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Sweet Search. Americans at War. World War II Veterans with Stories: Experiencing War: Veterans History Project (Library of Congress. World War II - Battles, Facts, Videos & Pictures - World War II. World War II History - World War II. In North Africa, British and American forces had defeated the Italians and Germans by 1943.

World War II History - World War II

An Allied invasion of Sicily and Italy followed, and Mussolini’s government fell in July 1943, though Allied fighting against the Germans in Italy would continue until 1945. World War II in Europe. The Holocaust took place in the broader context of World War II.

World War II in Europe

Still reeling from Germany's defeat in World War I, Hitler's government envisioned a vast, new empire of "living space" (Lebensraum) in eastern Europe. The realization of German dominance in Europe, its leaders calculated, would require war. 1939After securing the neutrality of the Soviet Union (through the August 1939 German-Soviet Pact of nonaggression), Germany started World War II by invading Poland on September 1, 1939. Britain and France responded by declaring war on Germany on September 3. Within a month, Poland was defeated by a combination of German and Soviet forces and was partitioned between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. 1940The relative lull in fighting which followed the defeat of Poland ended on April 9, 1940, when German forces invaded Norway and Denmark.

With German encouragement, the Soviet Union occupied the Baltic states in June 1940 and formally annexed them in August 1940. Further Reading. The U. S. Coast Guard at War: World War II. Treasury Department memos regarding the Coast Guard, transfer to the Navy, duties and responsibilities on the eve of the U.S. entrance into hostilities during World War II.

The U. S. Coast Guard at War: World War II

Captains of the Port & Port Security: A Photo Gallery "Coast Guard" Captain of the Port and Harbor Patrol "Activities on City Island, New York, during World War II," by CDR Timothy Dring, USNR (Ret.) Captain Warren Mitchell. An oral history interview with Captain Mitchell, who graduated from OCS in 1942 and serviced at COTP Astoria where he boarded incoming Soviet freighters that supplied the Soviet Army in its war with Nazi Germany. He then went to flight school and served at air stations Elizabeth City and St. "The El Estero Fire and How the US Coast Guard Helped Save New York Harbor"; an article on the 1943 disaster in New York harbor that could have destroyed much of the city, by William H. Motor Machinist's Mate 2/c Marion "Captain Nick" Nichols. Beach Patrol Beach Patrol and Corsair Fleet Coast Guard Academy.

Calisphere - 1939–1945: World War II. Browse A-Z Explore primary source sets about the World War II era: Pearl HarborRichmond ShipyardsSteinbeck, JohnTruman, Harry World War IIZoot Suit Riots Japanese-American Internment Explore photographs, documents, works of art, and other primary source sets at the Japanese American Relocation Digital Archives.

Calisphere - 1939–1945: World War II

World War 2 for Kids - History Games and Videos. World War 2 for Kids World War II was the deadliest global military conflict in the history of mankind.

World War 2 for Kids - History Games and Videos

Large number of nations across the world were involved in the war and split along two opposing military alliances - the Allies (Britain, U.S and Soviet Union as the major powers) and the Axis (Germany, Italy and Japan as the major powers). The war started in Sept 1939 with German invasion of Poland. During the course of the war, more than 72 million people, largely civilians were killed. The war saw the use of new technologies such as atomic bombs, guided missiles and rockets. Play Quiz Games : NeoK12 is iPad & Android tablet ready. History Games, Diagrams & Activities : Pictures & School Presentations : Military Resources: World War II. NARA Resources Any Bonds Today: Selling Support for World War II Lesson plan from the National Archives at New York City about the selling of war bonds during World War II.

Military Resources: World War II

Archives Surviving from World War II An excerpt copied with permission of the author, Gerhard Weinberg, from his book A World at Arms: A Global History of World War II. "Buddies: Soldiers and Animals in World War II" Lisa B. Auel wrote this Prologue article. Continuing the Fight: Harry S. Day of Infamy Speech Audio of President Franklin D. World War II. World War II : Documents. World War II : Documents Agreement Between the Governments of the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and the Provisional Government of the French Republic on Certain Additional Requirements to be Imposed on Germany; September 20, 1945 Agreement Between the United Kingdom and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics : July 12, 1941 Agreement for the Provisional Administration of Venezia Giulia; June 9, 1945 Agreement Relating to Prisoners of War and Civilians Liberated by Forces Operating Under Soviet Command and Forces Operating Under United States of America Command; February 11, 1945 Allied Control Commission in Hungary; January 20, 1945 Anglo-American Mutual Aid Agreement : February 28, 1942 Armistice Agreement with Bulgaria; October 28, 1944 Armistice Agreement with Hungary; January 20, 1945 Armistice Agreement with Italy; September 1943 Armistice Agreement with Rumania; September 12, 1944 Atlantic Charter.

World War II : Documents

The Perilous Fight: America's World War II in Color. World War II. Later this month, Barack Obama will become the first U.S. president to visit Hiroshima, 71 years after the United States dropped the first atomic weapon used in warfare on the city in 1945.

World War II

The photographer Jim Dyson traveled to locations across London to make comparisons between scenes from the Blitz and present-day on the 75th anniversary of “The Longest Night.” While researching World War II images at the U.S. National Archives, I came across several photos I had not seen before, of Japanese dummy aircrafts made of bamboo and wood planking. On July 16, 1945, the United States Army detonated the world’s first nuclear weapon in New Mexico’s Jornada del Muerto desert. World War II Timeline - Remembering Pearl Harbor @ World War II Remembered Home. Sign in -or- Register PRIVACY POLICY · Terms of Use · TM ® & © 2016 Scholastic Inc.

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