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Colorful Flower Mandalas. Mandala Pattern Finished Size: 9 inches (23 cm) Crochet Hook: G (4mm) Yarn: Pink flower: Drops Paris yarn #14 Strong yellow, #33 Medium Pink, #06 Shocking Pink, #11 Opal green and Acaucania Ulmo Solid #767 Blue flower: Acaucania Ulmo Solid #767 and Drops Paris yarn # 11 Opal Green, #06 shocking pink, #02 light turquoise, and #14 strong yellow Purple Flower: Drops Paris yarn #11 Opal Green, #14 strong yellow, #45 dusty orange, #8 dark purple, and #31 medium purple Stitches used: slip stitch (ss), single crochet (sc), half Double Crochet (hdc), double crochet (dc) treble or triple crochet (tr) Special Stitches: Back Post Double Crochet (BPdc)-Yo, insert hook from back to front to back around the next double crochet, (Yo, draw through two loops on hook) Twice, Puff stitch- *yo, insert hook into stitch indicated and pull up a loop,* repeat from * to* two more times, yo and pull through all 7 loops on the hook, ch1 to close the stitch Notes about pattern: U.S.

Colorful Flower Mandalas

Colorful Flower Mandalas. Beckycafe crochet. I recently saw a similar mandala from a German crochet artist and created this tutorial.

beckycafe crochet

I am crazy about these colors, and am so pleased at how it turned out. I've just painted a 12 x 12 inch canvas to mount the mandala on so that it can be a piece of crochet wall art! This is my first attempt at a tutorial, so please feel free to comment or question if something doesn't make sense. I'm using US terms. Here goes . . . Create a magic ring, there are lots of great tutorials on the web so I didn't take photos - just google. Sophie's Garden Photo Tutorial.

I know there are a few of you who have been patiently (and impatiently) waiting for the pattern for Sophie’s Garden, so I am excited and relieved to finally share it with you.

Sophie's Garden Photo Tutorial

The example above was made using 2 strands of Stylecraft Special Dk and a 5.5 mm hook. You can now find a list of the colours I used HERE. Although this is not officially part of the Block a Week CAL 2014, I know there are a few ladies who are wanting to incorporate this square into their blankets. If you wish to do so, remember to use the same hook and yarn as for the rest of your squares and it will come out the same size as 4 of the other squares. Have fun! ©Dedri Uys 2014. Special design credit to Chris Simon for the use of a modified version of her Lace Petals flower. Resources Translations Difficulty Intermediate Gauge Using worsted weight yarn and dc stitches: 8 rows and 18 st’s per 4” (10 cm) square. Granny Mini Mandala. Sunny Flower Mini Mandala. Little Spring Mandala pattern by Barbara Smith. Dahlia Mandala: Pattern. Pattern: Rosetta. General information Skill level Beginner Abbreviations Ch: Chain Sl st: slip stitch Sc: single crochet Dc: double crochet Sk: skip Sp: space Special stitches Ssc: standing single crochet, make a slipknot on your hook, insert hook in space, make a normal sc (yoh, pull through (two loops on hook), yoh, pull through both loops).

Pattern: Rosetta

Notes You can make this circle as big as you want. It isn’t described in the pattern but I joined a new colour for every round and fastened off after finishing the round. Starting a single crochet round, attach yarn in a ch1 space. Starting a double crochet round, attach yarn in a ch2 or ch3 space. Finished measurement 32 cm or 12.5 inches across Materials Phildar Coton no. 3 Crochet hook 3.00 mm Pattern Circle The work is never turned at the end of a round. Ch 3, sl st to close ring. Round 1: Ch3, dc in circle, ch1, *dc 2 times in circle, ch1*, repeat between ** four more times, sl st to 3rd ch of ch3. Free pattern: spoke mandala - a creative being. Hurray, free pattern day!

free pattern: spoke mandala - a creative being

:) So many of you were interested in the pattern for this mandala, that I decided to write it down for you all. The people have spoken! This pattern uses US terms and abbreviations. For a conversion chart to UK terms, look here. Little Spring Mandala. Pattern: Made in K-Town by Barbara Please respect my rights as designer: do not sell, share, translate, or publish any parts of my patterns (including pictures) online or elsewhere without my permission.

Little Spring Mandala

Do not claim this pattern as your own. Feel free to sell the finished items you’ve made from my pattern! If you do, a link-back to my blog would be great. Thank you! Material: As usual, I used small amounts of Catania by Schachenmayer and a 2.5mm hook. Starflower Mandala: Pattern. Fair Isle Mandala Pattern and pictures. As promised the Mandala Pattern Before I start, there is a couple of things you need to know when working POST STITCH in the round, SOME TIMES I have used the post stitch as an increase stitch but mostly it is a replacement stitch. 4mm hook and Cotton DK.

Fair Isle Mandala Pattern and pictures

USA terms. The pattern is quite long and detailed, so I am splitting it into three posts today and tomorrow for the front and the back on Monday. Shout if you need any help and let me know if I written something that doesn't make sense .