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Oh my lady, Da Furst Lady, Melania

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Melania Trump released a farewell video. So did Colbert's Late Show Melania Trump. A person's 2020 presidential vote is proving the biggest indicator of whether or not they want a coronavirus vaccine.

Melania Trump released a farewell video. So did Colbert's Late Show Melania Trump.

People who supported President-elect Joe Biden in November are overwhelmingly in favor of getting the COVID-19 vaccine, with 79 percent saying they want it and 4 percent saying they've already gotten it, an NPR/PBS Newshour/Marist poll out Tuesday shows. Meanwhile just 39 percent of voters who backed President Trump say they want the vaccine and a similar 4 percent have already gotten it. Marist asked adults whether they'd get a COVID-19 vaccine if it was made available to them. Support for getting the vaccine was clearly divided along party lines, with 75 percent of Democrats saying they wanted the vaccine but just 43 percent of Republicans saying the same.

Democratic men were the most likely of any demographic — race, region, income, education, age, or generation — to want the vaccine, at 85 percent. Trumps' snub of Bidens historic in its magnitude. The dissolving of one of America's most enduring transfer-of-power rituals -- the outgoing president welcoming the incoming president on the steps of the North Portico, and then riding with them to the United States Capitol -- is just one of the snubs the Trumps are perpetrating as they leave Washington.

Trumps' snub of Bidens historic in its magnitude

Instead of a president and first lady, the Bidens will be greeted by the White House chief usher Timothy Harleth, according to a source familiar with the day's events and planning. Harleth, a 2017 Trump hire from the Trump International Hotel in Washington, will likely not stay on in the Biden administration, the source said, noting the role of chief usher in all probability will be filled by someone more familiar with the incoming president and first lady. The afternoon of Inauguration Day, then-President Biden will participate in a ceremonial wreath-laying at Arlington National Cemetery, joined by former Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Melania Trump Is A Petty B*tch, Part Infinity. Melania Trump, the most useless waste of space to ever call herself "First Lady" has left the building.

Melania Trump Is A Petty B*tch, Part Infinity

In her wake she left a stupid tennis pavilion, a demolished Rose Garden, tons of ugly photos of her "decorating taste" and videos of her straight-up plagiarizing Michelle Obama. CNN has more details on the monumental pettiness of Melania and honestly, it is laughable how Mean Girl Stupid she truly is. Normal transitions involve a modicum of grace and warmth - two personality traits which Melania does not possess. In previous transitions, traditionally the departing First Lady welcomes the incoming First Lady to the White House for a tour of the private quarters, the grounds and a photo-op over tea or lunch or something else normal and polite. Mel Addresses Us Peasants. Mel has written her farewell letter, and boy howdy, it’s a festivus-style airing of grievances: “As your First Lady, it has been inspiring to witness firsthand what the people of our great Nation will do for one another, especially when we are at our most vulnerable.

Mel Addresses Us Peasants

“With nearly every experience I have had, I found myself carrying many individual’s stories home with me in my heart.” Carry-on is free, but has to fit under your seat. But I digest. Critics slam Melania Trump's self-centered statement on Capitol Hill riots - Raw Story - Celebrating 16 Years of Independent Journalism. An official statement from Melania Trump on the tragic deaths that occurred in the halls of Congress after Donald Trump incited a mob to go after U.S. lawmakers blew up in the face of the White House because the first lady managed to make it all about herself.

Critics slam Melania Trump's self-centered statement on Capitol Hill riots - Raw Story - Celebrating 16 Years of Independent Journalism

While noting the deaths of Trump supporters -- and leaving Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick last -- the first lady also included a tone-deaf complaint by writing, "I find it shameful that surrounding these tragic events there has been salacious gossip, unwarranted personal attacks, and false misleading accusations on me – from people who are looking to be relevant and have an agenda. " That sentence alone caused critics to harshly criticize the president's wife for playing victim, with one commenter writing, "This is a trash statement from a trash first lady. " You can see a sampling below: @FLOTUS Your path forward is to exit the White House post haste and go away forever. Melania’s Ex-BFF Stephanie Winston Wolkoff Says There’s Blood on Her Hands.

How Melania Trump Destroys Her Friends. Internet reacts to audio of ‘sociopath’ Melania Trump swearing about separated migrant children. Stephanie Winston Wolkoff has released audio recordings of her conversations with Melania Trump.

Internet reacts to audio of ‘sociopath’ Melania Trump swearing about separated migrant children

Wolkoff was a friend and advisor to the First Lady and has written a book about her time in the White House. CNN aired the audio Thursday night. The tapes are damning. In one segment the First Lady complains that “they said, ‘Oh, what about the children that they were separated?’ Give me a f**king break.” In another she says, “who gives a f**k about Christmas stuff and decoration?” “They say I’m complicit. Melania Trump Tries to Emulate Jackie Kennedy—It's Not Working. The Trump administration's most lasting legacy may be its consistent promotion of false, sometimes dangerous, and often inaccurate information and theories.

