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Sophie's Garden Photo Tutorial

Sophie's Garden Photo Tutorial
I know there are a few of you who have been patiently (and impatiently) waiting for the pattern for Sophie’s Garden, so I am excited and relieved to finally share it with you. The example above was made using 2 strands of Stylecraft Special Dk and a 5.5 mm hook. You can now find a list of the colours I used HERE. Although this is not officially part of the Block a Week CAL 2014, I know there are a few ladies who are wanting to incorporate this square into their blankets. Have fun! ©Dedri Uys 2014. Special design credit to Chris Simon for the use of a modified version of her Lace Petals flower. Resources Translations Difficulty Intermediate Gauge Using worsted weight yarn and dc stitches: 8 rows and 18 st’s per 4” (10 cm) square. Size 19” (48 cm) in diameter. Materials 4 mm crochet hook (US G/6 UK 8)Worsted weight yarn or double knit yarn (light worsted weight) – approx. 450 meters/500 yardsYarn Needle Different sizes Instructions Update 2/3/15: Sophie’s Garden is now growing into Sophie’s Universe. Related:  Crochet Mandalas, Blocks, Motifslalelaubach

Colorful Flower Mandalas Mandala Pattern Finished Size: 9 inches (23 cm) Crochet Hook: G (4mm) Yarn: Pink flower: Drops Paris yarn #14 Strong yellow, #33 Medium Pink, #06 Shocking Pink, #11 Opal green and Acaucania Ulmo Solid #767 Blue flower: Acaucania Ulmo Solid #767 and Drops Paris yarn # 11 Opal Green, #06 shocking pink, #02 light turquoise, and #14 strong yellow Purple Flower: Drops Paris yarn #11 Opal Green, #14 strong yellow, #45 dusty orange, #8 dark purple, and #31 medium purple Stitches used: slip stitch (ss), single crochet (sc), half Double Crochet (hdc), double crochet (dc) treble or triple crochet (tr) Special Stitches: Back Post Double Crochet (BPdc)-Yo, insert hook from back to front to back around the next double crochet, (Yo, draw through two loops on hook) Twice, Puff stitch- *yo, insert hook into stitch indicated and pull up a loop,* repeat from * to* two more times, yo and pull through all 7 loops on the hook, ch1 to close the stitch Notes about pattern: U.S. Start with a magic circle

Mahala Mandala crochet square | Y u l i Hello! Its me again with free pattern / photo tutorial. This time I would like to share with you crochet Mandala that I made last summer but it was put away in one of my many baskets and forgotten((((( . Because I can be very disorganized… not sure if its part of being creative person or is it just one of my character minuses or pluses (depending how you relate to chaos)))) So few months ago while browsing through my stash…ta da I found it!!! I quickly pulled out Vinnis cottons, made few different color combinations… the flower shape of this motif can create awesome summer shawl, can be used as applique or table runner/coasters… and many other pretty things! Then I decided that it will look great as a square motif, so I re designed it and now it can be used in many different strait and square ways – blankets, cushion, vests, tops, bags… you know what I mean;) So here it is Mahala Mandala! ~ Mahala Mandala crochet square ~ You will need ~ 4 mm hook; ~ tapestry needle ~ scissor Abbreviation Note:

How to Soften Red Heart Super Saver Yarn *Please note!* if you are crocheting/knitting for hospitals or preemie babies this may not be a good method. They prefer no product has been used on yarn of donated hospital items. This week I crocheted a Nyan Cat themed lovey for my impending baby. I worked up the blanket part and it is bad - it would be scratchy and coarse for a baby at least. After a day or so of research and experimentation the blanket actually came out super soft :) It also had wonderful drape which I did not expect. Take note that I had already finished the blanket part when I started this process, I don't know if this would work on the yarn itself before it's been worked up. Step 1: Rinse in cold water Step 2: Shampoo thoroughly, rinse twice Step 3: Working in sections, saturate entire piece with hair conditioner Step 4: Let sit in cool water for over an hour Step 5: Rinse thoroughly Step 6: Run it through the lightest wash cycle your washer machine can accomplish. Step 7: Put it in the dryer. That's it, you're done!

