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The McGurk Effect Via the BBC: The McGurk effect is a compelling demonstration of how we all use visual speech information. The effect shows that we can’t help but integrate visual speech into what we ‘hear’. Or, further explained by Wikipedia: The McGurk effect is a perceptual phenomenon which demonstrates an interaction between hearing and vision in speech perception. It suggests that speech perception is multimodal, that is, that it involves information from more than one sensory modality. The McGurk Effect
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Eye Candy: Mesmerizing Swinging Balls Video Eye Candy: Mesmerizing Swinging Balls Video Not mine -- mine are hypnotizing. This is a video of one of those swinging ball desk toys (aka Newton's Cradle) but with different length droopers (mine drag on the floor), creating all sorts of crazy-ass designs. I just watched it twice back to back (the second time with my eyes unfocused) and I'm pretty sure I spotted the secret to the universe at one point. SPOILER: It was a pop-up porn ad. "A gay one?" Four hunks in a bubble bath!
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@Blueluck: Very true - I've seen other countries where people leave their family in another country to go find work, and then to manual labor for extremely cheap just to be able to send it all home to their family. I guess that could be interpreted as their purpose, but the work is not purposeful in and of itself. I guess "pay enough to take money off the table" covers that, so we're only talking about how to motivate people after they're at the comfortable level most Americans that read this blog are at. Interesting results in India, though. tips and downloads for getting things done tips and downloads for getting things done
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Vortex Cannon Demolishes House « Wonderment Blog Vortex Cannon Demolishes House « Wonderment Blog Jem Stansfield from BBC's Bang Goes the Theory has "put scientific theory to the test" with his Vortex Cannon. Filmed at 1300-fps, you can see the cannon knock down three different houses made of straw, stick, and brick with an explosive vortex ring. The vortex ring that comes out is not smoke, however. After detonating the explosive gas mixture of acetylene and oxygen, "one of the most dangerous gas mixes in the world," the ring forms from the pressure drop inside the vortex.
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By Daily Mail Reporter Updated: 17:29 GMT, 20 November 2010 Most of us would be happy with landing a handful of two-pointers on an arcade basketball game. But this Japanese trick shot would clearly put most of us to shame after landing an astonishing 256 points in just 60 seconds. With a speed of shot that would embarrass most NBA players, the teenager rattles off 128 consecutive baskets without a single miss. Trick shot: A Japanese teenager lands 128 consecutive baskets in just 60 seconds at a game arcade Footage of Japanese teenager scoring 128 consecutive 2-pointers on arcade game Footage of Japanese teenager scoring 128 consecutive 2-pointers on arcade game