Melania Trump Tries to Emulate Jackie Kennedy—It's Not Working

One incorrect narrative the White House is puzzlingly insistent and adamant about? That First Lady Melania Trump is the second-coming of the legendary Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis; that she embodies the same elegance and importance as a presidential buttress that Jackie-O did in the '60s. Scoop: Melania Trump's Comments About Trump Family Were Taped - Yashar's Newsletter. Share I hope you’ll subscribe to my newsletter by clicking the button above or the button at the end of this post.

Scoop: Melania Trump's Comments About Trump Family Were Taped - Yashar's Newsletter

Please follow me on Twitter and Instagram If you want to post this edition on social media, use the button above. Scoop: Former Melania Trump Friend and Adviser Taped First Lady Disparaging Trump and His Adult Children, Sources Say Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a former friend of Melania Trump who helped produce the 2017 presidential inauguration, taped the first lady making disparaging remarks about the president and his adult children, according to two sources. Melania saddled taxpayers with millions in security costs so she could renegotiate her prenup. She’s a Trump, after all.

Melania saddled taxpayers with millions in security costs so she could renegotiate her prenup

A new book by Washington Post reporter Mary Jordan — titled For the Last Time, Keep That Tang-Hued Monstrosity Out of Me ... er, The Art of Her Deal: The Untold Story of Melania Trump — alleges that the first lady used the early part of Trump’s presidency, when we all assumed she was hiding from an evil ogre in an enchanted golden tower, to renegotiate her prenuptial agreement with the bad, bad man. The Washington Post: The campaign had been full of harsh news about Trump’s alleged sexual indiscretions and infidelities, from the “grab them by the p---y” Access Hollywood tape to an affair with Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal; Melania learned new details from the media coverage, Jordan writes. Nation Comforted: Mel Is On The Case! I am reminded of two movies: MannequinLars and the Real Girl Now if this video concluded with the classic porn soundtrack (chika-chika-bow-wow) and a pizza delivery, I would not be surprised, either.

Nation Comforted: Mel Is On The Case!

Sharing Means Caring, fool! Like this: Like Loading... Melania Trump Spokesperson Stephanie Grisham on Trump Bullying. Melania Trump Wears Leather Pants That Look Like No Pants. Melania Trump in Team of Vipers Shows First Lady in New Light. Stephanie Winston Wolkoff Discusses Details of Trump Inauguration: Report. The Nyet Before Christmas, Comrades. Melania Releases Statement Calling For Removal Of First Lady From White House. WASHINGTON—Stressing that the situation had become untenable in recent days, aides working for Melania Trump released a statement Wednesday calling for the immediate removal of the first lady from the White House.

According to the statement, the first lady “no longer deserves the honor” of serving in the position, which she has occupied since early 2017. Melania Wishes Just Once She Could Look In Mirror Without Own Reflection Turning Away, Gust Of Wind Blowing Through Room, Doors Slamming Shut. WASHINGTON—Letting out a deep sigh while peering at the polished metal surface, Melania Trump confessed Wednesday that she wished she could look in the mirror just once without her own reflection turning away, a gust of wind blowing through the window, and every nearby door slamming shut. “All I want is to be able to check my makeup without awakening an ancient evil, causing the floorboards to shake and glasses of water to freeze solid,” said the first lady, lamenting the fact that since moving into the White House, she had constantly been faced with a barrage of demonic whispers coming from within the walls and a swarm of locusts that seemed to appear out of thin air. “Just the other day, I saw myself in a windowpane, and the sky immediately turned blood-red, several birds fell from the sky, and my reflection turned into a skeleton.

It’s just so irritating—48 hours later and my ears still haven’t stopped ringing.” Melania Trump’s Plane Forced To Make Emergency Landing After Smoke Begins Billowing Out Of First Lady. WASHINGTON—In what is being described as a “close call” for the aircraft’s passengers and crew, sources reported that Melania Trump’s plane was forced to turn around and make an emergency landing Wednesday after thick plumes of smoke began billowing out of the first lady. “There was a strong burning smell, and as soon as we noticed the black smoke venting out of Mrs. Trump’s eye sockets and ear canals, we realized something was seriously wrong,” said crewmember Anton Chapman, adding that, despite routine maintenance checks of the first lady to prevent such incidents, occasional mishaps could still occur, especially when internal regulating systems malfunctioned.

“Smoke started filling the cabin, and several members of the press pool began choking and gagging as we tried to contain the damage. Unfortunately, there was very little we could do before the fumes surrounding Mrs. Melania’s spokeswoman calls for hip hop boycott after rapper depicts first lady as stripper in new video. Melania Trump Claims She Is 'Most Bullied Person In the World'

Melania Trump Nearly Knocked Over by a Baby Elephant: Video. Melania Trump Makes Interesting Fashion Choice on African Tour. Melania's Parents Receive Citizenship, Thanks To 'Chain Migration' 'Melania's escape tunnel caved in': Internet mocks reports of large sinkhole opening on White House lawn. Politics.theonion.

