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Anyone ever try 'Elemi oil'? Quote:Hut said:GuysThis is Baron (69rons) marketing scheme.He talks about obscure things very highly and then they randomly pop up on his site Flowing Visions.I could not care less about this Elemi Oil.

anyone ever try 'Elemi oil'?

Even though Baron is a smart guy, he spends way too much time profiteering off of our community. That just doesn't sit right with me.He uses the DMT-Nexus as a portal for advertising.Do not be fooled. Kanna Shaman Smoke. Kanna Shaman Smoke is a potent, smoking blend rooted within the herbal smokes of South African tradition.

Kanna Shaman Smoke

As in original practice where Kanna was blended with Dagga, here it has been blended with a 100% legal cannabinoid for your spiritual practice. During the early seventeenth century, missionaries and explorers in southern Africa reported how the Khoikhoi, a local indigenous tribe known as the Hottentots to European colonists, used the herb as a chew, sniff, or smoke. It was said that they used it for ritual and healing dances. The name Kanna was shared universally among the Khoikoi and the Bushmen of south Africa, who knew the Eland Antelope by the same name. To these peoples, the Eland was a "trance animal," who was regarded as a magical creature with extraordinary abilities. Kanna Shaman Smoke (cannabinoid blend) is a product intended for spirit visions and spiritual journeys which can last eight to twelve hours. This is a 1 oz container of the cannabinoid Kanna Shaman Smoke blend.

Kanna - Sceletium tortuosum powder. Kanna - Sceletium tortuosum powder The mood-enhancing plant known in it's homeland as "canna" , “channa” or “kanna”, is a low-growing succulent indigenous to South Africa.

Kanna - Sceletium tortuosum powder

It was so esteemed among native tribes that they'd travel hundreds of miles to collect plants in the wild. Reports from Dutch colonists dating back as far as 1662 describe its use as an inebriant noting that natives would chew, smoke or snuff the fermented plant parts and "their spirits would rise, eyes brighten and faces take on a jovial air, and they would commence to dance. " Sceletium has significant mood-elevating and anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) properties. Kanna Effects and Dosages. Buy Kanna Online HERE cRocodile on Sceletium tortuosum: While I have never tasted pure mesembrine I have done quite a bit of experimentation with traditionally prepared Sceletium tortuosum powder from South Africa and documented Kanna's effects.

Kanna Effects and Dosages

As a result, I can offer this: 1. I have strong reason to believe that not all commercially available Sceletium tortuosum (seed or herb) is really that... it seems that other Mesembryamanthaceae are being passed off as S.tortuosum or S.expansum. 2. SMOKING - dosage: 100-250mg fermented herb powder Subjective Effects: as expected the effects are felt almost immediately and synergize very very well with other herbs (which are traditional combinations!). Elemi oil - A virtually unknown legal psychedelic essential oil in Elemi Oil (Canarium luzonicum) Forum.

I while ago I was doing research on calamus and sassafras.

Elemi oil - A virtually unknown legal psychedelic essential oil in Elemi Oil (Canarium luzonicum) Forum

These contain compounds that are similar to several psychedelics. For example sassafras contains safrole, which is a precursor for MDMA (Ecstasy). Calamus contains asarone which is a precursor for TMA-2. While doing research I ran across a lot of trip reports for satrole, asarone, and none of them were very interesting. I kept finding information on nutmeg and myristicin while doing my research. Voacanga africana. Voacanga africana is a small tropical African tree that grows to 6m in height.

Voacanga africana

It has leaves that are up to 30 cm in length, and the tree produces yellow or white flowers, which become berries with yellow seeds. Uses[edit] Chemical structure of voacangine Chemical structure of voacamine. Kanna and Meditation. In the American Journal of Psychotherapy, D.

Kanna and Meditation

Goleman (6) suggested a division of meditation into two general catagories. His distinction was supported by transpersonal psychotherapy theory papers written by Seymour Boorstein M.D (7), Greg Bogart M.A (8), Mark C. Kanna - Drugs Forum. Kanna can be chewed, smoked, insufflated, made into tea, gel caps and tinctures.

Kanna - Drugs Forum

Some people report difficulties in getting effects from Kanna, or getting effects infrequently or inconsistently. This may be due to physiological differences, quality differences from different vendors or incorrect administration or preparation. Yopo bean. Datura spp. Lopophora. Ethanol Extraction of Psilocybin. : shrooms. Mushroom Extract. Making Powdered Extracts - Article. Alcohol and water (tincturing) remove the more stimulating properties of herbs (resins, etc.).

Making Powdered Extracts - Article

These are most effective for moving and directing the energy of the body (specifics, stimulants). They are best when taken in 10-day cycles with a 3-day break between to relieve symptoms, reduce pathogenic heat, and stimulate body processes. Iquitos, Peru - Amazon Jungle Healing CenterSpiritQuest – Ayahuasca & Huachuma Plant Medicine Retreat Center. Black Henbane. Black HenbaneHyoscyamus niger Annual/Biennial Flowers June-Aug.

Black Henbane

Seed ripens Aug. -Sept.Common Names / Habitat / Magickal Uses / Edible Uses / Medicinal Uses / Cultivation / Propagation. AN HALLUCINOGENIC SNUFF FROM THE AMAZON. Virola elongata, V. theiodora MYRISTICACEAE, Nutmeg Family There are approximately one hundred known species of New World plants from which psychoactive compounds are obtained, and of these, hallucinogens, comprising one category of psychoactive compounds, have held an especially important place in the rituals of indigenous tribes. One particular hallucinogen, extracted from trees of the genus Virola, is widely used by groups in wet tropical forests of South America. These tribes include the Waika of the upper Orinoco area in Venezuela and northern Brazil and the Paumar from near the Rio Purus in Amazonian Brazil.

Calliandra haematocephala info please? - Other Psychoactives. Argemone mexicana - Prickly Poppy. FAMILY: Papaveraceae GENUS: Argemone SPECIES: Mexicana COMMON NAMES: Amapolas del Campo, Bermuda Thistle, Bird-in-the-bush, Brahmadanti, Cardo Santo, Caruancho, Chadron, Flowering Thistle, Gamboge Thistle, Gold Thistle of Peru, Hierba Loca, Jamaican Thistle, Kawinchu, Mexican Prickly Poppy, Mexican Thistle, Mexican Thorn Poppy, Prickly Pepper, Prickly Poppy, Queen Thistle, Satayanasi, Shate, Svarnasiri, Thistle-bush, Xate, Yellow Thistle, Zebe Dragon Argemone mexicana is an annual that grows to about 1 meter in height with several branches and bluish leaves with thorny ends.

The flowers are between 4 and 6 centimeters across and have six yellow petals. Argemone mexicana is a plant that not only produces a large number of seeds (just like Papaver somniferum), but is easy to sprout as well.