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Cliquez, partez ! Le top 5 des sites pour voyager autrement. M le magazine du Monde | • Mis à jour le | Par Thomas Doustaly J-100 avant les vacances d’été.

Cliquez, partez ! Le top 5 des sites pour voyager autrement

Mais quand vient l’heure de réserver, le risque est grand de se perdre sur la toile. Notre sélection de sites utiles. Après notre sélection des meilleures applis, voici une nouvelle liste testée et approuvée par le guide Cinq sites (et deux blogs) bourrés d’idées et de conseils pratiques pour voyager malin. 1. Cuba en Harley, la Sicile en Quad ou la Namibie en 4x4 : les fous du volant (et du guidon) ont trouvé leur site de voyage. 2.

Que serait le tourisme sans les « météopathes » ? 3. On se souvient tous d’avoir repéré une jolie cabane dans une brochure ou à la « une » d’un magazine de voyage. 4. Si vous aimez les vacances en immersion totale, que diriez-vous de changer des restos aseptisés et d’aller manger chez l’habitant ? 5. L’échange de maisons à la papa, avec recherche de la famille idéale et des dates qui tombent juste, c’est terminé. Et aussi… Deux blogs à suivre. 6. 7. Savoirs d'Histoire – "Macte nova virtute, puer ! sic itur ad astra !" (Enéide, livre IX, v.641) Electronic Music News Blog, Live DJ Sets, Events. IRTIJAL › International Festival for Experimental Music in Lebanon. Founded in 2000, Irtijal is presently the oldest music festival of the city of Beirut, and one of the longest standing international festivals of post-war Lebanon.

IRTIJAL › International Festival for Experimental Music in Lebanon

Subscribe to Newsletter Email: sound@irtijal.comFestival Hotline: +961 76 95 23 87 Irtijal is organized by MILL, a non-profit association founded in 2000 by musicians Mazen Kerbaj and Sharif Sehnaoui, with the intent of promoting contemporary and experimental practices in music, and assisting projects that do not fit within the Lebanese mainstream, yet still present undeniable artistic value. The 20th century has witnessed a strong worldwide spread of new and alternative musical styles, which in turn constitute an important aspect of the historical evolution of music as an art form. In the same manner, and thanks to the importance of Beirut on the cultural map of the Arab world, we strive to extend these ideas to neighboring Arab countries.

Check out the previous editions of IRTIJAL. Suspiral.blogsport: SERGEI PARAJANOV SOUNDTRACKS. A GIF Comic Tour of Bruce Bickford's Magical. The famed Frank Zappa collaborator and claymation master walks us through his incredible, crazy garage.

A GIF Comic Tour of Bruce Bickford's Magical

By Kelton Sears Wed., Jan 21 2015 at 05:27PM Getting to spend a day with local animation legend Bruce Bickford for my arts feature on him last week was a pretty magical experience—partly because he looks like a wizard, but mostly because the breadth and volume of his output is indescribably massive and awe inspiring to see in person.

You don't really realize how much work this 67-year-old man has done over his 30 years of reclusive animation until he pulls out boxes upon boxes of line animation stills and drawings for you. The best part of my day with Bickford was the tour he gave me of his home animation studio. Located in his garage, the huge two room warehouse-like space is overflowing with clay creatures and landscapes from his masterful stop motion claymation films, the medium he made his name on during his famed stint working with Frank Zappa. En avant-première sur ARTE Creative : Pif, l'envers du gadget. Hungarian Electroacoustic Music-VARIOUS-Hungarian Electroacoustic Music-CD-Soundohm.

Mariphonia (1972) recorded at the Experimental Studio of Radio Bratislava; previously released on Magyar Elektronikus Zene: Hungarian Electronic Music LP.

