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Silk – Interactive Generative Art. 21 Simple Ways To Swear Like Malcolm Tucker. The Savage Wit Of Mark E Smith - The Big Picture. Since The Fall swaggered onto the scene back in 1979, frontman and only consistent member Mark E Smith has carved himself a reputation as punk's snarling poet laureate.

The Savage Wit Of Mark E Smith - The Big Picture

While his lyrics are evidence enough of his gift for using and abusing the English language, his interviews never fail to be anything less than a masterclass in agressive, righteous and unapologetic vitriol. Here we present some of his choicest turns of phrase: Photo: PA Photo: Getty Images Photo: Danny North/NME Photo: Tom Martin/NME. Top 10 Must Have iPad Apps for Logo Designers. Articles, Resources November 9, 2012 Logo design is not that easy as it seems and the designers need to do a fantastic job in finding a way to convey the essence effectively with a few lines.

Top 10 Must Have iPad Apps for Logo Designers

The job is tough undoubtedly and to make the job easier a bit various logo design apps have come up to the world of logo designers to help them work whenever and wherever they want in a more effective manner. iPad and tablet devices are getting wide popularity among the professionals not only for accomplishing simple tasks but also for bigger tasks and more. In fact, in the age of technology revolution iPad apps have become a part of the job of logo designers who are creating excellent animated logo designs using the iPad apps. These apps are indeed playing a great role in taking the creativity of the logo designers to another dimension. The iPad apps are helping the logo designers to design anywhere and anytime and these are not complex either. Wind Map. An invisible, ancient source of energy surrounds us—energy that powered the first explorations of the world, and that may be a key to the future.

Wind Map

This map shows you the delicate tracery of wind flowing over the US. The wind map is a personal art project, not associated with any company. Cult Movies - Explore. Super Punch. ‘I am desperate to have some real fun again’: Peter Sellers’ final telegram to Spike Milligan. ‘I am desperate to have some real fun again’: Peter Sellers’ final telegram to Spike Milligan Peter Sellers didn’t know he was dying, he believed he was going to live until he was seventy-five.

‘I am desperate to have some real fun again’: Peter Sellers’ final telegram to Spike Milligan

That’s what his spirit guide, the ghost of Victorian Music Hall performer, Dan Leno had told him. Sellers was terribly superstitious, his film career had often turned on the say-so of his clairvoyant, Maurice Woodruff. By the early 1970s, Sellers believed he was similarly able to communicate with the spirit world. He also recounted to his friends how he had been various famous people in various past lives. The Course of Empire. The Course of Empire is a five-part series of paintings created by Thomas Cole in the years 1833–36.

The Course of Empire

It is notable in part for reflecting popular American sentiments of the times, when many saw pastoralism as the ideal phase of human civilization, fearing that empire would lead to gluttony and inevitable decay. The theme of cycles is also one that Cole returned to frequently, such as in his The Voyage of Life series. Brilliant Satirical Art by Pawel Kuczynski. Watch ‘The Hobbit’ (1977) in its entirety. Re: LSD - A Documentary Report (1966) by request. DOCUMERICA: Images of America in Crisis in the 1970s - Alan Taylor - In Focus. As the 1960s came to an end, the rapid development of the American postwar decades began to take a noticeable toll on the environment, and the public called for action.

DOCUMERICA: Images of America in Crisis in the 1970s - Alan Taylor - In Focus

In November 1971, the newly created Environmental Protection Agency announced a massive photo documentary project, called DOCUMERICA, to record the adverse effects of modern life on the environment. More than 100 photographers were hired not only to document specific issues, but to capture images showing how we interacted with the environment. By 1974, more than 80,000 photographs had been produced. The National Archives recently made 15,000 of these images available, and I've spent much of the past week combing through those to bring you these 46 glimpses of America in the early 1970s, with an eye toward our then-ailing environment. [46 photos] Use j/k keys or ←/→ to navigate Choose: Not Much Has Changed Since 1935. Destnio: A Salvador Dalí + Walt Disney Collaboration Circa 1945. By Maria Popova ‘A magical display of the problem of life in the labyrinth of time.’

Destnio: A Salvador Dalí + Walt Disney Collaboration Circa 1945

After last week’s discovery of Salvador Dalí’s little-known 1969 Alice in Wonderland illustrations, I followed the rabbit hole to another confluence of creative culture titans. In 1945, Dalí and Walt Disney embarked upon a formidable collaboration — to create a six-minute sequence combining animation with live dancers, in the process inventing a new animation technique inspired by Freud’s work of Freud on the unconscious mind and the hidden images with double meaning.

The film, titled Destino, tells the tragic love story of Chronos, the personification of time, who falls in love with a mortal woman as the two float across the surrealist landscapes of Dalí’s paintings. The poetic, wordless animation features a score by Mexican composer Armando Dominguez performed by Dora Luz. A 3D Tour of Picasso’s Guernica. Salvador Dalí Illustrates Alice in Wonderland, 1969. By Maria Popova UPDATE: The best illustrations from 150 years of Alice in Wonderland Last week, we marveled at Leonard Weisgard’s stunning illustrations for the first color edition of Alice in Wonderland, circa 1949.

Salvador Dalí Illustrates Alice in Wonderland, 1969

But it turns out they might not be the most culturally intriguing. As reader Varvn Aryacetas points out on Twitter, exactly two decades later a collaboration of epic proportion took place as the Lewis Carroll classic was illustrated by none other than Salvador Dalí. 101 Zen Stories. FRONT PAGE - less than five hundred.

The Nietzsche Family Circus. Editors' Choice. Khrzhanovsky’s ‘Glass Harmonica’: Subversive surrealist late-‘60s Russian animation. RICHARD LONG OFFICIAL WEB SITE. 50 Classic Russian Films (Including Tarkovsky’s Finest) Now Online. Paul Octavious - Projects. Pictorical, the world best stories illustrated. How to select and colour scanned linework in Photoshop. Boris_Indrikov_Gallery. World's Biggest PAC-MAN. Street Philosophy by Matt Stuart (40 pics. VVORK. 50 Unexplainable Black & White Photos: Pics, Videos, Links, News. Motivator: Create your own motivational posters!

First time here?

Motivator: Create your own motivational posters!

Welcome! We have a lot of fun stuff to play with like ourMotivational Poster maker, Magazine Cover maker, Pop Art poster, and much more! Play as much as you like—everything is free. We also sell awesome custom-printed products. Create, share, and buy your own customized motivational posters. My credo « Beautiful Desolation. Stewart Lee's insider's take on William and Kate. The selection of Kate Middleton, a lowly commoner drawn from the very dregs of society, as Prince William's bride has been the subject of great speculation, much of it thinly veiled snobbery.

Stewart Lee's insider's take on William and Kate

But Britain is broken. Social mobility is at a historic low, state education and public healthcare are in crisis, and our own prime minister has blamed the truculent immigrant and his concealed wife for our lack of national cohesion. Once upon a time, royal marriages were political acts that forged links between different nations. Instead, William and Kate's wedding will bind this nation to itself, and in marrying so very far beneath himself, I believe the young prince has made a heroic and deliberate sacrifice to achieve this end.