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Horopito: The Little Known, Yet Highly Effective Anti-Candida Herb - YeastInfection.Org by Eric Bakker N.D. The Spice That Prevents Fluoride From Destroying Your Brain. By Sayer Ji Contributing writer for Wake Up World Fluoride is found everywhere today, from antibiotics to drinking water, no stick pans to toothpaste, making exposure inevitable.

The Spice That Prevents Fluoride From Destroying Your Brain

All the more reason why research proving this common spice can prevent fluoride damage is so promising! Fluoride’s neurotoxicity has been the subject of academic debate for decades, and now a matter of increasingly impassioned controversy among the general public, as well. From ‘conspiracy theories’ about it being first used in drinking water in Russian and Nazi concentration camps to chemically lobotomize captives, to its now well-known IQ lowering properties, to its ability to enhance the calcification of the pineal gland – the traditional ‘seat of the soul’ – many around the world, and increasingly in the heavily fluoridated regions of the United States, are starting to organize at the local and statewide level to oust this ubiquitous toxicant from municipal drinking water. The study concluded, Eat Ginger Every Day for 1 Month and This Will Happen to Your Body. Cinnamon Enhances Memory, Improves Learning Ability and Reverses Parkinson's Disease. 10th August 2016 By Karen Foster Guest writer for Wake Up World Eating one of the tastiest household spices may also improve learning ability, memory and even reverse Parkinson’s Disease according to new study results published online in the Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology.

Cinnamon Enhances Memory, Improves Learning Ability and Reverses Parkinson's Disease

The Health Benefits of Ginger. FDA Quietly Acknowledges Medical Benefits of Honey. This One Spice Stops Heart Attacks, Restores Gut Bacteria, And Kills Cancer Cells! Photo credit: What if we were to tell you that there is one commonly used spice that could help you lose weight, rebuild the gut wall, destroy cancer cells, and even stop heart attacks?

This One Spice Stops Heart Attacks, Restores Gut Bacteria, And Kills Cancer Cells!

You would probably shake your head and think that this couldn’t possibly be true … But it is! 17 Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper. Many societies, especially those of the Americas and China, have a history of using cayenne pepper therapeutically.

17 Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

A powerful compound with many uses, cayenne pepper is currently gaining buzz for cleansing and detoxifying regimes such as the Master Cleanse, which uses the spice to stimulate circulation and neutralize acidity. Cayenne pepper has been used for a variety of ailments including heartburn, delirium, tremors, gout, paralysis, fever, dyspepsia, flatulence, sore throat, atonic dyspepsia, hemorrhoids, menorrhagia in women, nausea, tonsillitis, scarlet fever and diphtheria. 1. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Garlic. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Garlic By Hwaa Irfan Garlic, despite its offensive odor, has remained a part of the domestic arena with properties established in traditional and holistic healing practices.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Garlic

Natural healers know that garlic is a powerful medicine. This One Spice Can Save And Even Restore Vision (You Won’t Believe It!) Photo credit: Researchers from Italy have conducted studies which may have discovered one simple spice that just might be the cure for age-related macular degeneration, the main cause of blindness in those over 60.

This One Spice Can Save And Even Restore Vision (You Won’t Believe It!)

Not only did researchers show that saffron could prevent macular degeneration, but it actually reversed vision loss in subjects who had macular degeneration. This is What Happens To The Body When You Eat Pink Himalayan Salt. By Amanda Ennett Imagine everyone sitting down for a big family feast.

This is What Happens To The Body When You Eat Pink Himalayan Salt

The best china set gently upon silk cloth, crystals brimming with fresh apple-cinnamon-ginger juice. Why Eat Garlic On An Empty Stomach. Why Eat Garlic On An Empty Stomach Please be sure to Join our email list and receive all our latest tutorials daily – free!

Why Eat Garlic On An Empty Stomach

26 image © enterlinedesign – Garlic has proven time and time again how healthy it is for the human body. A large number of scientific studies on garlic have revealed how it improves heart health and even has chemopreventive effects. Cinnamon for Your Brain, Blood Sugar, Cholesterol & Kidneys. Thursday, September 26, 2013 By: Byron J.

Cinnamon for Your Brain, Blood Sugar, Cholesterol & Kidneys

Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist Cinnamon research over the past decade has focused on its metabolic benefits, especially for blood sugar and cholesterol metabolism. Recent research confirms early findings and expands on them, indicating significant protection for the kidneys as well as rejuvenation properties for your brain. The newly published review of all cinnamon human trials involving type 2 diabetic patients concludes that “cinnamon is associated with a statistically significant decrease in levels of fasting plasma glucose, total cholesterol, LDL-C, and triglyceride levels, and an increase in HDL-C levels.”

All of these issues are associated with the metabolic syndrome and increased risk for heart disease, indicating that cinnamon may be able to help guide a person back in the right direction once metabolism has begun to falter. Other researchers have pointed out that cinnamon is highly protective against kidney damage. 10 Health Benefits of Ginger Tea. The Amazing Health Benefits of the Humble Herb Rosemary. There's something about rosemary that keeps me spell-bound and faithfully infusing it into my diet, in ever more imaginative and different ways.