Hungarian Electroacoustic Music-VARIOUS-Hungarian Electroacoustic Music-CD-Soundohm

Madrigál Petrarca LXI, Szonettjére / Madrigal on Petrarca's Sonnet No LXI (1980) recorded in the Electro-acoustic Studio of Hungarian Radio; previously released on 144 Sounds: Electronic Music LP. Contrastes polaires et successifs (1987) commissioned by and recorded at Bourges International Institute for Electro-acoustic Music (France); previously released on Cultures Electroniques 3 Magisteriumusic CD. Archaic Inventions: Various Artists - Magyar Elektronikus Zene - Hungarian Electronic Music -1979- (LP, Hungaroton), Hungary. This is one of Hungary's greatest compilations of electronic avant-garde music together with this one which I will post later if it's not around somewhere.

Archaic Inventions: Various Artists - Magyar Elektronikus Zene - Hungarian Electronic Music -1979- (LP, Hungaroton), Hungary

There are five Hungarian composers of electronic music present here: Zoltán Pongracz, Péter Eötvös, Iván Patachich and a combined piece by Máté Victor and Péter Winkler. Sharing bird sounds from around the world. Hypnotic GIFs That Get Better the Longer You Stare at Them. Erik Söderberg Fractals—shapes that self-repeat in smaller forms again and again an infinite number of times—typically get represented as psychedelic, bacterial, tie-dye swirls.

Hypnotic GIFs That Get Better the Longer You Stare at Them

That’s possibly because the study of fractals gained traction in the 1970s, even though the geometry has always existed in natural forms like broccoli or ice formations. Erik Söderberg’s fractal animations are certainly psychedelic, but they’re of the M.C. Η ΚΛΗΡΟΝΟΜΙΑ ΤΗΣ ΓΛΑΥΚΗΣ - The Owl's Legacy - Chris Marker 1989. Download more than 100 classic hardcore rave and jungle mixtapes. We’ve hit the motherlode.

Download more than 100 classic hardcore rave and jungle mixtapes

Nostalgic for hardcore rave and oldschool jungle? Rinse FM veteran Stamina MC has you covered. As WFMU tweets, there is a directory of classic mixtapes on Stamina’s Art Meets Science website that features free downloads of tapes from the likes of Dance Planet, Desire, Dreamscape, Helter Skelter and One Nation. 2011 until 2014. Nightlife reports: Lisbon’s new clubbing scene. See this square?

Nightlife reports: Lisbon’s new clubbing scene

A few years ago this was like The Wire.” It’s Friday evening and I’m walking through Intendente, an area north of Lisbon’s city centre that’s the latest part of town to experience a transformation from red-light district to nightlife hub. “There are still lots of empty buildings,” says Pedro Coquenão – better known as the DJ and producer behind Batida – gesturing to a derelict, albeit grand, terrace. “Space for someone to build the next big club.” Beautiful decay seems to characterise the aesthetic of most of Lisbon’s nightlife quarters. GAY & INDUSTRIAL. Music & History Mixtape Vol. 1 by Monster Rally & RUMTUM. - Балканская, цыганская, еврейская и другая этническая музыка. Make Your Images Interactive - ThingLink. WET DREAMS. These 20 Unorthodox Instruments Are Making the Music of the Future. The Margaret Guthman Musical Instrument Competition doesn’t crown any old clarinet or guitar.

These 20 Unorthodox Instruments Are Making the Music of the Future

Nicknamed the “X-Prize of musical instruments,” the annual Georgia Tech competition showcases the revolutionary ideas and innovations that are changing the way music is made and experienced, and highlights some of the best instrument makers in the world. “A lot of what the judges have to deal with is trying to define for themselves what it means to be a musical instrument. Then they can begin to understand what is an effective or a particularly exemplary or transformative example,” explains Jason Freeman, an assistant professor at the school of music in the preview video. This year, the competition featured 20 semifinalists, with instruments that ranged from sculptable interfaces to the Space Age string instrument, the Yaybahar.

