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Pat Sloan's Blog: Archives. Registration. Pat Sloan's Blog. BEST rotary cutter and why you need to clean it! You can either call this a public service announcement or 'Reality Quilting'.. either way..

BEST rotary cutter and why you need to clean it!

I'm about to show you real life happening right in my studio.. are you ready?.. It might get a little.. scary.... Sometimes we just do NOT take the time to be sure our tools are in the best condition. You are cutting with your blade that you KNOW is dull, it is hard to push, it must have a nick because you are cutting places it missed, and you .. just.. keep .. using it... DISCLAIMER -- names have been changed to protect the innocent.. After numerous times of the blade not cutting all the places I ... Being a very careful quilter she has a container of OLD blades and NEW blades clearly marked. This rotary cutter is BRILLIANT as it takes all the guess work and frustration out of changing the blade. Turn it over and slide down that yellow part so the screw holding the blade on is now freelet the blade with the cover drop to the table and then turn it overOH MY... horror!!

Jun2 LaurieSimpson TheConstantNeedle.

Splendid Sampler 2016

2016 BOM. 2015 "Vacation" block of the month by Pat Sloan. Globetrotting block of the month 2014. Crossroads Charity Quilt 2016.....March of Dimes. Pat Sloan Radio Show Guest List - Pat Sloan's Creative Talk Network. Listen to my first 2 1/2 years of shows HEREITUNES subscription available - CLICK HERE To subscribeGET THE APP to listen on your AndroidNeed to know how to listen?

Pat Sloan Radio Show Guest List - Pat Sloan's Creative Talk Network

CLICK HERE to learn If the player does not show then CLICK HERE and listen 20th Anniversary Edition American Patchwork and Quilting Radio 4/22/13Alexandra Ledgerwood 3/30/15 on Improvisational quilting and quilt communities Alexia Abegg 2/25/13 Ali Winston 2/3/14 Alison Glass 7/8/13 Alissa Haight Carlton 8/5/13 and 7/18/11 Allison Harris 2/18/13 Alyce Blyth 9/12/15 Alyssa Thomas 7/13/2015 on making time and stitchery 9/23/13 Amanda Carestio 3/24/14 Amanda Herring 11/23/15, 7/11/11 On Jane Austin FabricAmanda Murphy 2/16/15, 6/10/13 On working with colorAmanda Nyberg 3/26/12 Amber Carrillo 9/16/13 Amber Johnson 3/9/15 on vintage vibe and selecting colorsAmerican Patchwork & Quilting Editors post continues below ad.

*** Sew Along Projects and MORE! I have the following quilt things going on at any given time during the month.

*** Sew Along Projects and MORE!

The best way to know what is happening is to subscribe to my articles so you get an email 2016 Free Secret Garden Mystery BOMThe Splendid Sampler™, Free 100 Block sew along2015 Vacation Time Mystery Free BOMFarmer's Market Sew AlongAurifil Designer Interviews with a free pattern (new one around the 15th)Sew Alongs ... (all my posts about them)Challenges, like my Sew 10 minutes a day, UFO busting, or the Hip to Be SquareMy Quilt Shows - Share photos and see what everyone else has made! UFO Challenge Posts (finish UnFinished Objects with me this year!) AND I chat everyday with a total of over 80,000 quilters online at my super active and fun online quilt group, quilt page , quilt bee and my articles comment area! Pat Sloan's Blog. The perfect use for your charm packs is found! Quilt Show Scrap Happy Little Wishes Free Pattern! Pat Sloan's Blog. Do you review things as the year rolls to a close?

Pat Sloan's Blog

I know some people are not crazy about that kind of thing.. but I kind of am! I'm going to start reflecting by sharing a few tools that help me survive! Sounds kind of dramatic right? But seriously... these things make it easier for me to do what I do, make it easier to enjoy what I do, and to have fun! My tablet!!!! My Books, magazines, recipes, the internet (wheeeeeeeee!)

Since I've been using computers since 1975, having one that fits in my purse is sweet... much better than using a machine that took up the entire floor of an office building! You can see a lot of tablet OPTIONS HERE I can't live without this Reflecting on the year, what else have I used that really helps me relax?

