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OCD Is Not a Quirk. While shuffling through a Washington, D.C.

OCD Is Not a Quirk

-area metro station recently, I noticed a large ad for the technology company Brocade plastered on the wall: Obsessive Compulsive Reorder (n.): The need to buy expensive IP networking gear again and again. This is, of course, an attempt at a cheeky play on obsessive-compulsive disorder, in which sufferers have compulsions to do the same things over and over. Companies and people alike frequently evoke the mental disorder with lighthearted puns or references just like that one. Misuse of the term “OCD” has become popular, leading to misunderstandings revolving around the disorder itself. The Incredible Beauty of Isolated Vocals. Quora. Mexico wants to build a border wall with Central America to keep out illegal immigrants  It seems Mexico agrees with Donald Trump's plans to build a wall to keep out illegal immigrants - but only on its southern border with Central America.

Mexico wants to build a border wall with Central America to keep out illegal immigrants 

Mexicans are calling for the border wall to keep out Guatemalans, Salvadorans and Hondurans fleeing violence in their own countries. They complain 'hordes' of immigrants pass through on their way to the United States -who are then simply deported back to Mexico rather than their home countries by the US. Central American migrants are left stuck in border cities with Mexican officials unable to afford to send them back to their own countries, according to an article by one of the largest newspapers in the border state of Tamaulipas, El Mañana, titled: 'Yes to the Border Wall … but in Mexico's South.' A comprehensive guide to cognitive biases — Quartz.

Great, how am I supposed to remember all of this?

A comprehensive guide to cognitive biases — Quartz

You don’t have to. But you can start by remembering these four giant problems our brains have evolved to deal with over the last few million years (and maybe bookmark this page if you want to occasionally reference it for the exact bias you’re looking for): Information overload sucks, so we aggressively filter.Lack of meaning is confusing, so we fill in the gaps.Need to act fast lest we lose our chance, so we jump to conclusions.This isn’t getting easier, so we try to remember the important bits. Might help someone, might be stupid.

Famous Movie and TV Low Poly Gifs. Uk.businessinsider. The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like.


Business Insider has affiliate partnerships so we may get a share of the revenue from your purchase. Bellroy / Samantha Lee As part of an ongoing series, each week Insider Picks features a product or store that’s poised for big things. Welcome to the Dark Net, a Wilderness Where Invisible World Wars Are F. I.

Welcome to the Dark Net, a Wilderness Where Invisible World Wars Are F

The Back Door His name is not Opsec, but I will call him that to guard his privacy. In webspace he is known as a grand master of the dark art of hacking. How to Pick a Bank or Credit Union You Can Trust. Uk.businessinsider. All the Ways You Can Make a Red Traffic Light Turn Green. Uk.businessinsider. Flickr / Jim Bauer A reading revolution is brewing in American classrooms, and one company is quietly leading the charge.


Newsela, a 3-year-old startup that promotes literacy in K-12 education, gives teachers curated news articles to share with their students. With the help of intelligent software that adjusts article text to match a student's reading level, teachers can use comprehension quizzes to get immediate feedback when kids are stumped. History, Travel, Arts, Science, People, Places. Cognitive bias cheat sheet. Young girl solves zip ties. How to Get More out of Your GoPro. Evo Morales grounding incident. Spain, France and Italy (red) denied permission to cross their airspace.

Evo Morales grounding incident

The plane landed in Austria (yellow) Forced landing[edit] Once your kids can read easy books, start reading them hard ones, says reading expert Doug Lemov — Quartz. In the annals of great parenting moments, the one where the kids clamber onto the couch by themselves with their very own longish-book is an awesome one.

Once your kids can read easy books, start reading them hard ones, says reading expert Doug Lemov — Quartz

They’ve mastered the de-coding, they’ve got the sounds, and they can follow a simple plot. Time to kick back and watch them lose themselves in literature, right? Wrong. Doug Lemov, author of Teach like a Champion and co-author of Reading Reconsidered argues that’s just the moment to read to them more—and to choose challenging texts, far above their reading level. Quora. Uk.businessinsider. They say selling is more art than science.


And according to marketing-software maker HubSpot, there are certain words salespeople should use to boost their chances of closing more deals. Using the 13 words below can help you significantly sell more and make a boatload of money. Read the full HubSpot slide deck here >> HubSpot, a marketing-software company, recently published a slide deck titled "13 words that can transform you into a super seller. " Sarah Graley. OP DELIVERS! 365 Days of Movie Quotes COMPLETE. Wish I had seen this years ago.

Mind Twisting Movies! The Horrors of War Zones Across the World. Historic Photos part 2   Why you should watch Kimi no Na wa. ONE! TWO! three..? Disturbing Movies - some recommendations. In Defense Of A Boring, Comfortable Life. Quora. How Far You Can Drive Your Car on Empty, In One Chart. Exclusive: How Edward Snowden Escaped. HONG KONG — The tall, lanky American dressed in all black looked familiar.

