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SVG Optimisation: The Basics SVG Optimisation: The Basics While the SVG format is extremely efficient in expressing illustrations, vector files can become just as bloated as their bitmap kin. SVG code is often riddled with unnecessary elements, attributes, and spaces, while editors such as Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape add even more to the file with custom namespaced tags. There are an increasing number of automated processes for optimizing SVG files, but in some cases – especially simple illustrations – it may be quicker to edit the file by hand. It’s also a best practice to approach the creation of a vector illustration with the goal of achieving optimization in SVG.
Foundation: HTML Templates
The Toolbox: a directory of useful single-page sites and apps
The Importance Of Wireframes In Web Design And 9 Tools To Create Wireframes The Importance Of Wireframes In Web Design And 9 Tools To Create Wireframes “Good design must necessarily, in my opinion, have an impact on people’s lives, no matter how seemingly small. Good design changes things.”Garr Reynolds Designing wireframes the right way the first time costs no more than doing it the wrong way. Creating a paper prototype adds no cost either; simply print out the wireframe diagrams for the pages a visitor will use to complete the tasks most closely related to achieving his goals and meeting the site's business objectives. Web Prototyping saves costs of any marketing communication that may be necessary to undo brand damage resulting from a poorly functioning web site and a frustrating user experience.
The Photoshop Etiquette Manifesto for Web Designers
Top 20 Sites to Download Free Website Templates Top 20 Sites to Download Free Website Templates Home » Freebies » Top 20 Sites to Download Free Website Templates Do you like freebies as much as I do? Then read on and you’ll learn where to find free website templates that any designer, webmaster and blogger would be proud to have. Well, here is a showcase of websites that offer free web templates. Just in case you don’t know, a website template is a web design that allows you to build a website or a blog.
Free Animated Templates, Free Web Templates, Free Webiste Templates, Free Flash Templates
Playing with SVG Design After years of quarantine, the Scalable Vector Graphics is finally raising fame as a feature of HTML5 with full native browser support. Vlog.it, by Marco Rosella, is an experimental site launched last month to explore two aspects of SVG with interesting potential for the design of original interfaces: clipping paths and scalable 2D motion graphics. Marco is going to share a quick tutorial on how it is done. View Demo Wheelayout Download Demo ZIP Playing with SVG Design
Fontomas - easy iconic fonts composer
DesignWoop welcomes this guest post by Tomas Laurinavicius. Since the iPhone and iPad entered the market you can hear lots of news about apps for these devices. Tons of apps available today and you can find everything you want. But today I would like to share 10 handy web-based apps for designers. To use these apps you don’t need to buy an iPhone or iPad, you can use them without any additional software or device, you just need a web browser. In this collection I’ve picked 10 useful and time-saving web apps for designers. 10 Useful Web Apps for Designers 10 Useful Web Apps for Designers
15 Tools for Testing your Website | Graphic Rating If you want to have the same experience over multiple browsers and different machines then testing your website is vital. In this article I’ve gathered some of the most important tools that you can use in testing your site against various errors – CSS Errors, HTML Errors, Cross-browsing Errors etc. Validators 1. 15 Tools for Testing your Website | Graphic Rating
20 Free Professional Icon Sets For Download
SVG Optimisation: The Basics
350+ Best Free PSD Website Buttons (19 Sets) Web Designers always look for high quality web design resources that are available for free download because you can not use each and everything premium in every web design. If you will use all the premium resources then the budget of your web design will go really high so you need to use some free resources as well in your web design. But you need to be very careful while using these free resources because not all the free resources have the high quality that should be in a world class website design. In this post I am going to showcase 19 sets (350+ psd website buttons) of high quality psd website buttons that are available for free download. If you find these psd website buttons useful for you please take some time to share this post on social networks to help us spread the world. Also See 350+ Best Free PSD Website Buttons (19 Sets)
There are so many HTML/CSS website templates that are available for free, you can use it and save yourself a lot of time and reduce development cost. Yes, It will work if you choose the right templates, style and customize them to suit your project’s needs. So in today’s post, we will showcase the latest (X)HTML and CSS templates with high quality design web layout and absolutely free of charge!. I hope these are large enough list of free website templates will help you in your next website design project. 125+ Free High-Quality (X)HTML and CSS Web Layout Templates 125+ Free High-Quality (X)HTML and CSS Web Layout Templates
Nailing Browser Support in CSS3 and HTML5: Invaluable Resources to Use Today New technologies are making web development more exciting than ever before. HTML5 and CSS3 provide a double dose of modern practices that are absolutely refreshing and empowering. Unfortunately, utilizing these technologies can considerably complicate your quest for cross browser compatibility. How can you know which techniques are safe to use now and which you should either provide alternatives to or avoid altogether? Nailing Browser Support in CSS3 and HTML5: Invaluable Resources to Use Today
Love your devices: adaptive web design with media queries, viewport and more Love your devices: adaptive web design with media queries, viewport and more By Chris Mills Introduction It's time again to reflect on happiness and well being: that of yourselves and the members of the public who consume the web content and services you create. Today we are going to talk about getting more satisfaction from battery-powered devices...
Great Design Ideas Deserve Clear Feedback Influence is the most effective way to present design mockups, visuals, and presentations for feedback from your team and clients. Upload Your Ideas Into Presentations and Share with Anyone Influence helps you create simple, easy to share presentations. Instantly upload mockups, sketches or PowerPoint slides into an online presentation you canshare with anyone. Create Better Projects With The Ability To Control Design Feedback Creating better products and presos means getting the feedback you need. You control what you receive - thumbs up, comments, design questions and more. All of your feedback will be summarized in one simple report. Influence | Easiest way to present design ideas for feedback
Recently I set out to build a responsive thumbnail gallery. I expected it to take me a few minutes, but in reality it took me a few hours to work through. We’ll walk through a similar process today to help you get your mind wrapped around how it works. One major component of mastering responsive design is to figure out how to approach specific tasks and adjust to problems as they arise within the context of larger projects. How to Build a Responsive Thumbnail Gallery
One of the best image editing tools for the web designers is the Photoshop which is a specific file format. This tool is also be used for making templates for the websites and the most challenging task for the web designers would be to convert the PSD files into HTML or CSS file format. Usually, the PSD file would have Layer Comps which are multiple design instances and this should be changed into proper website format which is the HTML and CSS. A web designer pays a crucial role in the success of any website because the sites usually noticed by the customers on how they look and not on the content. Thus, when the designer is trying to convert the files, he could get the assistance from the step by step tutorials and also from the automated conversion tools. Free Useful PSD to HTML/CSS Tutorials
Getting Type to the Web » HTML & CSS, Typography » Design Festival Web typography has seen a strong rekindled interest this past year and a half marked by the popularity of sites like ilovetypography.com (now trending on 69,000+ subscribers) and the growing number of typography articles pertaining to the subject across the web design and development community. Typography remains central to aesthetics, accessibility, and of course legibility. Those who master it and apply it to the Web have been admired for the ingenuity of their work, both stylistically and in their technical implementation. Typography brings aesthetic order to information, aiding users read and navigate. Typography differentiates; it is a core element of branding. The bottom line is that good typography when applied to the web creates web experiences that are easier and more pleasurable to use.
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