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Robot Art Raises Questions about Human Creativity In July 2013, an up-and-coming artist had an exhibition at the Galerie Oberkampf in Paris. It lasted for a week, was attended by the public, received press coverage, and featured works produced over a number of years, including some created on the spot in the gallery. Altogether, it was a fairly typical art-world event.

New Study Reveals: Content is King… Not Social Media Jeffbullas’s Blog A conversation I constantly have with my clients is how important unique great content is to helping them ”Getting Found Online” so when the study by “Online Publishers Association” came across my screen recently, it was good to find more hard numbers to back up the evangelism. The study on online activity titled the “Internet Activity Index” released by the Online Publishers Association shows the trends of the types of activity that have ocurred on the Internet over the past 6 years. The study’s findings has important implications for online marketers and how they should be focusing their time, resources and strategies in 2009 and beyond.

The Digital Competence Framework 2.0 DigComp 2.0 identifies the key components of digital competence in 5 areas which can be summarised as below: 1) Information and data literacy: To articulate information needs, to locate and retrieve digital data, information and content. To judge the relevance of the source and its content. To store, manage, and organise digital data, information and content.2) Communication and collaboration: To interact, communicate and collaborate through digital technologies while being aware of cultural and generational diversity.

How to Get Listed in Google, Yahoo and MSN Home >> Get Traffic >> Getting Listed in Google, Bing and Yahoo Getting listed in Google and the other popular search engines is one of the most effective ways of directing free, targeted traffic to your website. However, a lot has changed over the years and getting ranked is not as easy as it used to be. So make sure you take time to read this entire article. Below you'll discover what the search engines look for when determining your page rank so you can learn how to optimize your pages for best results. This is often called SEO or search engine optimization. The e-book wars: Who is less evil, Amazon or book publishers? As expected, the Department of Justice launched an antitrust lawsuit against Apple (s aapl) and several of the major book publishers on Wednesday, alleging collusion and price-fixing behavior on e-books as a result of the “agency pricing” model. As my colleagues Jeff Roberts and Laura Owen have reported, three of the publishers named in the suit have decided to settle while two have chosen to fight the charges, and the states have jumped into the fray as well. The argument from publishers is that they need to be able to set prices on e-books, because otherwise Amazon will increase its monopoly and decimate the book industry. So who should we be rooting for, the giant electronic retailer or the giant publishing houses? As Jeff has explained before, this case revolves around an agreement that Apple struck with five of the “big six” book publishers — namely Macmillan, Penguin, Hachette, HarperCollins, and Simon & Schuster — when it was planning the launch of the iPad.

More Investors Pile Into Twitter’s Funding Round, Now Reportedly Close To $100 Million Twitter is about to raise a boatload of cash. Last week we broke the news that Twitter is raising another round of funding at a $1 billion valuation and that one of the new investors in that round is Insight Venture Partners. Initially, Twitter was trying to raise $50 million, but demand for its shares is so great that it is raising even more. The WSJ is reporting that the round may close as early as later today, and that Twitter may end up raising close to $100 million. In addition to Insight Venture Partners, another new investor is T. Rowe Price.

List of most disliked YouTube videos Top videos The following table lists the top 40 most disliked videos on YouTube, with each total rounded to the nearest ten thousand dislikes, as well as the creator, dislike percentage and date of publication to YouTube.[A] See also Microsoft-branded phone rumors surface again Rumors have surfaced again today over the highly anticipated Microsoft-branded mobile phone, and ZDnet compiled all the rumors into one page. Dubbed Pink for the time being, the smartphone will include premium service such as the Zune Marketplace and the phone will likely have many of the features of the T-Mobile Sidekick, given that Microsoft acquired the boys behind the Sidekick last year. The Pink will also use the upcoming Windows Mobile 7, however the OS is not expected to be available until the Q3 2010. There is still a chance however, that we will see an early prototype of the Pink at the CES event in January. Here is a alleged drawing of one of the two Pink phones, nicknamed "Turtle":

A war on drugs? No, this is a war on the Mexican people Vicente Fox, the former president of Mexico, began his administration in 2000 with a popular festival. Felipe Calderón, who took over in 2006, began his with a show of military force. His affinity for uniforms, army brass bands and public events with the armed forces makes an overt connection between the military and the executive that was unusual in Mexican politics before his presidency.

Google Wave Starts Rolling, Picks Up Over 100,000 New Riders When Google Wave was unveiled at Google I/O back in May, we noted that it was one of the most ambitious projects we’ve ever seen. Started as a side project in Google’s Sydney, Australia offices, it had the potential to significantly alter the way online communication was carried out. And Google was betting big on it. Google’s VP of Engineering Vic Gundotra devoted the entire keynote of day two of I/O to the project, and no less than Google co-founder Sergey Brin showed up to talk about it afterwards. Ambitious as Wave was, there were still some rough edges. We were granted access to the developer’s preview shortly after Google I/O, and it was clear that while the basic frame of all this great promise was there, there were no shortage of bugs to be ironed out.

The best interface is no interface “Atmadm.” Getting our work done was an alphabet soup nightmare. “chkntfs.” “dir.” (Source: Then, in 1984, Apple adopted Xerox PARC’s WIMP — window, icon, menu, pointer — and took us a galactic leap forward away from those horrifying command lines of DOS, and into a world of graphical user interfaces. Our Microblogging Lives: Work, Home, Lunch, Sleep? Are our everyday lives really so mundane? Does it all boil down to working, getting home, satisfying the most basic needs such as eating and sleeping, and then repeating the cycle the next day? Well, if we look at what we post on microblogging networks, it looks that way. According to a study conducted by the researchers from Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, Google and Elisa the top 5 most frequent microblogging posts are “working,” “home,” “work,” “lunch,” and “sleeping.”

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