Splinternews. Splinternews. Splinternews. Politics.theonion. Politics.theonion. Splinternews. Mypalmbeachpost. Melania Trump sticks to her guns amid the '24/7 tornado' of husband's scandals. Colbert's 'Late Show' Crafts Trump's Valentine for Melania. Splinternews. First lady Melania Trump has had some expressive moments in the public spotlight during the first year of her husband’s presidency. There was the time that Donald rudely left her behind while greeting the Obamas at the White House on Inauguration Day. And when she threw shade at Donald behind his back. Or swatted his hand away in Tel Aviv. Yet this was all before revelations were made public that he allegedly paid porn star Stormy Daniels $130,000 in hush money to keep an affair private.

The New York Times says that story really pissed off the first lady. According to the Times: Mrs. After that story broke, the first lady marked the one–year anniversary of Trump’s inauguration by tweeting out a photo of a fine–looking young man accompanying her. She also canceled a scheduled trip to accompany the president to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, choosing instead to pay an unannounced visit to the U.S. Things don’t seem to have improved very much. Ouch. Watch Melania Trump Duck Walk In Bizarre Insurance Ad. Melania Trump Condemns Bullying In Harsh Terms Without Getting Into Any Messy Specifics. Everybody Had a Blast At the Vatican, Why Do You Ask? 

Actually, Melania Trump Is Thrilled to Be First Lady. “She Didn’t Want This Come Hell or High Water’’: Inside Melania Trump’s Secretive East Wing. I. “Not My Thing” Back in 2014, when Donald Trump was considering yet again a run for president, he polled his friends and advisers about what he should do. He went through a lengthy process, toyed with running for governor of New York, and went back and forth on making any decision. Trump’s dalliance with politics dated back to 1987, when he was promoting The Art of the Deal. He generated publicity for the book (and himself) by buying space for “open letters” in major newspapers, criticizing American foreign policy.

Melania Is Exploiting Puerto Rico For Money Just Like Donald Exploited The NFL Controversy. ‘Start with your husband’: Melania Trump ruthlessly mocked after UN speech condemning bullying. Melania Trump demands Croatian school remove billboards. Bill Maher Reveals '25 Things You Don't Know' About Melania Trump. PHOTO: Melania Trump Wears Black ‘FLOTUS’ Hat to Harvey Visit. Melania Trump Is Starting to Step Into the Void Left by Ivanka and Jared.

With little fanfare or notice, first lady Melania Trump has begun asserting her influence on her husband’s administration. The impact is hard to see both because that influence remains modest and because that administration remains engulfed in self-inflicted controversy, internal strife, and chaos. But it is there, and aides say it is making a difference inside the White House. Melania Trump’s Lawyer Back Home Says You Better Not Say She Was an ‘Escort’ Inside the Cult of Melania Trump. SEVNICA, Slovenia—This is a country full of delicious things, “like a box of chocolates,” people say, poised between Venice and Dubrovnik, between green mountains and the turquoise Adriatic Sea. And this history-rich town dominated by a Medieval castle gave Donald Trump his eye-catching third wife, Melania, now the first lady of the United States. Inside the Trump Marriage: Melania’s Burden. Traditionally, presidents have at least made a show of having healthy, happy marriages.

Even the Clintons, despite marital troubles, appeared to have moments of genuine affection, humor, and bonding. Vanity Fair's 'Mean-Spirited' Melania Story Is Here. Melania Idly Wonders If She Would Get Heads-Up About Nuclear Missile Headed Toward New York. Melania Expounds on Public Service, Trump-Style - Bloomberg View. Melania Trump denies her lawsuit’s claim that she intended to use the White House “launch a brand” Despite filing a lawsuit against a British tabloid for running an inaccurate story on the grounds that it damaged her ability to “launch a broad-based commercial brand,” First Lady Melania Trump claims that she never intended to use her position for personal profit. According to a statement released by both a spokeswoman and her law firm, Trump had “no intention” of earning money off of being First Lady, that “it is not a possibility” that she would have wanted to do so, and that “any statements to the contrary are being misinterpreted.”

Melania Trump’s lawyers admit she hoped to cash in on being First Lady by selling clothes and fragrances. Melania Trump On Bringing Up Bill Clinton's Infidelity: 'They're Asking For It' Melania Trump: Billy Bush Egged On Donald 'To Say Dirty And Bad Stuff' On her first official trip, Melania Trump is dressed for control and containment. President Trump and first lady Melania Trump, in a leather Herve Pierre skirt, board Marine One to begin their first foreign trip. (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post) Melania Trump this week is in the midst of that awkward activity of being first lady. Accompanying her husband on his debut foreign trip, her role is mostly to be seen and not heard — at least not until the final leg of the journey when she is scheduled to deliver remarks to U.S. military personnel and families in Italy.

Until then she moves silently, striding across tarmacs, proceeding through receiving lines, posing for photographs and gazing intently at whatever landmark, person or happening is in her line of vision. Melania defends Trump's attack on MSNBC host: 'when attacked, he punches back 10 times harder'