sorts towns with a population under 20,000) to identify tiny towns chock full of local culture, history and natural beauty. We then narrowed down our list to pinpoint the destinations that are especially worth making the trip to this year—whether they’re celebrating a special birthday, commemorating a famous resident or happen to be smack on the path of the “Great American Eclipse.” ​ Downtown Dallas Hotels - The Joule Dallas HotelThe Joule. History, Travel, Arts, Science, People, Places. Off the beaten path: An insider’s guide to Tampa history for #OHA2015. There are less than two months left before we converge on Tampa for the Oral History Association’s annual meeting!

This week, we asked Jessica Taylor of the University of Florida’s Samuel Proctor Oral History Program, who authored “We’re on Fire: Oral History and the Preservation, Commemoration, and Rebirth of Mississippi’s Civil Rights Sites” in the most recent Oral History Review, to give us the inside scoop on some local stories of interest to oral historians. Check it out below, and make sure to book your tickets while they’re still available. The Ghost Infested Island of Lake Huron.

There are many allegedly haunted places in the world. Yet, most of the time these are solitary places of spookiness, anomalous locations that stand on their own; a house, a building, perhaps a hospital or even a wood among other things, all existing alone and in contrast to their surroundings as something other. There may be one ghostly presence or even several, but they still remain relatively secluded and sparsely inhabited places that lurk in the corners of the dark world we don’t yet understand.

However, there is one island right off shore on Lake Huron in the great lakes where almost every square inch seems to be haunted by something or other. A popular summer tourist spot, this is a bustling, well-travelled island that nevertheless seems to be as crowded with ghosts as it is with visitors, so much so that it is often said that the dead outnumber the living here. Mackinac Island. Rio Grande Gorge Bridge - From

Best Dallas Instagrams. Montana Bed and Breakfast Big Sky, Fort Benton, MT Grand Union Hotel. Gainesville Hostel - Zen Hostel. Best Airports For Food and Drink - Best American Airports For Eating. Everyone has been faced with the same harrowing decision when stuck in an airport: what in the hell am I going to eat and drink now? So, in an effort to help you best sort that out, allow us to present our ranking of every single meaningful American airport’s food and drink. We did it like this: first we broke down every essential airport by the number of planes that fly in, plus region so every state was included. Then we looked up every single restaurant and bar available at each spot, and broke the airports down into four tiers. Vizcaya pool miami. Vizcaya Museum & Gardens - Vizcaya Museum & Gardens. The 8 Least Expensive Places To Live in the U.S. Historic Boutique Hotel. Downtown Dallas, TX Hotels - The Joule Dallas. Bus Transporting Carnival Cruise Passengers Crashes Into Sewage Treatment Plant.

Taras Shevchenko Poetry - Taras Shevchenko Museum - the only Shevchenko Museum in the Americas. My Friendly Epistle. In Maine, Walking Where Waves Moved Winslow Homer’s Brush. Miami. In Colorado, Switchbacks and ‘The Shining’