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Airline Claims Compensation for Delayed Flights

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What does Article 7 of EU Regulation 261/2004 say about Flight Delays? The detailed EU Regulation 261/2004 states out the rights of passengers in the case of an aircraft being delayed or cancelled.

What does Article 7 of EU Regulation 261/2004 say about Flight Delays?

Other than flight delay rules, it also covers passengers’ rights if he/she is denied boarding. Now You Can Claim Compensation for Flight Delay Caused by Bird Strikes! Flights get delayed more often than you think.

Now You Can Claim Compensation for Flight Delay Caused by Bird Strikes!

In fact, it is reported that almost 25 percent of all flights in the UK do not arrive or depart on time. For a flight to be marked as on time, it has to arrive at the destination either early or within 15 minutes from the expected time of arrival. The schedules that are made on flights are not just arbitrary numbers that make it difficult for airlines to keep. In fact, under normal circumstances, any flight can, without any issues meet the time specified quite easily. How Much Can You Expect From Your Flight Delay Compensation Claim? You can claim a maximum amount of €600 when it comes to flight delay refunds.

How Much Can You Expect From Your Flight Delay Compensation Claim?

The exact amount you receive is dependent on factors like the distance covered and the length of delay. Ticket price is irrelevant in this regard. According to Regulation EC number 261/2004, you can claim flight delay refunds if the following conditions are met. The concerned flight should be included under the European Regulation. Mynewsdesk. The French air-traffic controller strike disrupted the flying schedules of many airlines, causing nuisance to passengers who were getting back after Easter, as per European airline news.


EasyJet, BA and Flybe are some major airlines that cancelled flights around Europe during the 48-hour strike. What to Do if You Had a Flight Delay of Three hours or more in the Last Six Years! If your flight is cancelled or delayed, then you have every right to claim flight delay compensation as per the European law.

What to Do if You Had a Flight Delay of Three hours or more in the Last Six Years!

To be specific, a delay of over three hours in the flight departure/arrival, or cancellation of flight, under EU rule 261/2004, entitles you to a delayed flight compensation sum of between Euros 250 and Euros 600 per passenger. You can claim the amount without incurring any legal expenses. Know more. Why You Need a Professional in Claiming Flight Delay Compensation? For a traveller, not many situations can be more frustrating than waiting at an airport or being stranded at an unfamiliar location for long.

Why You Need a Professional in Claiming Flight Delay Compensation?

The problem is amplified when passengers are waiting for a connecting flight at a different location. To encourage airlines to be punctual and to protect passengers from losing their time and money, the EU has set a number of laws governing flight delays. When these norms are violated, airlines are liable to pay a compensation to their passengers. Flight claim services can help passengers in such cases. How Much Flight Delay Compensation Can You Claim! Heathrow No Longer the World's Busiest Airport! Dubai bumped off Heathrow to position itself as the busiest airport in the world for international flights in 2014.

Heathrow No Longer the World's Busiest Airport!

According to Paul Griffiths, the Chief Executive of Dubai International airport, the facility welcomed 71 million international passengers in 2014. As per articles spread across UK flight news, the number of passengers travelling from Heathrow was 68.1 million. Saturated capacity Griffiths said that Heathrow is at the losing end as Dubai is easily able to meet the growing demand, while Heathrow is unable to do so. Heathrow, with its two runways, is already operating at almost full capacity.

The Malaysian Airlines MH17 Tragedy Could have been Avoided. A BBC Transport Correspondent reported that the Malyasian Airlines MH17 tragedy could have in fact been avoided.

The Malaysian Airlines MH17 Tragedy Could have been Avoided

Crucial information regarding missile activity in the area had not been provided, which is why the Boeing 777-200ER was travelling its normal route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. Some airlines appeared to know about the missiles in Ukraine and had been avoiding the country’s airspace. British Airways for example was among several airlines that had been re-routing to avoid flying over eastern Ukraine. But when questioned about their reasons, Willie Walsh said that the decision was made based on information that was publically available. There had reportedly been evidence of weaponry (including missiles) for a number of weeks beforehand. Air France Pilot Strike is Costing the Airline up to £15.6 million per Day.

The 14-day Air France pilot strike has affected more than half of the airline’s scheduled flights, leaving passengers stranded worldwide.

Air France Pilot Strike is Costing the Airline up to £15.6 million per Day

The strike is reportedly costing Air France up to 20 million Euros (£15.6m) per day and is the longest strike in over 20 years. The reason for the strike is to protest against plans to move part of Air France’s European operations to Transavia, as this will decrease the amount of jobs available in France. The pilots are on a healthy wage of 200,000 Euros a year which shows that the strike is not due to pay or working conditions, pilots are striking out of principle. On Wednesday 24th September, Air France withdrew their proposal of outsourcing business toTransavia, ensuring that there would be no relocation of jobs. Yet pilots continue to strike. According to EC Regulation 261/2004, strikes are considered as unforeseen circumstances that cannot be avoided. Travel & Tourism Articles - The Likelihood of Receiving Compensation Truly Depends on the Airline. EC Regulation 261/2004 states that compensation should be granted to passengers who are subject to heavy delays.