Exclusive: How Edward Snowden Escaped

But Ajith, a 44-year-old Sri Lankan refugee seeking asylum in Hong Kong figured the nervous-looking man with the red-rimmed eyes fidgeting in the darkness outside the United Nations building in the Tsim Sha Tsui district of Kowloon was a U.S. army dodger. Summoned by his immigration lawyer in the late evening of June 10, 2013, Ajith (last names of the refugees in this story have been withheld), a former soldier in the Sri Lankan military, was told the unidentified man was “famous” and needed “protection.”

Exclusive: How Edward Snowden Escaped. Uk.businessinsider. The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships so we may get a share of the revenue from your purchase. Shutterstock We already know what a useful skill coding is. It can make you a more valuable employee and raise your worth on the market — by some measures, having a coding language listed on your resume can mean over $80,000 of potential salary value.

A Brief History of South London. South London has arrived at an interesting place in its timeline. Future - The tragic tale of Saddam Hussein's 'supergun' On permanent display in the Royal Armouries’ collection at Fort Nelson, Hampshire are two huge, steel pipes bolted together and projecting high into the air. They’re enormous, big enough for someone to crawl through.

Affordable Electronics Board Showdown: Raspberry Pi Zero vs. C.H.I.P. Uk.businessinsider. Joe Raedle/Getty Images To maintain order in the classroom — and to keep their jobs — there are some things teachers just can't tell their students, even if they want to. But some of these things, while perhaps controversial, could end up being a service to young people, if only someone would just tell them. So we asked teachers everywhere to weigh in on the one thing they'd love to tell their students but can't, and more than 50 teachers shared their insights. We've (anonymously) included some of the most constructive thoughts here: Really, all this stuff you learn is probably not that important. Uk.businessinsider. O Friday, Ipublished an article about the gender divide in Apple's last two iPhone events. Uk.businessinsider. Quora. Common Rookie Plumbing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them. The Fight Over the Dakota Access Pipeline Could Be the Next Keystone. Quora. What happens when an Architectural Designer likes to Bake?

Tape on a Ceiling Fan. Better safe than sorry. The simplicity of this design. Google to acquire API management provider Apigee for $625 million. Google has announced plans to acquire Apigee, a company that offers software for predictive analytics and management of application programming interfaces (APIs). Google will pay $17.40 per share in cash to acquire the company, for a total value of around $625 million. “APIs — the mechanism developers use to interface and integrate with outside apps and services — are vital for how business gets done today in the fast-growing digital and mobile marketplace,” said Google SVP Diane Greene, in a blog post. “The addition of Apigee’s API solutions to Google cloud will accelerate our customers’ move to supporting their businesses with high quality digital interactions.

Hampstead Heath, midnight, a bottle of wine – is this a midlife crisis? The Facts and Falsehoods of the Clinton Foundation. Edible plants! Zombie apocalypse?  Message! Stories of a Psychotic Person. Quora. What Homer Simpson's 100+ jobs tell us about America's middle class. Pretty interesting. . Stuff. 100 best photographs ever taken without photoshop. Watch out for those nasty stings and bites. Movies to fuck you up! (some of them are very depressing) Enjoy The Show! Some of the best movies I've seen (that I assume you haven't) Technology is taking jobs away from men—and reviving a pre-industrial version of masculinity — Quartz. The Next Industrial Revolution Could Put Millions Out of Work. North Korea Owes Sweden €300m for 1,000 Volvos It Stole 40 Years Ago - And Is Still Using. North Korea’s foremost trade debt to the western world is bizarre even by North Korean standards.

The Best Times to Fly If You're Hoping for an Upgrade to First Class. How much protein do you actually need? — Quartz. Crime rates have been dropping steadily for 20 years in most American cities. Makepass. The Safest Way to Speed Downhill On Your Bike. Human and Artificial Intelligence May Be Equally Impossible to Understand. Uk.businessinsider. What Americans Keep Ignoring About Finland's School Success. Quora. How to find Wi-Fi password of all networks. ELI5 - Why Are Humans' Predominately Right Handed (Or even left handed, have a dominant handed usually?) Wouldn't it Be Advantageous to Be Ambidextrous? : explainlikeimfive. Don't Believe the New Myths About America's White Working Class. Building a new Tor that can resist next-generation state surveillance. How to be a manly outdoorsy man! Excel tricks to impress your boss with. Awesome geometry.

Teach yourself code. The Anthropocene epoch: scientists declare dawn of human-influenced age. Ultra-rich man’s letter: “To My Fellow Filthy Rich Americans: The Pitchforks Are Coming” – Anonymous. Ten Useful Strategies for Learning Financial Self-Control. Lost festival: blacked-out buses, secret locations and absolutely no phones. Uk.businessinsider. Just  catching some blueberries. The Next President's Inbox: Challenges From Russia, China And Everywhere. ITALY REACHES BREAKING POINT: Rome sending migrants BACK to Sudan on private jets. The Neuroscience Behind Bad Decisions.

Sweden sees record numbers of asylum seekers withdraw applications and leave. Quora.