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Philosophy of Law and the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Cyberlex - L'association du droit et des nouvelles technologies. Writing a First Class Law Dissertation. 12inShare “Protection of the Right to a Fair Trial and Civil Jurisdiction: Permitting Delay, Restricting Access and Recognising Incompatible Judgments”.

Writing a First Class Law Dissertation

Below is my honours dissertation together with tips and a very special video from an ex-Cambridge professor at the end. Chambres civiles. Legal Analytics by Lex Machina. : votre moteur de recherche juridique. Jurisprudence en ligne : panorama. Guide de droit comparé. Qui sommes nous (Juritel - Droit de l'internet, informations legales, avocat en ligne, contrats,..) A Few of My Favorite Free Sources. Now that I am retired and no longer have access to comprehensive fee-based law databases, I have been using a variety of free open access sites.

A Few of My Favorite Free Sources

You may be aware of these already, but I want to share what I have learned about some of these very useful sources. One of my first go-to sites is the Guide to Law Online (GLO.) This portal is compiled by the Law Library of Congress Public Services Division and serves as a selective annotated guide to sources of online information on government and law. The compilers state that “emphasis wherever possible has been on sites offering the full texts of laws, regulations, and court decisions, along with commentary from lawyers writing primarily for other lawyers.

Materials related to law and government, that were written by or for lay persons also have been included, as have government sites providing general information.” Court of Appeals to launch database of case documents. Legal Information Systems and Legal Informatics Resources: Institutional and Scholarly Repositories: Legal. Signets de l'université Paris Descartes: BIUP : propriété intellectuelle. Chroniques de la propriété intellectuelle. Etude annuelle 2014 du Conseil d'Etat - Le numérique et les droits fondamentaux. Courts & Cases. Open Law Project Presentations, 11 December 2014 (with images, tweets) · richards1000. Thomson Reuters VANTAGE EMEA 2013 - Legal IT Professionals. 22Sep2013 Joanna Goodman Legal IT Professionals and Legal IT Today attended Thomson Reuters Elite VANTAGE EMEA regional user conference at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel in London.

Thomson Reuters VANTAGE EMEA 2013 - Legal IT Professionals

Notwithstanding a busy week for legal IT events, it was well attended by representatives of law firms from across the UK, with standing room only in some sessions. International Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements by David Salter. Digital Delivery of Legal Services to People on Low Incomes. Introduction “We are very pleased to have commissioned this Report from Roger Smith.

Digital Delivery of Legal Services to People on Low Incomes

We hope that the Report will stimulate others to let us know of advances that they are making or are aware of others making in this important area of using information technology to provide low cost legal service to people. These developments are not a magic bullet but taken together they can make a difference to the lives of a lot of people. We intend to update the Report on an annual basis as a record of developments in the provision of IT based legal service.” BAILII_brochure.pdf. British and Irish Legal Information Institute. LawNewsIndex: 13th December - Law News.  Facebook : pas d’injures publiques quand le public est très restreint