library-of-congress-needs-your-help-decoding If you’re a history buff looking for a productive way to spend your free time, the Library of Congress has a volunteer opportunity for you. Historical figures including Civil Rights activist Rosa Parks, American Red Cross founder Clara Barton, leaders of the women’s suffrage movement and even Abraham Lincoln left behind a legacy of handwritten correspondence that chronicled their journeys. The problem is that the faded documents, some written in heavily slanted cursive, are difficult for computers to decode, Mental Floss reported. That’s where human eyes come in. By the People is an online transcription platform where anyone with an internet connection can transcribe documents from the Library of Congress’ digitized collections. The Library’s goal is to have volunteers transcribe all of the handwritten material so the items can be put into an online database and are easy for people to search for using key words. Anne Stych is a freelance writer in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Pattern: Rosetta General information Skill level Beginner Abbreviations Ch: Chain Sl st: slip stitch Sc: single crochet Dc: double crochet Sk: skip Sp: space Special stitches Ssc: standing single crochet, make a slipknot on your hook, insert hook in space, make a normal sc (yoh, pull through (two loops on hook), yoh, pull through both loops). Notes You can make this circle as big as you want. It isn’t described in the pattern but I joined a new colour for every round and fastened off after finishing the round. Starting a single crochet round, attach yarn in a ch1 space. Starting a double crochet round, attach yarn in a ch2 or ch3 space. Finished measurement 32 cm or 12.5 inches across Materials Phildar Coton no. 3 Crochet hook 3.00 mm Pattern Circle The work is never turned at the end of a round. Ch 3, sl st to close ring. Round 1: Ch3, dc in circle, ch1, *dc 2 times in circle, ch1*, repeat between ** four more times, sl st to 3rd ch of ch3. Round 2: SSc, ch2, sc in first ch sp, (sc, ch2, sc) in each ch sp, sl st to first sc.

Multi-stitch Stripe Blanket A colorful multi-stitch, multi-stripe blanket. Finished size: 52 1⁄2 inches (133 cm) by 64 inches (162 cm) Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK. Colors: Aspen, Aster, Bluebell, Clematis, Cloud Blue, Fondant, Lavender, Lipstick, Magenta, Meadow, Pomegranate, Sherbet, Shrimp, Spring Green, Sunshine, Turquoise, and Wisteria. Hook Size: G-6 (4mm) and a 7 (4.5 mm) the 7 or 4.5mm hook is only used for the dfpdc rows 29, 31, 37, and 39 and so forth Notes about pattern: This pattern is written in U.S. terms, so I have included a conversion chart:U.S.U.K. ch ch sc dc hdc htr dc tr tr dtr skip miss Blanket is done in multiples of 24, as to accommodate the stitch patterns that are done in multiples of 2,4,6, and 8. Each group of stitches is done in sets so it makes it easier to end the blanket. Instructions for reverse sc: With the right side of the project facing you, join yarn with a sc. *Make as many multi-stitch striped blankets as you like, but do not reproduce or sell this pattern.

Color Theory 101: Selecting Yarns That Go Together A lot of patterns going around at the moment feature stripes: two or three colors that go together perfectly. You could follow the colors suggested in the pattern sample… but you want to try something a little different. But how in the world do you pick a colors that go together? Color theory. That’s how! Most yarn lines contain a wide range of of colors. Whoa! But don’t fret. It’s not all of the yarns, of course! Most yarn companies design their colors of yarn with compatibility in mind. Fortunately, there’s a name for the art of picking colors that go together: color theory. There are three color schemes that, if followed, will create knock-your-socks-off color combos: analogous, complementary and split complementary. Analogous Analogous colors are the ones that are next to each other on the color wheel: This scheme can work with any number of colors… pick two that are next to each other, three or four! Complementary I love using complementary colors. Split Complementary Related

Dear California High School Student, go to community college! free pattern: spoke mandala - a creative being Hurray, free pattern day! :) So many of you were interested in the pattern for this mandala, that I decided to write it down for you all. The people have spoken! This pattern uses US terms and abbreviations. What do you need: yarn (I used Drops Paris cotton yarn by Garnstudio)a matching crochet hook (I used a 4mm Clover hook)a Tunisian crochet hook in the same size (so for me a 4mm Tunisian hook)a darning needle to sew in the endsa pair of scissors If you don’t have a Tunisian hook, you could also use a regular steel hook. Here we go! 1. Chain 2, and make 11 dc’s in the ring. Cut the yarn and pull through the loop on your hook, and pull the ring closed to make a circle. Thread the yarn end through the needle and insert in the first dc you made, through both loops, skipping the ch2. Pull the needle through and now insert it in the back loop of the last stitch you made. 2. Crochet 2 dc’s in every stitch, back loops only! Good job! 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Yarn over and pull through the loop. 9. 10.