The Amazing Health Benefits of the Humble Herb Rosemary

It holds an alchemical key to unraveling a turbulent mind whilst imbuing a calming, yet invigorating energy. All I need do is gently rub the leaves between my fingertips and inhale the rich, pungent aroma and I am transported to a space of easiness, clarity - soothed yet uplifted. Rosemary is an evergreen shrub with intensely scented needle-like leaves that thrives in a warm temperate and Mediterranean climate. Amazing uses for garlic - nature's antibiotic - (NaturalNews) Garlic is one of the most essential foods everyone should have in their home. It's been used in medicine for thousands of years, and for good reason. Garlic fights disease. Eliminate ulcers by eating hot peppers. Wed. Jan. 22, 2014 by Karen Sanders, staff writer (NaturalHealth365) Do you suffer from recurring heartburn, chronic indigestion or ulcers? For years, conventional ‘wisdom’ has been to avoid spicy foods – if experiencing an upset stomach.

In fact, for gastrointestinal disorders, conventionally-trained healthcare providers firmly believe that any kind of hot peppers (or spicy food) should be avoided – at all costs. 600 Reasons Turmeric May Be The World's Most Important Herb. There is a medicinal spice so timelessly interwoven with the origins of human culture and metabolism, so thoroughly supported by modern scientific inquiry, as to be unparalleled in its proven value to human health and well-being. Indeed, turmeric turns the entire drug-based medical model on its head. Instead of causing far more side effects than therapeutic ones, as is the case for most patented pharmaceutical medications, turmeric possesses hundreds of potential side benefits, having been empirically demonstrated to positively modulate over 160 different physiological pathways in the mammalian body.

While no food or herb is right for everyone, and everything has the potential for unintended, adverse side effects, turmeric is truly unique in its exceptionally high margin of safety vis-à-vis the drugs it has been compared with, e.g. hydrocortisone, ibuprofen, chemotherapy agents. Some of the most amazing demonstrated properties include: Source: Green Med Info Related: The Amazing Things You Never Imagined Turmeric Could Do For You!

Photo credit: Turmeric, often called the king of spices, has so many potential health benefits that it is almost impossible to list them all. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits to using turmeric is that it works just as well as NSAIDs when it comes to stopping inflammation in the body. As you might already know, turmeric has been used in India for thousands of years. This is the spice that gives curry sauces their yellow color and flavor. Science Confirms Turmeric As Effective As 14 Drugs. Turmeric is one the most thoroughly researched plants in existence today. Its medicinal properties and components (primarily curcumin) have been the subject of over 5600 peer-reviewed and published biomedical studies.

In fact, our five-year long research project on this sacred plant has revealed over 600 potential preventive and therapeutic applications, as well as 175 distinct beneficial physiological effects. This entire database of 1,585 ncbi-hyperlinked turmeric abstracts can be downloaded as a PDF at our Downloadable Turmeric Document page, and acquired either as a retail item or with 200 GMI-tokens, for those of you who are already are members and receive them automatically each month. Given the sheer density of research performed on this remarkable spice, it is no wonder that a growing number of studies have concluded that it compares favorably to a variety of conventional medications, including: Resources Source:Green Med Info via True Activist Related: Six ways turmeric heals your overburdened body. (NaturalNews) The benefits of turmeric, due to its active ingredient curcumin, have been demonstrated by modern Western medical research and centuries of empirical evidence from India and China.

The problem with turmeric's curcumin is that it has a hard time getting past the stomach and into the small intestines where it can be absorbed into the blood. Ginseng proven to prolong life in men: Here is the research. Natural News Blogs Ginseng Benefits – What you need to know and Immune Boost Tea Recipe. You’ve probably heard about ginseng at some point another; it gets tossed around a lot and it’s one of the key components of the ever popular “energy drinks” aside from the insane amount of sugar.

Health benefits of cinnamon and ginger. (NaturalNews) Ginger and cinnamon are regarded and used as spices and herbs to make meals more flavorful. But they are also found to be rich in medicinal properties. Ginger Destroys Cancer More Effectively than Death-Linked Cancer Drugs. Grocery store cinnamon proves to be toxic. Avoid vaccines and use these top four natural remedies for flu prevention instead. (NaturalNews) In case you haven't seen or heard about the Cochran study, a comprehensive study conducted by totally independent scientists, here's their essential conclusion: Flu vaccinations don't work.

Suppressed science: Garlic proven to kill brain cancer cells without side effects. (NaturalNews) First comes a guy curing his stage 4 prostate cancer with baking soda. Next a woman cures her cancer with carrot juice while some time ago a UK farmer cured his cancer with wheat grass juice. Now there's an obscure study proving garlic kills brain cancer cells without side effects. There's no money in any of that - only healing. Darn! How's the cancer industry going to exploit cancer victims and create huge fund raising revenues if this type of news gets out? A small group of researchers at Medical University of South Carolina discovered something that's useful for anyone willing to properly consume lots of garlic.

But they did this in 2007! Whether it's useful for the cancer industry remains to be seen. Instead of using the study to further explore natural methods of nipping brain cancer in the bud, the cancer industry encourages beginning "proven medical treatments" as early as possible.