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Nxt Pool Status. Merchant Tools - Shopping Cart Plugins. Asset Exchange - The Beginner's site for NXT! The Asset Exchange is based on the ability of the blockchain to recognise and therefore trace the origin of transactions involving a coin or a set of coins which have been designated (or 'colored') to represent any asset, whether digital (for example, stocks, bonds, smart property) or tangible (for example, cars, houses, precious metals etc).

Asset Exchange - The Beginner's site for NXT!

Let's have a look at a simple example cited by BCNext: "I want to run a business. I issue an asset (let's call it Krusty Krab tokens - KKT). I set quantity of KKT to 1000. I announce that I sell KKT for 20 NXT each and pay 5 NXT monthly interest within next 6 months. You create a transaction that sends me 500 NXT for 25 KKT. In effect, the Asset Exchange incorporates the functions both of an exchange (e.g. Clicking on "Asset Exchange" in the side bar reveals a drop down menu of 4 options, the contents of which, when selected, are shown in the display area.

We are now in the Asset Exchange. 1. 2. To accept a Buy or Sell Order: [ANN] NXT Academic Outreach Program (NAOP) Here are two articles worth reading, about efforts introducing Bitcoin to college students: NXT must not fall behind in this race.

[ANN] NXT Academic Outreach Program (NAOP)

We must become a leader in introducing young people to cryptocurrencies in general and NXT in particular. Therefore, I hereby announce the NXT Academic Outreach Program (NAOP). The initial goal of NAOP is to generate 10,000+ new NXT users under the age of 30, roughly 10X the number of current users at We want as many as possible of these new users to be computer science students with the skill set to become coder / developers who can improve NXT itself. This is an ambitious goal.

I have spent the past few weeks scouting the websites of the top 450 universities in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the US that have computer science (CS) programs accredited by a major national certification board. I do not have a complete road map of where we are headed with NAOP. But first we have to get started. This is a voluntary effort. Saturday, Mar. 01, 2014 - Nxt News Weekly. Nxt Salsacz's Blog. Visualisation recommended for events. NXT PeerExplorer. Nxt Technology Tree. Your starting point for the next generation cryptocurrency NXT.

Forging0-5-1.pdf. NXTER MAGAZINE. Genesis account / BCNext / George Orwell, 1984: It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.


BCNext posted his intentions for Nxt in 3 parts. Transparent mining, or What makes Nxt a 2nd generation currency Come-from-Beyond: Below u’ll find a short description of Nxt mining system. I want u to pay attention to a paper titled Decentralised Currencies Are Probably Impossible But Let’s At Least Make Them Efficient. The author writes: To match this to the notion of “decentralised” (i.e. lacking central authority), the consensus group must be, at least, all participants in the currency. In Nxt this problem doesn’t arise coz all participants (miners) r known. As u may know, Bitcoin et al. can be attacked by an entity that possesses 51% of hashing power. 2 main scenarios r possible:1. The 2nd scenario can’t be applied to Nxt, coz no NXTs exist outside the network. Yesterday the average base target was ~700%. What does this transparency mean? List by RickyJames: Descendant of Bitcoin. [NXT] Nxt - Official Thread.

Nxt Inside. NXTER MAGAZINE. NXTER MAGAZINE. Inside a Proof-of-Stake Cryptocurrency part 1: Basic Structures - Alexander Chepurnoy. SAE. Please choose your username: Your automatically generated secret phrase is: Please write down or memorize your username and these 12 words (their order and capitalization matters - always lowercase).


Attention: Don't ever lose your username or secret phrase. If you lose it you lose access to your account; SAE does not store your username or secret phrase so we cannot retrieve it for you at any time. Terms of Service Ownership and Use of Content Copyright All of the information and content on this Site, including but not limited to all text, graphics, images, software applications and code, video, audio, and user interface design ("Content") is the property of "Secure Asset Exchange" and is protected by United States and foreign copyright laws and conventions. Nxt Wiki.

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