Webdocumentaire : « Comme des bêtes », sur scène avec les animaux. Rough Fields - Wessenden Suite (Extracts) by Bomb Shop. AFRICA IN YOUR EARBUDS #55: CLAP! CLAP! Les évasions de Boris Anacrouse (et autre théâtre jeunesse) - Création Radiophonique. A l'occasion des vacances de noël, France Culture consacre un de ses programmes de fiction (dans Théâtre&cie) au théâtre pour la jeunesse, particulièrement en vogue actuellement dans l'édition et dans les théâtres.

Les évasions de Boris Anacrouse (et autre théâtre jeunesse) - Création Radiophonique

France Culture a un véritable savoir-faire dans le domaine de la fiction jeunesse, et fut la première à se lancer dans les programmes jeunesse avant les livres audio, avec Les histoires du pince oreilles et les Enfantines, que vous pouvez retrouver sur le portail des fictions, Dans cette émission du 28 décembre, nous rediffuserons exceptionnellement Les aventures de Boris Anacrouse, texte inédit de Pierre Senges (commande de France Culture) et réalisé par Alexandre Plank, à l'occasion de la sortie du premier livre numérique issu de cette fiction. Electro Chaabi. NOWHERE (2009) / central scene / for Pina. Voxygen.

Your Furry Friend's Noise, Online & Free. ♥ Not for nothing, the generator is pretty relaxing. I started using the website for ambient sound to keep me from getting stressed at work. Also, what's cool is when you shift the different controls, the purr begins to sound almost alien. ♥ Combining Furry Friend with Fire Noise makes it sound like I'm sitting by a fireplace with a content kitty nearby and it's amazing.

Add in an open window with ambient summer noises and it sounds like we're chilling by a fire pit. I love this site and am so glad I found it. Secret Thirteen - Infinite Music and Art Journal. The author of the mix is Joseph Sannicandro (b. 1984), a writer, sound artist and scholar currently based in Minneapolis, where he is pursuing his PhD in Cultural Studies. His research interests include phenomenology, Hannah Arendt, Heidegger, Nietzsche, online education, new media, critical theories of technology, re-appropriation in art, copyright reform, Deleuze & Guattari, Radio Alice, Italian cultural history, and ecology. Moreover, Joseph is a co-founder of A Closer Listen community, where he publishes Sound Propositions, a series of essays and in-depth interviews with artists discussing their creative practices, deemphasizing gear fetishism.

He has curated a number of compilations, including Con fuoco d’occhi un nostalgico lupo (2010, Lost Children) which showcased contemporary instrumental music from Italy. He also records under the moniker The New Objective and under his own name, most recently with pianist Stefan Christoff. Show Playlist 00. The-echoes-of-hearts-long-silenced. Photo Efforts to record the pattern of human heartbeats — the wavy lines so familiar on hospital monitors — go back at least to 1854, when a German scientist pressed a weighted plate against an artery, connected it to a stylus made of a strand of hair, and traced the pulsations on a moving strip of paper blackened by the soot of an oil lamp.

Now, using innovative digital processing techniques to turn pictures of repeating waveforms into sounds, an artist and a sound historian have converted that mute pattern of lines into the rhythmic lub-dub of a heart. And working with a slightly newer medical chart, they have resurrected in sound the pulse of a 100-year-old Frenchman whose heart started beating in 1769, 20 years before the French Revolution. Peaches - Burst (Planningtorock remix) by Planningtorock.

Soupe Primitive - Emission Glace 0 by PitFarlouze. Episode #16: Song Swap. In 1857 Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville was granted a patent for an invention he called the “Phonautograph.” The contraption was the first to capture sounds, but it did not have a mechanism to play them back. These sounds were locked away until 2008 when researchers found a way to recreate them through modern technology. Around the time that those sounds were being revived, the decision was made to intentionally make the recording of a song as rare and unique as recordings once were. Alec Duffy, from Hoi Polloi and Jack, won the rights to a previously unheard Sufjan Stevens song in a Christmas contest. Rather than release the song on a wide scale, Alec devised a plan to make every time the song is heard a truly unique experience. Phonautograph recordings for the episode are from Music Featured. L’homme qui sortait des collages de son chapeau. Le Baladeur classique. Au nom du «vrai public», la censure de la culture.

