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Interactive News Graphics. La boite à outils. 10 Things You Can Learn From the New York Times’ Data Visualizations. The Malofiej 20 awards, known as the Pulitzers of the infographics world, recognize the finest infographics published across the globe. This year, more than 1,500 print and online submissions competed for the prestigious awards. National Geographic Magazine, which won best print map and two gold awards, and Internet Group do Brasil iG (gold) were notable achievements. However, as in previous years, the portfolio of graphics from the New York Times dominated the event, winning six gold medals (four print, two online), the best online map and both the ‘Best in Show’ awards for print and online submissions. So what are the secrets to the New York Times’ continued success?

Here are 10 key characteristics that, when brought together in a synthesised design process, helps to separate their work from the rest. 1. Clarity of context and purpose Establishing the goal of a visualization or infographic is the first consideration in its development, before any creative process has commenced. Source 2. Blog Archive » Escher VS Google Street View. Vous connaissez sûrement ce portrait de Maurits Cornelis Escher, grand artiste ayant utilisé la perspective et le trompe-œil dans toute son œuvre : Dernièrement, je suis tombé sur une expérimentation utilisant Google StreetView et réalisée par Onecm.

Elle permet de créer une vue 360° n’importe où sur Terre (du moins aux endroits ou Google est passé prendre des photos). à tester par ici : ! Data Visualization made Fast, Fun and Easy. Mapping Stereotypes Project by alphadesigner. Get your copy on: Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon DE / Amazon FR / Amazon IT / Amazon ES / Amazon Canada / Amazon Japan / Amazon India / Amazon Brazil Atlas of Prejudice: The Complete Stereotype Map Collection. Visual Résumés. A couple of infographic résumé sites, and, sprouted up that use your LinkedIn data to show your career stats. Just create an account, connect it to LinkedIn, and you get some graphs that show when and where you worked.

It's a visual form of your LinkedIn profile with a goal to replace the "old" and "boring" résumé that uses just text. Is this the best way to go though, if you're applying for a job? Other than commissioning a couple of freelancers based on their portfolios and recommendations, I haven't had any experience hiring people, but I imagine being turned off by such an infographic résumé if I were a HR person.

The visual format is easy to scan, but because it it's not a traditional text layout, I'd have to figure out what I was looking at first. Or let's say more people start submitting these sort of résumés. Then the novelty, the main advantage, wears off and they all start to look the same. Maybe you're looking for a different sort of job. Visualize your resume in one click. 10 Awesome Free Tools To Make Infographics. Advertisement Who can resist a colourful, thoughtful venn diagram anyway? In terms of blogging success, infographics are far more likely to be shared than your average blog post.

This means more eyeballs on your important information, more people rallying for your cause, more backlinks and more visits to your blog. In short, a quality infographic done well could be what your blog needs right now. Designing An Infographic Some great tips for designing infographics: Keep it simple! Ideas for infographic formats include: Timelines;Flow charts;Annotated maps;Graphs;Venn diagrams;Size comparisons;Showing familiar objects or similar size or value. Here are some great tutorials on infographic creation: Creating Your Infographic Plan and research.If required, use free software to create simple graphs and visualisations of data.Use vector graphic software to bring these visualisations into the one graphic. Free Online Tools For Creating Infographics Stat Planet Hohli Creately New York Times Many Eyes Wordle. Sense of Patterns. Sense of Patterns is an on-going project, a series of printed data visualizations aiming to depict the behaviors of masses in different public spaces.

The visualizations have a focus on the patterns of moving entities in public like commuters, cars and public transportation vehicles as well as the interaction between these entities and physical structures like roads, sidewalks, buildings and parks. The project intends to provide strong visuals on what we all experience in our daily lives in different cities.

The first edition of the project consists of six A1 size prints and a video animation based on the data related to Vienna and its suburbs. Two different datasets provided by AIT: Austrian Institute of Technology sorted with python and visualized by using processing. The first dataset includes taxi trips during the 25th of July, 2011. It has 915.353 single entries (Unique id of the trip, timestamps, longitude and latitude coordinates in WGS84). Credits & Thanks. The front page of the internet. Metro Wine Map of France. The most amazing thing about this novel new wine map is how clearly it shows France's complex wine regions. Created by architectural historian and wine buff Dr. David Gissen, it's fun, great looking and wonderfully informative. detail index package framed Perfect for all levels of wine knowledge. Michael Jackson, Bruce Lee, Dark Vador – La vie des célébrités racontée en pictogrammes.

Michael Jackson, Bruce Lee, Dark Vador – La vie des célébrités racontée en pictogrammes La vie des célébrités, comme Michael Jackson, Bruce Lee, Dark Vador, ou encore Marie Antoinette, raconté en pictogrammes par le studio de création graphique italien H-57. via H-57. Design View / Andy Rutledge - News Redux. Digital news is broken. Actually, news itself is broken. Almost all news organizations have abandoned reporting in favor of editorial; have cultivated reader opinion in place of responsibility; and have traded ethical standards for misdirection and whatever consensus defines as forgivable.

And this is before you even lay eyes on what passes for news design on a monitor or device screen these days. In digital media—websites in particular—news outlets seldom if ever treat content with any sort of dignity and most news sites are wedded to a broken profit model that compels them to present a nearly unusable mishmash of pink noise…which they call content. In an effort to disguise and mitigate the fact that they have little idea how to publish digital content properly—often sneakily called “differentiation”—some news outlets release apps for digital devices.