Pat Sloan Triangle Challenge #1.. ready..set.. sew! You wrote me..

Pat Sloan Triangle Challenge #1.. ready..set.. sew!

I read them.. and back by popular demand are my challenges!! This year my Challenge is featuring my latest book, Triangle love!!! Every 4 to 8 weeks I'll issue a new challenge featuring a quilt in my book. Make a small quilt, medium quilt or a large quilt, you pick the size to enter my challenge Use new fabric, use scraps, use a combo of both. All the challenges in my book are scrap friendly so you can really bust out the bins if you want to! About a week prior to the end date I'll open up the challenge photo area so you can share a picture of your challenge entry. Scrap Happy Little Wishes Challenge. Time for my Fall 2015 Quilt Challenge!

Scrap Happy Little Wishes Challenge

My challenges this year have been to use up your SCRAPS.... this is a GOOD thing right? Because then you have more ROOM for new things.. like my fabric... wink! My family has a fall tradition. We take time to go outside in the evening and look at the night sky. Once the air becomes crisp and clear, pull on a sweater and stand out under the stars, then Make a Wish! 'Little Wishes' is the name of my Scrap Happy Star block! I've decided to use ONLY my Moda fabric lines PLUS the black and white polka dot for my star points, this is going to be SO fun! Pat-sloan-christmas-blog-hop-pattern. Pat Sloan's QuiltersHome: Current Pat Sloan: Fabric Lines.

Pat Sloan's QuiltersHome Current Pat Sloan: Fabric Lines Moda Fabric lines 2016 Hometown Girl Arrives in Stores in Feb 2016 Download Pat's Hometown Girl Swatches enter fabric line name and then click the blue scissors to get a set of JPG swatches.

Pat Sloan's QuiltersHome: Current Pat Sloan: Fabric Lines

Friendship Cottages. Bias Maker Tutorial. This is a 1/2" bias maker.

Bias Maker Tutorial

It is a NON fusible style and this one is made by Clover. This tutorial shows you how easy it is to use and my trick for placing the bias on a project! Let's get going! Find the bias on your fabric. If the top and bottom are the selvage, then that fold is the bias. Find the 45 degree angle on your ruler... on my Sullivan Edge rulers it says "USE FOR BIAS" on the 45, nice and helpful! Line that 45 degree on the BOTTOM of your fabric Make one cut to get us going Flip the short triangle if you want to use it first.I do that if I have short stems.

Cut 1" wide strips for a 1/2" wide bias maker. Cut as many as you need. Pat Sloan Machine Binding tutorial. Learning new things is fun!!

Pat Sloan Machine Binding tutorial

Try a FREE Craftsy class HERE I love to do my binding on the machine. It's fast, it's sturdy and I save my handwork for other tasks! If you are not familiar with making the binding refer to the back of any of my books. I am cutting my binding 1 1/2" wide, then ironing over 1/4" on one long side. You sew the binding to the quilt JUST like you normally do. Pat sloan simple stitches posie wreath quilt pattern. Pat sloan machine binding tutorial final. Pat sloan simple stitches wishes do come true. Pat sloan simple stitches stars in the garden. Pat sloan ssti cuddle ps. Pat sloan ssti buds ps. Pat sloan valor final pattern. Pat sloan trib baskets flyer ps. Hip to Be Square Challenge. I asked my Online Quilt Bee and Facebook group if they would want to do a challenge, and I love that so many of you said yes, even people who have NO CLUE what a challenge is!

Hip to Be Square Challenge

I decided that I'll do a few challenges this year, and the first is going to be BUSTING some scraps as that is what SO MANY of you want to do, even more so than finish a project.. what?? Start something new with stash, sign me up! I'm TOTALLY obsessed with 2.5" squares. It might be an unhealthy obession, not sure, but I'm embracing it! I've been cutting up my scraps as I create them... when I can... and putting them in here. Then I've have been sewing them as I work on other things to create these blocks. They are 2.5" squares and I sewed the blocks 6 x 6. I also cut up every single time.. some of my darker scraps And I created these blocks of totally random goodness! Have you ever done this? Oh my goodness.. these make me SO HAPPY!!! These are 8 x 8 instead of 6 x 6 blocks.. bigger is sometimes better! Pat Sloan's Blog: 2015 Challenges. I have been dying to try a zippy pouch designed by Sherri McConnell for The Fat Quarter shop.