Travel & Tourism Articles - The Likelihood of Receiving Compensation Truly Depends on the Airline

It is the binding law that outlines passenger rights when it comes to claiming delayed flight compensation. Since a new ruling (which was enforced on 4th September 2014), passengers can now claim for delays from 2 hours 40 minutes or more. Before 4th September 2014, for a passenger to have a valid airline compensation claim the flight delay would have to be a minimum of 3 hours. However,even if a passenger’s claim was valid the likelihood of receiving compensation truly depends on the airline. Martin Lewis, the Founder & Editor of conducted an online poll to reveal the Airline-by-airline chances of success. 1. The poll includes 60 different airlines, both European and non-EU airlines. If you have been subject to a flight delay within the last six years, contact a flight delay refunds company such as Blueway Limited (

The BBC's Survey Reveals Europes Best and Worst Airlines for Hand Luggage Limits. Hand luggage limits are enforced by air transportation (UK) to restrict passengers travelling with excess baggage, but it is also a perfect opportunity for airlines to make money. Budget airline Ryanair became renowned for being the worst airline for hand luggage fees, as many passengers were faced with additional charges for any items that did not meet the airline's strict baggage restrictions. If an item of hand luggage exceeded their given dimensions, a passenger would ultimately have to pay a€60 fine. Ryanair has since reduced these fines after making changes to their policies to become more ‘customer friendly'. Blueway Limited have Successfully Won Compensation against non-EU Airlines - Flight Delay Refunds.

Although EC Regulation 261/2004 clearly states that flight delay compensation can only be granted for EU-regulated flights, many people do not know this includes non-European carriers. A EU-regulated flight can either be a flight that has departed from an airport situated within the European Union (regardless of the airline) or a flight that has arrived at an airport situated within the European Union. In this case, the airline would have to be European to qualify for compensation. What passengers often forget is that the airline does not have to be European when departing an airline situated within the EU. Therefore, there have been thousands of successful non-EU airline compensationclaims winning compensation in court. Blueway Limited ( is a flight delay refunds company based in the UK. Examples of Blueway’s successful claims against non-EU airlines: (AA) American Airlines (Flight no. Malaysia Airlines in Need of Restructuring after the Double Disasters.

2014 has been an extremely dark year for Malaysia Airlines due to an almost unfathomable series of events involving two passenger planes that has resulted in 537 deaths. The first disaster occurred back in March, 2014 when Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappeared over the Indian Ocean, carrying 227 passengers and 12 crewmembers. The plane was travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing but to this day, has not been found, not even a trace.

Three months later, the entire world was stunned by the news of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 which was shot out of the sky on the 17th July, 2014. The Boeing 777-200ER was flying from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Kuala Lumpur International Airport when it was hit by a BUK missile, reportedly controlled by pro-Moscow Russian rebels. The aeroplane disappeared from radar, but was later found burnt out in extremely dangerous territory in Eastern Ukraine. Britain’s Budget Airlines are the Friendliest of the Airlines - Flight Delay Refunds. Budget airlines Aer Lingus, EasyJet and Ryanair received the fewest complaints compared to 35 other major airlines last year. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) found that per million passengers, easyJet received just 33 complaints, while the Irish carriers Aer Lingus and Ryanair received 29 and 35 complaints, respectively.

This is an astonishingly low figure for complaints. The main reasons for complaints are generally flight cancellations, lost luggage or denied boarding as they severely disrupt a passenger’s travel plans. High costs or charges, long queues and poor service are also among the list of gripes which lead to passengers filing complaints against airlines. British Airways: Voted As The Best Airline With The Best Website - Flight Delay Refunds. Is Ryanair Really Europe’s Most Punctual Airline? - Flight Delay Refunds. Ryanair’s key selling points are their cheap fares and on-time arrival.

Air Traffic control strike traps a planeload of people at Gatwick Airport. The strike left passengers stranded at airports, waiting in complete dismay. An Early end to the French Air Traffic Control Strike. The French air traffic control strike came to an early end on Wednesday 25th June 2014. Airlines are underhandedly getting their money back on EC Regulation 261/2004 through other means. Since the tightening of the EC Regulation 261/2004 in October 2012, floods of compensation claims have been filed against airlines.

With the average compensation payout being 400 Euros it has cost airlines hundreds of millions Euros in compensation.