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Pat Robertson: Impeachment Lawyers 'Walked Out' Because Of Trump Voter Fraud Lies. On Monday's 700 Club, Evangelical Trump supporter Pat Robertson confirmed news reports that Trump's lawyers who were set to defend him against his second impeachment quit because Trump wants to re-litigate his voter fraud conspiracy theories.

Pat Robertson: Impeachment Lawyers 'Walked Out' Because Of Trump Voter Fraud Lies

He's being impeached for inciting an insurrection at the US Capitol. Robertson has a good source because he talked to Trump's former legal counsel Jay Sekulow, who was part of the first impeachment and he confirmed the reports. Robertson said, "[Jay] told me Trump wants to re-litigate the election and that's not what they want to do. " "They've got some excellent attorneys from down in South Carolina to represent him and they've all walked out, why? Because he doesn't want to deal with the one charge brought against him (and he can beat that thing) but that's why five of them quit," Robertson stated. They quit because Trump has lied himself into thinking the election was stolen from him. Hey cultists, no fake news there. Televangelist Pat Robertson basically tells Trump to get lost. Pat Robertson Compares Black Lives Matter To The Charles Manson Family. On Thursday's 700 Club, Pat Robertson claimed the Black lives Matter movement is a Marxist, anarchist organization that wants to start a race war to destroy the fabric of our country.

Pat Robertson Compares Black Lives Matter To The Charles Manson Family

The CBN show opened with a hit piece on the BLM organization. Then Robertson flew in with a hate-filled monologue. Pat Robertson Wants Reopening Or Else. Pat Robertson Suggests We Only Quarantine The Elderly. On Wednesday morning, the 700 Club' Pat Robertson went on a confused and clueless rant, wanting to quarantine the at-risk elderly and questioning how the US ever fell behind containing the coronavirus, but somehow failing to ever mention the name "Donald Trump.

Pat Robertson Suggests We Only Quarantine The Elderly

" The Trump-loving evangelical leader made believe he was not sure who was to blame at all. Robertson also bought into Steve Hilton's insane and ghoulish idea about how we can get people back to work. Robertson said, "Steve Hilton, a commentator for Fox, he's a Brit and he had a pretty good proposal. " "He said if we get adequate testing why don't we isolate those people who are the most vulnerable.

Those who are liable to die if they get this thing and put them in quarantine and let the rest of the economy go free," Pat said, ignoring the irony that he'd be quarantining himself. Since COVID 19 testing has decreased instead of increased the amount of testing needed to fulfill this lame-brained idea is a long time away. No sh*t. Pat Robertson Says Trump 'Is In Danger Of Losing The Mandate Of Heaven' Whoa.

Pat Robertson Says Trump 'Is In Danger Of Losing The Mandate Of Heaven'

Trump's even lost TV evangelist Pat Robertson, who joined other Republicans in decrying the abandonment of Kurdish allies. In a long, wide-ranging segment of the 700 Club, Robertson said Trump "is is in great danger of losing the mandate of Heaven if he permits this to happen. " Pat Robertson: Trump May 'Lose The Mandate Of Heaven' Over Kurd Abandonment. Donald Trump is in hot water with everyone over his decision to abandon our only allies in Northern Turkey - the Kurds.

Pat Robertson: Trump May 'Lose The Mandate Of Heaven' Over Kurd Abandonment

The only question is how hot that water is. Earlier today, Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell issued statements condemning his decision within minutes of one another. Now we have Pat Robertson spending time rebuking him. Right Wing Watch caught Robertson sending Trump a stern warning: Don't do this or risk your "mandate from heaven. " It may be too late for sternly worded warnings and mild Republican rebukes. Robertson Defends Zimmerman: Trayvon Was 'African-American' and 'Wearing These Hoods' Huffingtonpost. Halloween Isn't Harmless, It's Satan, Says Pat Robertson.

