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Why a Teacher Cannot have a Normal Life...The Educator’s Room. “Oh you are a teacher?

Why a Teacher Cannot have a Normal Life...The Educator’s Room

It must be so nice to have two months off. I just have a normal job with only two weeks’ vacation.” We have all heard it. And to be honest, we are sick of it. Sure, we get summers “off.” Elèves difficiles ? Osez les ruses de l'intelligence. Learning Resources. Pmwiki.php?n=Grp. 10 top writing tips and the psychology behind them - without bullshit. Ctbaker in the acres: 14 Lovely Days: Day 2. Well, we've been living in the land of the crud all week and the last 2 days I've had all three home sick.

ctbaker in the acres: 14 Lovely Days: Day 2

Cabin fever is setting in! I tried really hard to keep the peace today. I let the boys pick their "territory". Sam chose my bedroom and Fulton chose the den. Ollie just roamed and took turns visiting his brothers in their territories. Any who... on to Day 2. My random act for the day originally involved making a special snack together, but I didn't think sharing the germs any further was a very good idea. Origami Monster Bookmarks!

But when I got to the site from where it was originally pinned, I realized my Japanese was a little rusty. I tried to photograph step-by-step so you could follow along... Supplies: Card stock or construction paper in various colors Scissors Hole punch for embellishments Glue We started with a 6x6 square Fold into a triangle Fold the left corner to the center point Fold the right corner to the center point Apply glue and press inside Apply glue and press in place. English Books Daily. #textbooks@create_your_english#communicative_course@create_your_english#professional_english@create_your_englishArmer Tamzen.

English Books Daily

Cambridge English for Scientists. (SB + TB + Audio)Cambridge English for Scientists develops the communication skills and specialist English language knowledge of science students and professionals, enabling them to communicate more confidently and effectively in their work or study environment.Expand text… Uniquely, this course focuses on both spoken and written communication, with each of the ten units relating to a case study based on real, published research. Projet Crocodiles. Pour mes élèves de Seine Saint-Denis. Lorsque j’ai appris l’attaque de Charlie Hebdo, je rentrais de l’école.

Pour mes élèves de Seine Saint-Denis

Un message, puis deux, sur mon téléphone. Puis je suis restée bloquée sur les chaînes d’information pendant un long moment sans pouvoir rien faire d’autre. Je me suis mise au travail, car c’était un mercredi après-midi et que j’avais des copies à corriger. Des copies de brevet blanc, un sujet d’argumentation : « Pensez-vous que tous les élèves de France ont les mêmes chances de réussir à l’école ? ». Dans la salle des professeurs, l’une de mes collègues musulmanes réprime un sanglot en nous disant que sa religion est encore salie. Je veux vous parler de ce qui s’est passé hier. Alors ils m’ont dit ce qu’ils pensaient. Je leur ai expliqué. Et moi non plus, enseignante, je ne suis pas idiote. Il me semble de mon devoir, aujourd’hui, samedi 10 janvier 2015, de constater que nous avons face à nous une poignée de ces enfants. Andersen et les contes. 10 Round Robin Alternatives. I am eleven years old sitting in my sixth grade classroom.

10 Round Robin Alternatives

We are reading out of a textbook, I’m pretty sure it was a social studies book. My teacher chose to have our class read round robin. I was a quiet student, afraid to embarrass myself, let someone down, or fail. When we had to round robin read, I panicked. No one else in the room knew I was panicking, but I was quickly coming up with a solution. Wow!!!! To this day, when I hear the term round robin reading, I cringe and think about my own experiences. Tools for Close Reading. Looking for a versatile tool for close reading?

Tools for Close Reading

Try a page protector. Keep reading because it’s more than you think! Using a page protector for a printable page is pretty easy to figure out. Give students a printable passage, place in a page protector, and you have an instant reusable surface for students to use during close reading. What about the textbook? Begin with the standard page protector. Cut the side of the page protector.

Next, place tape on the top of the page protector. The wanna be perfectionist in me taped the bottom of the page protector also, just so it would match. By cutting the side of the page protector and taping the top, students are able to slide the page protector over a textbook page and write on it. That’s it! If you enjoyed this bright idea, please consider joining us on Blog Lovin’, Facebook, or Pinterest for more great ideas.

You may also like these Bright Ideas Posts. Chapter 1 : A spooky contest - Mrs Recht's Virtual Classroom. Oxford Bookworms Library. How can students improve their English without extra class time?

Oxford Bookworms Library

By reading a lot, at a comfortable level, with titles that really interest them. When reading for pleasure, you should always read at a language level that is appropriate for you. Because of this, Oxford Bookworms are written to a carefully designed language syllabus. And this attention to detail shows - Oxford Bookworms are well known for their extremely reliable grading, which allows you to find the right book, no matter what your level.