It's a free tutorial that is later in my post. So when the Fat Quarter shop asked me if I'd like to design a applique for it using the yellow buttons shipping soon in your Button club, I knew exactly what I wanted to make! A Busy Buzzy Summer Bee!! Pat Sloan. Pat Sloan's QuiltersHome. Pat-sloan-trib-baskets-flyer-ps.pdf. Fusible Applique, how to make it soft Tutorial. I want to show you one step in my soft and easy fusible applique! The tracing and cutting out makes a HUGE difference in how you applique feels. Let me show you. Here is my tool box Heat n Bond LITEHavel Scissorsand a Pen! Slib_pattern-bella.pdf. Class Review Start Freemotion Quilting. I am very excited to be working with Craftsy to review the quilt classes for you. I'm so passionate about learning and teaching. I have taken many classes at Craftsy since and I've interviewed their instructors.

Today the workshop I have is on a topic that was the NUMBER 1 topic you asked me to talk about, Quilting your own quilts. Aurifil-bom-by-pat-sloan-part-1-1.pdf. Scrap Happy Star Buster. I'm excited to share with you another Scrap Happy block! This one is called Scrap Happy Star Buster for TWO reasons. The first is that I saw Ringo Starr perform the other night.. WHAT FUN and there were LOTS of stars on that stage that night. Pat-sloan-scrap-happy-block-starr-buster-block. Pat Sloan: Scrap Happy Sew Along - Pat Sloan's Blog. I've become a teeny tiny bit obsessed with Sew alongs since the beginning of they year! We are doing my free Globetrotting and the Aurifil Blocks... but those are in the beginning of the month. And what do we sew together for the rest of the month? I know we are busting UFOs.... but let's be serious.. we ALL love to start new things.. me included!

So I got to thinking.... we have scraps... we ALL have scraps. I'm cutting mine into 2", 2.5", 3.5" and 5". Pat-sloan-scrap-happy-block-1-shoofly.pdf. Pat-sloans-free-alphabet-shapes.pdf. Pat-sloan-letter-p-applique-block-pattern. Pat-sloan-2013-traffic-jam-pattern. Tutorial - How to keep your points! If you are struggling with chopped off point, let's figure out why and fix that for you! It's not a secret handshake or holding your head just the right way that makes you block perfect. It's just knowing where the problem occurs and fixing it! Here are my tips for a successful block with beautiful points. If you are reading this in your email via my article subscriptions, you must click the header in the email and come to my site to see the tutorial. The one tool you need is a good square rule, this is my favorite The biggest problem people have is starting with a unit that is the incorrect size.

FIRST measure to be sure the unit is correct and use a ruler, NOT your mat. If your unit is not the correct size now, it won't get any better when you sew the next unit to it, ask me how I know! When ever possible sew with the intersection FACE UP. Pat-sloan-simple-stitches-stars-in-the-garden.pdf. Pat Sloan's QuiltersHome: Pat Sloan's Fusible Applique Tutorial. Pat Sloan: Placemat Round-Up! - Pat Sloan's Blog. Pat Sloan's QuiltersHome: FREE PATTERN PAGE. Note from Pat How can I give away FREE patterns?

Pat Sloan's QuiltMashUp Forums - Index.

Lucky Charms Quilt Along---from Pat Sloan

Pat-sloan-eat-your-fruits-and-veggies-2. How to Share a Photo Tutorial. A Pat Sloan tutorial on how to share a photo on my Quilt Show Days After the LAST photo is this BLUE BUTTON Click it to the next page Follow the steps to upload your photo you DO NOT NEED a website, it is optional SELECT this photo. DO THIS or no photo is loaded. Farmer's Market Sew Along Getting Started.