Pat Robertson: God Put 'Ungodly' Hollywood Gays On A Slippery Slope To Suicide. <a class="icopyright-article-tools-noscript" href=" target="_blank" title="Main menu of all reuse options"><img height="25" width="27" border="0" align="bottom" alt="[Reuse options]" src=" Click here for reuse options!

Pat Robertson: God Put 'Ungodly' Hollywood Gays On A Slippery Slope To Suicide

</a> Televangelist Pat Robertson warned "ungodly" LGBT celebrities on Wednesday that they were on "slippery slope" that could end in suicide. During The 700 Club's "Bring It On" segment, a viewer asked the TV preacher why God let Christians suffer while Hollywood celebrities enjoyed so much wealth. "God's put them on a slippery slope and they're going straight to hell," Robertson assured the viewer. "The Hollywood celebrities are living this gay lifestyle, they're going to be on a slippery slope all the way down to a hideous end. " "And on the way, by the way, look at how many people commit suicide," he continued.

Pat Robertson: TV crew shooting happened because people are scared to stop a black ‘closet gay’ TV preacher Pat Robertson said this week that the shooting of a TV crew and one other person happened because federal law made it difficult to fire a black man who was also a “closet gay.”

Pat Robertson: TV crew shooting happened because people are scared to stop a black ‘closet gay’

Following a CBN report on the deaths of WDBJ cameraman Adam Ward and reporter Alison Parker, Robertson argued that the entire thing could have been prevented if the station manager was not fearful of lawsuits from minorities. “The manager of that station down there, I sympathize with him because I know what it’s like,” the televangelist opined. “You have an employee, you don’t even know anything about his orientation one way or the other, but he’s a troublemaker and he’s a malcontent and he’s not doing his job properly and after several warnings, the manager is forced to let him go.”

“Well, what happens? Well, there’s a lawsuit that says, well, there’s sexual discrimination because he was a closet gay or he was African-American or he was Indian or he was some other minority,” Robertson continued. Huffingtonpost. Televangelist Pat Robertson Says God Killed Baby To Stop Next Hitler. Right-wing televangelist Pat Robertson wants grieving parents to know that it's okay if their children die, because God was just taking them before they grew up to be mass murderers.

Televangelist Pat Robertson Says God Killed Baby To Stop Next Hitler

A woman writing to Robertson on his show "The 700 Club" asked for help comforting a co-worker grieving her 3-year-old's death. Robertson suggested Tuesday that the child's death was all part of God's plan to keep us safe from a future, evil dictator. "As far as God’s concerned, He knows the end from the beginning and He sees a little baby and that little baby could grow up to be Adolf Hitler, he could grow up to be Joseph Stalin, he could grow up to be some serial killer, or he could grow up to die of a hideous disease," he said.

"God sees all of that, and for that life to be terminated while he’s a baby, he’s going to be with God forever in Heaven, so it isn’t a bad thing," the 85-year-old founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network continued, "So how could God do that? Pat Robertson: Forgive husband who had drunken gay fling — unless he’s a ‘habitual homosexual’ Conservative TV preacher Pat Robertson on Monday told a woman whose husband had a brief gay affair with a fellow churchgoer to forgive, unless he turned out to be a “habitual homosexual,” reports Right Wing Watch.

Pat Robertson: Forgive husband who had drunken gay fling — unless he’s a ‘habitual homosexual’

“My husband and I are Christians and have been together for 11 years,” the woman, identified as Carol, wrote. “Recently I found out he cheated on me with a male Christian friend in our church. He says it was a mistake, that it just happened while they were both drunk and he wants me to forgive him. I don’t know if I can. What should I do?” Pat Robertson: There could be demons attached to your thrift store finds. Pat Robertson: ‘Smack’ your children to protect them from ‘evil’ devil music in iPods. TV preacher Pat Robertson on Thursday advised parents to “smack” children around to protect them from the “evil” music that is often found inside of iPods.