Depuis quelques mois, un même mot d’ordre se fait entendre : les lieux d’art et de culture devraient être des lieux «populaires» et «soucieux des goûts de chacun». Vague succédané démagogique du «populaire» des années 50 défendu par un Vilar ou un Vitez, le «populaire» semble aujourd’hui n’être qu’un vulgaire cache-sexe pour des politiques culturelles populistes qui n’hésitent pas à prendre les commandes de lieux artistiques quand leur programmation ne s’ajuste pas aux cahiers des charges municipaux.

Fablabs et éducation, une équation à plusieurs inconnues. Proflabs, bibliolabs, fablabs pédagos… Le ministère de l’Education nationale essaime ses initiatives estampillées fablabs sur tout le territoire. Avec un art consommé dans la création de nébuleuses. RIOT - Originator by Enchufada. AdHoc Our Favorite Albums of 2014. This list will appear in this month's edition of the AdHoc zine. Preorder Issue 3 or subscribe. Rødhåd @ Onemore. Radio Yak: Alessandro Bosetti - Soundproof. Radio Yaks: A Soundproof series in which eminent producers from around the world share audio they’re crazy about, and tell us why.

For Soundproof's next Radio Yak, Italian composer, Alessandro Bosetti, curates an hour of radio works that have pricked his ears. When asked if he is a performer, composer, writer, sound poet, or sound artist his answer is simple – he is a musician and his material is language. Alessandro's Radio Yak offers up a broad range of sonic practises but they share one common trait: "Each piece contains some sort of creature, sound creatures that seems to have their own personality. They are living entities, intelligent somehow and yet not human. " Alessandro Bosetti is a composer, performer and sound artist whose works delve on musicality of spoken language, utilizing misunderstandings, translations and interviews as compositional tools.

Édition de livres de photographie. DJ Snake & Lil Jon - Turn Down for What ( Extended Bass ) Arcade Tg. Génie et liaisons dangereuses du web. Africa Express Reworks Minimalist Composer Terry Riley's 'In C' Okayafrica. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of influential composer Terry Riley‘s iconic composition, Africa Express is readying the arrival of Terry Riley’s In C Mali.

The first African rendition of the minimalist masterwork, the piece was recorded in the same Bamako youth club as Africa Express’s Maison des Jeunes LP and features Malian artists Adama Koita on the Kamel N’goni and Bijou on vocals, as well as Western musicians Damon Albarn on melodica, Nick Zinner on guitar and Brian Eno on vocals, amongst others. Speaking about the project, Riley mentioned: “I am overwhelmed and delighted by this CD.

Tree Guitar. FACT mix 426: Perc. The Perc Trax boss toasts his superb new album with a high-octane session for FACT. Ali Wells has been releasing music for the best part of a decade, but The Power and the Glory may be his finest moment yet. 12 h 08 à l'est de Bucarest. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Musique Archives - Ent’revues, le site des revues culturelles. PERROQUET - Revue littéraire, artistique & sonore. SOUNDS OF THE DAWN. DISQUE MARABOUT. The Internet Arcade : Free Software. Bleu blanc merde. Viwa Boempa #01 06.10.14 by viwa boempa ? Radiooooo - music player. Gamelan to the Love God.

Sufi Plug Ins. Serendip.lab. ƮᏲҾ дևծιστøρία. Punk-Me. Carnets sonores: les finalistes 2014. Mestre fungo animated gif 4. Gestes (2/4) : Capter les gestes de l'émission Le cri du Patchwork. Yves Michaud. "Kenneth Anger - Magier des Untergrundfilms" - Regia di Reinhold E. Thiel (WG, 1970 - Deu/Sub Eng) New wavecat. Posed Portraits of 19th Century Baseball Stars. Deehowyou_rap's comments. Une ville dans le vent.