News Today The Times politics page. Main navigation: Mobile Presentation Above: My suggestion for how to present a category page. News Redux. 33 Creative Negative Space Logos. Written by Inspiral On Friday, May 27th, 2011 with 6 Comments so far in Inspiration, Logo Design Negative space logos strategically use whitespace to create the illusion of an object in that space.

Negative space designs are effective in branding because they force the viewer to look twice to figure out what’s happening, though a well-executed negative space logo won’t require the viewer to look closely to have its effect. As of late the clever use of negative space has been a big trend in logo design. Check out these designs for your own inspiration. Conclusion These logos don’t have 3D effects or shiny lens flares: they’re about as simple as you can get stylistically and in many cases would fit right into a minimalist logo round-up. Need a creative logo design? Then try using ‘Inspiral’, a freelance graphic designer from the United Kingdom. Looking for freelance design work? FontFont. Mental Disorder posters | Minimalissimo. Information graphics in context on the Behance Network. L’Infographicus Foirus. Démasqué, Disséqué, empaillé. Depuis 2 ans, on voit les infographies (infographics) se multiplier sur Internet.

Faciles à bloguer, à microbloguer même, elles vont nous abreuver de datas, de statistiques, de chiffres bien mis en forme. Et la plupart du temps, personne ne vérifie les données. Alors l’infographie circule et est reprise par les blogs pressés (de faire du trafic).Mais heureusement Clément (alias Quietglover) veille. Et cette fois, l’infographicus foirus sera démasquée pour sa plus grande honte. Les datas libres et justes le remercient, et nous aussi. Des infographics partout donc. Ainsi j’ouvre un soir mon reader constitué de sources fiables et reconnues, et entre deux posts sur le doux monde du mobile – dans lequel je travaille – je tombe sur un chiffre qui me fait sauter au plafond. Donc, The Next Web, Chris Brogan, PSFK et beaucoup d’autres relaient des informations absolument improbables, sans même les vérifier.

“From the two hundred trillion (!) Voici ma correction, suivie des sources utilisées : The Four Icon Challenge. FonbT.jpg (Image JPEG, 1024x2132 pixels) Digital Nostalgia on the Behance Network. Flight & Expulsion. Scale_of_universe.swf (Objet application/x-shockwave-flash) Designing Obama - Digital Edition. Fake Vintage Ads For Facebook, YouTube & Skype.

Design daily news. The art of the 404 page. It’s never a good experience to expect to see a webpage and to get a 404 error, most of us will just hit the back button on the browser when experiencing such a thing. Since errors will happen no matter how good your website is, it’s a good idea to improve your 404 page to make it as useful as possible, the main challenge being to keep those visitors on your site. What should your 404 page be? Your 404 page should be branded Don’t let your visitors in the wild, let them know that they are on your website by inputing some of the visual elements that make your website recognizable. Your 404 page should be informative When arriving on the page, the reader should know that he didn’t reach the page he was expecting right away. Inform him of what happened. Your 404 page should be useful If your viewers happen to reach a 404 page, it would be good to guide them through your site to let them find what they want.

Your 404 page should be tracked Showcase of cool 404 pages 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 404 party 6. 7. Abstract City Blog. Information Is Beautiful | Ideas, issues, concepts, subjects - v. REGARDS SUR LE NUMERIQUE : Blog - Sven Ehmann : « Visualiser une. (visuel : éditions Gestalten) La production des Beatles résumée en camemberts, des empires coloniaux à la dérive sous forme de bulles, ou l'histoire de la musique électro animée dans une immense fresque interactive : ce n'est plus un scoop, la datavisualization – ou dataviz – a fait, depuis quelques années, une entrée de plus en plus remarquée dans le champ du design graphique.

Le principe est plutôt simple : il s’agit de visualiser des données, soit donner une représentation graphique à des informations riches et complexes, dont les mots ne parviennent pas à restituer toute la densité. Autrement dit : inventer une nouvelle écriture, où l’algorithme remplace la plume. Nous avons décidé de consacrer une série de plusieurs billets à ce phénomène, déjà abordé par ici.

Mais, histoire d'y voir un peu plus clair, nous avons souhaité contextualiser un peu tout cela. : Est-ce que vous pourriez nous présenter l’équipe du projet Data Flow ? Quels sont leurs parcours respectifs ? Datablog | News. 30 Photos That Changed the World | Photography Schools Online. A good photograph makes a point; a great one serves as a statement about culture, life, and everything that’s happening outside the image’s frame.

Photos have been inspiring people and showing them the truth for centuries now, so it’s hard to narrow the list of influential images to just 30, but here are some of the photos that have changed the world: 1. General Nguyen Ngoc Loan executing a Viet Cong prisoner in Saigon; Eddie Adams, 1968 AP photographer Eddie Adams captured this shot of a South Vietnamese general executing a Viet Cong officer in the Tet Offensive, and it became one of the most iconic shots of the Vietnam War.

Sadly, Adams would come to lament the damage the Pulitzer-winning photo did to Nguyen and his family, claiming that the man had killed a “so-called bad guy” and been demonized by people who didn’t understand the scope of the situation. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. Delicious Digg This Reddit. The Big Caption. Benkler_Shaw_Stodden_Tale_of_Two_Blogospheres_Mar2010.pdf (Objet. Binary clock in html, and javascript | Download Hundreds of Free @font-face Fonts. Current: A News Project. 8BDS4.jpg (Image JPEG, 1208x2579 pixels) Pulp_Fiction___infographic_by_dehahs.jpg (Image JPEG, 1869x879 p.