Pat Robertson: ‘Smack’ your children to protect them from ‘evil’ devil music in iPods

A woman named Marie wrote in to Robertson about her 11-year-old son, who she said had “recently started listening to music that speaks of the ‘beast within’ and the ‘infection in people’.” “I worry for his soul,” the mother told Robertson. “I know the Lord is going to save him; but what can I do to help him become a nice person and the sweet little boy I miss so much?” The televangelist advised that the boy was going into puberty and “it doesn’t hurt to smack a little 11 year old around a little bit and say, ‘You behave, you’re not going to listen to that garbage in my house. If you do I’m going to tear it up and break those records or CD or whatever, iPods, however you get that mess.’” Pat Robertson on Indiana law: Gay wedding cakes are a gateway to “bestiality” Careful: sizzling hot take from televangelist Pat Robertson on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act coming through. Other stories recommended for you After a Yelp revolt against the family-owned pizza shop drove the business to shut down indefinitely, Robertson took to “700 Club” Thursday to tell everyone to shut up.

Also, to explain how gay weddings work: “Pizzas? I think, you know, you might as well keep your mouth shut,” Robertson said. “I’m not sure I would serve pizza for a gay wedding. Robertson tipped his hat to Memories Pizza owner Kevin O’Connor for attempting to effectively put an end to the “take-over” of gay people — which, Robertson naturally conflated with bestiality. “It doesn’t matter what custom you’ve got, it doesn’t matter what holy thing that you worship and adore, the gays are going to get it,” Robertson said. Pat Robertson: Gay Couples 'Have Tried To Destroy Marriage' Responding to a "700 Club" viewer whose married gay son hopes to adopt a child, right-wing televangelist Pat Robertson argued that same-sex couples "have tried to destroy marriage. " "If you sincerely feel, as I do, that this is wrong -- it's violating the scripture -- then they need to know it," Robertson said, Right Wing Watch first reported.

"Marriage is between a man and a woman and they’ve now brought cases to the Supreme Court saying, well, the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional and so forth. " He then added, "You better get on your knees and pray and let the Lord take care of it because there isn’t a whole lot else you can do. " In recent months, Robertson has spoken out against the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community several times, advising parents to skip the same-sex wedding of their child on one broadcast and telling a mother that she should treat her son, who just came out of the closet, like a drug addict. Pat Robertson Explains Why The Germanwings Jet Crashed: 'Was The Pilot A Muslim?' <a class="icopyright-article-tools-noscript" href=" target="_blank" title="Main menu of all reuse options"><img height="25" width="27" border="0" align="bottom" alt="[Reuse options]" src=" Click here for reuse options!

</a> Christian televangelist Pat Robertson suggested on Thursday that the co-pilot's decision to crash Germanwings Flight 9525 could be explained if he was a Muslim. French prosecutors concluded on Thursday that co-pilot Andreas Lubitz had locked the pilot out of the cockpit, and then deliberately crashed the plane into the French Alps, killing 150 people. Pat Robertson tells parents: Prove you ‘don’t condone’ homosexuality by boycotting child’s gay wedding.

Conservative TV preacher Pat Robertson told two parents this week to boycott their gay son’s wedding to avoid the impression that they supported his marriage. In an email to The 700 Club, a viewer named Shari explained that she disagreed with her husband on whether or not to attend the wedding. “One of us feels that it is totally against the Lord’s pan and our attendance would send (at very least) a mixed message, or at worse [SIC] it would be like taking a stand for gay marriage,” she wrote.

“It’s not heterosexual,” Robertson replied thoughtfully. “You don’t agree with it, you got to stand there and be a witness to it. By your attendance at the ceremony, you are agreeing.” “We used to say anybody who opposes this, let him speak or forever hold his peace and all that kind of thing,” he continued. Pat Robertson: Smoking pot is ‘slavery to vegetables,’ but God can ‘set you free’

Televangelist Pat Robertson said on Monday that people who smoked marijuana, used cocaine or consumed alcohol had been enslaved by vegetables. “God gave you and me as human beings authority, he gave us dominion over everything on this Earth,” the TV preacher explained on Monday’s 700 Club. “Over all the animals, all the snakes, all the birds, all the plants, all the vegetables.”