Intro and a Free Pattern This blog has been in the ponderings for a while. Yes, I made that up. It's my blog. :) I'm excited to start documenting the creative things inspiring me, and hopefully you'll catch some inspiration too. So to get on with it. Rainbows and Hearts Blanket (Updated 9/21/2013 This pattern has now been completely redone. I used Red Heart Super Saver yarn but any yarn would work. When changing colors: --Changing color after a sc: Insert hook into stitch below, grab yarn with your hook and pull through the stitch, grab the new color yarn with your hook and pull through the 2 loops on your hook to finish the sc. Chain a multiple of 12, plus 2 more (I chained 146 for a blanket 46 inches wide.) To Make the Hearts: You continue the same stitch pattern as above when working the hearts. To hide color change strings: I cut my light pink strings for each heart but I just stitch over the dark pink ones to hide them... With all my patterns feel free to use for personal use, gifts, and charity.

Round pineapple tablecloth crochet pattern. Crochet Patterns - Round Pineapple Tablecloth Materials: J. & P. Coats "Knit-Cro-Sheen" 20 balls of white, ecru, or 26 balls of any color. Steel Crochet Hook No. 3. Abbreviations: ch (chain) sl st (slip stitch) tr (triple) sp (space) sc (single crochet) lp (loop) dc (double crochet) rnd (round) dtr (double triple). Pattern: Ch 15, join with sl st to form a ring. 1st rnd: Ch 4, 43 tr in ring, sl st in top of ch 4. 2nd rnd: Ch 5, make tr in each tr making ch 1 between tr's. 3rd rnd: Ch 6, make tr in each tr making ch 2 between tr's. 4th rnd: Sl st in next ch, sc in sp, ch 4, sc in next sp. 5th, 6th and 7th rnds: Ch 4. sc in next loop and continue making ch 4 loops around, ending with ch 1, dc in dc below. 8th rnd: Sl st in loop, ch 4, tr in same loop, * ch 3, 2 tr in next loop. 9th rnd: Sl st in next tr and in next sp, ch 3, in same sp make dc, ch 2 and 2 dc (shell made); in each sp around make a shell of 2 dc, ch 2 and 2 dc. Work 2 rnds all around tablecloth as follows: Back

Leasowes View: Flower Power A simple flower crochet pattern makes a cute hair accessory Chain 4 then sl st to form a ring Chain 3 then do 11dc into ring Sl st into top of chain 3 **(1 ch, 1 hdc, 2 dc, 1 hdc, 1 ch) in to the same stitch as the sl st Miss the next dc and then sl st into the next dc Repeat from ** 5 more times, finishing off with the last sl st into original sl st Using different yarns and hooks for different size flowers Simple, pretty and sometimes silly And a flower garland using gorgeous soft colourful wool ****Linking up at these sites

Regular Crochet Linen Stitch Square ⋆ Look At What I Made Last week I shared the Linen Stitch Manghan pattern with you. It was made using two-colour linen stitch squares, the instructions for which were specifically adapted to eliminate all but 4 tails of yarn. This week I am going to share the pattern for the regular linen stitch square with you. Yes, I am aware of the fact that I have still used only 2 colours per square, but with these instructions you can change colours as little or as often as you like, using as many colours as your heart desires! The instructions below are for a 15 cm (5″) square, but you can continue to add rounds to create a giant linen stitch square, making this pattern perfect for a continuous stash-busting blanket. Size 15 cm (6″) blocked. Gauge 9 Linen Stitches and 14 rows per 10 cm (4″) square. Materials Abbreviations Ch – ChainSc – Single crochetSt/st’s – Stitch/stitches* and () – Repeat instructions between asterisks and parentheses the amount of times specified Special Stitches Starting Corner Corner Instructions Round 1