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52 Totally Feasible Ways To Organize Your Entire Home. Time to get your life together!

52 Totally Feasible Ways To Organize Your Entire Home

These are the quick, cheap tips that don’t entail remodeling or custom-building expensive furniture pieces to gain precious storage space. 1. Use a Rail in Your Sink Cabinet for Cleaning Products Use a Magnetic Rack to Store Knives 2. 3. 4. Short curtain rods work, too. 5. Pictured: a salvaged sled. 6. Aaron Williamson 7. Here’s another example using a pegboard. 8. 9. You could also use these pull-out baskets to group things together, like fruits. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. A good idea if you have multiple items of similar-looking clothing.

33 Clever Ways To Organize All The Small Things. 52 Totally Feasible Ways To Organize Your Entire Home. IHeart My Home - Home Tour! Welcome to our happy and humble abode!

IHeart My Home - Home Tour!

Feel free to leave your shoes at the door, and make yourself at home! Oh, and of course the disclaimer! Our house is ALWAYS "under construction" as many would say. Darkroom and Dearly: {diy: organized t-shirt drawers} Oh my goodness, you guys.

Darkroom and Dearly: {diy: organized t-shirt drawers}

Do you ever have those moments where Pinterest changes your life? I mean, really. I had (another) one of those moments yesterday. Groovin’ with the Go-to Gals – The Scrap Basket Challenge. Betsy Veldman It seems every time summer rolls around I’m in the mood to clean and purge.

Groovin’ with the Go-to Gals – The Scrap Basket Challenge

The kids are home all day and there’s generally more “stuff” around…baseball stuff, swimming stuff, toys, summer rec crafts, etc.! I don’t deal well with clutter, so I really get the urge to organize things! Today I thought I’d share with you one of my recent organizational projects: my dreaded (but well-loved!) Scrap basket. Do you have an over abundance of scraps like me? I was inspired by some of the ladies chatting on the Papertrey Ink board. Broke Ass Home: DIW: Denise's Laundry Storage. Do it yourself, and do it right, then you can write!

Broke Ass Home: DIW: Denise's Laundry Storage

Today's DIW comes to us from Denise in Chicago. Denise actually won our Indestructible Dog giveaway last year and she happens to be with one of my best friends in high school (yeah, I totally had a crush on him. He was weird and played the upright bass all rockabilly style...what do you want from me? Kitchens, Bathrooms, Interior Design. Yes, I’m a shoefanista, plain and simple, and because my collection has been in the three figures ever since I was a teen, an accessible shoe-storage solution was a must-have –then and now.

Kitchens, Bathrooms, Interior Design

Looking around, it’s clear I’m not alone. The thing is, shoes can eat up acres of precious closet real estate so it’s always great to see how others store them. Not everyone has space for what I call a Diva Closet (essentially a walk-in room devoted to clothes and shoes), the subject of a previous post. Illinois designer and shop owner Annie Brahler showed off hers [top] which turns on a vintage armoire that was expanded for shoe storage and built in.

The spacing of the shelves accommodates shoes of different heights, from stilettos to flats, but I would have been tempted to add far more shelves! I was able to create a floor-to-ceiling shoe rack on a narrow wall in my dressing room with bins from California Closets. How clever is this for tight spaces? Wine rack = towel holder! How's it Hangin'? A Flop Tutorial. I know some of you still have snow on the ground, but for us Floridians summer is already kicking into high gear. And summer means flip flops. Yep, we southern girls have 'em for everything: casual wear, evening wear, 'flops with heels, 'flops with big poofy flowers glued name it. They're cheap impulse buys, so it's easy to accumulate a whole mountain of flip-flops in a single season. File Box Bathroom Appliance Storage » Dream Green DIY.

Pinthis Okay, confession time.

File Box Bathroom Appliance Storage » Dream Green DIY

How to Keep Matching Sheets Together in the Closet. Chez Larsson: Storing Rolls of Gift Wrap. Wrapping paper storage solution. Holiday Decoration Storage Ideas. Happy 26th of December!

Holiday Decoration Storage Ideas

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas yesterday. Ours was fun, but busy busy. Now that Christmas is over it’s time to start thinking about packing up and storing all the seasonal decorations. Stacking Pans. Darkroom and Dearly: {organized drawers} I've been totally lazy lately... my work schedule has been sporadic and mostly evening shifts, so I've been doing a lot of sleeping in, drawing, and reading lately.

Darkroom and Dearly: {organized drawers}

(Finished two books this week: The Help, and Becoming Odyssa, both of which I recommend.) On my last day off I felt suddenly inspired to organize the drawers in our apartment that have been driving me crazy. It was one of those, "this really needs to be organized, but I haven't bought anything for it yet, so that will be a project for another day... " kind of thought. Also, what is it about cleaning that makes the house get cleaner and more satisfying as you go along, but organizing just makes it messier and more frustrating?