“Cocaine is the product of a vegetable, alcohol is the product of a vegetable, marijuana is a vegetable,” he continued. “And yet, people are enslaved to vegetables. And you were made in the image of God. Pat Robertson Claims Yoga Forces People To Pray 'To A Hindu Deity' Jimmy Kimmel Compiles Pat Robertson's Recent Nuttery Into One Stunning Video. Pat Robertson Says Gays 'Will Die Out' Pat Robertson: God says I can drive my Corvette over 100 mph on public roads. Televangelist Pat Robertson likes to drive fast, and he says that God has given him permission to ignore the speed limit. On Thursday’s edition of The 700 Club, a viewer asked Robertson if her husband was sinning by driving over the speed limit. “My husband insists on speeding even when he’s on time,” the viewer named Nora explained in an email. “In the last 2 years, he’s gotten 4 speeding tickets and our insurance has gone up. He doesn’t feel that God cares if we speed.” “You’re asking a guy that had a Corvette with a 430 horsepower engine, who is now driving a car that has about a 650 horsepower engine,” Robertson laughed.

“I don’t get tickets, I pay attention,” he continued. “Two hundred!” “No, 100, I’m sorry, it won’t go 200,” Robertson replied. “But in an open stretch of road, you go to Texas, I think some areas, there’s no speed limit at all,” he added. Pat Robertson tells women how to get ‘clean’ after abortions and ‘multiple sex partners’ TV preacher Pat Robertson on Thursday explained that women who had multiple sex partners could be “clean” again if they followed his instructions for worshipping Jesus Christ, and by contacting the Christian Broadcast Network.

“I’ve wondered — and I’m sure you have too — what would cause a young woman to enter into that business, to become a stripper, to stand and dance with no clothes on in front of a bunch of leering men,” Robertson noted on Thursday’s edition of The 700 Club. Pat Robertson shames terminally ill woman planning suicide for promoting liberal ‘culture of death’ Pat Robertson and others at his Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) on Wednesday told a terminally ill woman that she was making a mistake if she chose to end her life on her terms. Earlier this year, Brittany Maynard moved to Oregon to take advantage of the state’s physician assisted suicide law after doctors told her that her brain cancer meant six more painful months to live. “I can’t even tell you the amount of relief it provides me to know that I don’t have to die the way that its been described to me the way that my brain tumor would take me on its own,” she explained in a recent interview.

But Wednesday’s edition of The 700 Club featured two women who said that they had made the choice to live when faced with illnesses. “I would tell her about how the love of Jesus had sustained me,” breast cancer survivor Joni Eareckson-Tada said, adding that Maynard’s choice would influence “thousands of others” to choose suicide. Pat Robertson Snaps After Viewer Calls His Tax Exemption A Government 'Handout' Pat Robertson: ‘Blessed are the fully armed’ in church, ‘theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven’ By David EdwardsTuesday, September 9, 2014 12:45 EDT TV preacher Pat Robertson on Tuesday argued that more guns in churches was a “good idea” to protect Christians because “blessed are the fully armed.” “It’s Sunday morning and they sing hymns and they praise the Lord and you listen to a sermon, good or bad, and you shake hands with your neighbors, and it seems like the one place in America you’d think you’d be safe: a church,” Robertson explained to 700 Club viewers.

“But sadly, that isn’t always true.” “Violent attacks and even deaths on church property occur far more often than people realize,” he continued. “The good news: you can protect yourself. After showing a report about how some churches were forming armed “eyes and ears teams” to watch for trouble during services, Robertson suggested an approach slightly more measured than giving the congregation military-style assault rifles. “What is the new Beatitude? Pat Robertson Blames 'God Of The Heathen' For Robin Williams' Suicide. Pat Robertson: Parents could kick out a pregnant ‘stained woman’ in the ‘old’ days. By David EdwardsThursday, July 24, 2014 15:17 EDT. Pat Robertson Blames 'Witchcraft In The Family' For Boy's Stomach Pains.

Tell most people your son is having extreme stomach pains, and they will tell you to get to a hospital as soon as possible. Pat Robertson on the other hand might say, "Check your family for witchcraft," as he told a mother on a recent episode of The 700 Club. Pat Robertson unloads on Bush for latest Iraq crisis: ‘We were sold a bill of goods!’ By David EdwardsMonday, June 16, 2014 14:00 EDT. Pat Robertson Says Don't 'Bust' Dad If He Pulls A Gun On Mom.

When Dad threatens Mom with a gun, who should a child turn to for help? Paranoia-Rama: Disney's Gay Witches, Satan's Secret Plan & Rush Limbaugh's Latest Conspiracy. RWW’s Paranoia-Rama takes a look at five of the week’s most absurd conspiracy theories from the Right. After turning the children of America gay, it turns out that Disney’s hit film Frozen is also tricking kids into embracing witchcraft.

Of course, that is just one of several anti-gay conspiracy theories we uncovered this week. 5. Gays Part Of New World Order/Freemason/Marxist Conspiracy. Pat Robertson Says Jews Are Too Busy Polishing Diamonds To Fix Their Cars. Conservative activist Daniel Lapin, the Religious Right’s favorite rabbi who was also tied to the Jack Abramoff corruption scandal, appeared today on the 700 Club to tell host Pat Robertson about his new book on the “ancient Jewish wisdom” of “making money.” Robertson introduced Lapin by asking: “What is it about Jewish people that make them prosper financially?

You almost never find Jews tinkering with their cars on the weekends or mowing their lawns. That’s what Daniel Lapin says and there’s a very good reason for that, and it lies within the business secrets of the Bible.” Later in the interview, Robertson said that Jews are “polishing diamonds, not fixing cars.” CBN: Sweden Is Just Like North Korea. Pat Robertson Prays For Obama's Removal, Asks God To 'Deliver Us From This President' Pat Robertson's CBN Suggests God Moved Hurricane to Protect Republicans. Pat Robertson: 'People Love to Work' So Raising Retirement is Awesome.

Robertson: Atheists 'Miserable' and Trying to 'Steal' Christmas Like the Grinch. Pat Robertson Admits His Election Prediction Revealed From God Was Wrong. Robertson: Liberals 'Passionate' About Trying to 'Kill Off Old People' Pat Robertson: Pray To Rebuke Demons Attached To Used Clothes. Pat Robertson Says Bankrupt Families Should Give Him 'Just $20 a Month' Pat Robertson Claims Homeland Security Is Stocking Ammo To 'Attack Us' 10 Craziest Things Pat Robertson Has Said. Pat Robertson Says America's Middle East Peace Push Is 'Asking For The Wrath Of Almighty God' Pat Robertson, Islamophobic Televangelist, Compares 'Evil' Islam To Nazism.

Robertson: 'There Isn't Anything Bigoted' About Calling Gay NBA Player an Abomination. Pat Robertson's Latest Ridiculousness: Forgive Your Cheating Husband Because "Well, He's a Man" Pat Robertson: Teen Suicide Linked To 'Demonic Games' Like 'Dungeons & Dragons' Pat Robertson Wants Facebook 'Vomit' Button For Gay Posts, Cites Passage Urging Death For Gays. Pat Robertson: Is Obama a “crypto-Muslim?” Pat Robertson On Transgender Community: 'I Don't Think There's Any Sin Associated With That' Pat Robertson Links 9/11 Attacks to Ban on Prayer and Bible Reading in Public Schools. Pat Robertson loses battle to keep terrible things he says off the Internet. Pat Robertson Claims Low-Carb Diet 'Violates' God's Principles.

Robertson Tells Parents: School Officials Probably 'Molested' and Recruited Your Gay Kids Into Homosexuality. Pat Robertson: Allowing Lesbians in Your House Could Turn Your Children Gay. Pat Robertson Compares Gay Relationships To Abortion, Recalls Days When LGBT People Would Be Stoned. Pat Robertson: Jesus said an asteroid could destroy Earth next week. Robertson: Asteroid Will Destroy The Earth.