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Organization and Time Management

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Top 10 eBook Organizers. Dragonflies in First: The Ultimate Digital Weekly Planner FAQs. If you haven't made a planning decision yet for your school year, I hope these answers to my customer's questions will help you decide if The Ultimate Weekly Planner is for you.

Dragonflies in First: The Ultimate Digital Weekly Planner FAQs

I have been so unbelievably thrilled with the interest in my planners. It is truly amazing to be able to share something that has been such a huge part of my teaching career with so many fabulous educators. Why this planner? Unlike other digital planners, there is no yearly fee with The Ultimate Weekly planner. The step-by-step instructions help guide you in setting up a planner that is personal to you and completely suits your needs. Unlike written plan books, you can cleanly and easily change, move highlight and delete anything from your plan book. Another huge bonus comes into play with sub-planning. Digital planning is necessary in today's world... and so EASY! Can I use the planner on my {PC, MAC, tablet, smartphone, iPad, iPhone} Yes! Be sure you grab the correct version for your systems. Untitled. I’ve been using “The Cloud” for a few years to host my web bookmarks on Delicious and gather digital resources in Livebinder making them accessible from any location and any computer or mobile device.


More recently, I have adopted two other cloud computing tools to manage class schedules, supply orders, and lesson plans: Evernote and iCal. Evernote My “must have” cloud application is Evernote. I keep a running list of supplies needed, track students who need to complete artwork, and use images to organize and plan for future lessons. The video below shows how I have used the Evernote desktop application to sort out and sync all the details of my teaching life. iCal and Google Calendar Since I have hundreds of students and lots of classes to track, keeping a planning calendar is essential to my sanity.

Here is an example of my iCal calendar. Another great option is Google Calendar. How do you use the cloud? 5 Productivity Skills Every Educator Must Have. Smart Classroom Technologies 5 Productivity Skills Every Educator Must Have In a national survey, we asked teachers, administrators and tech leaders to tell us what it takes to make a 21st century classroom run smoothly.

5 Productivity Skills Every Educator Must Have

Here’s what they said. By Dian Schaffhauser01/19/15 Educators literally have a “world of knowledge and resources” at their fingertips, as one director of curriculum and instructional technology declared in response to THE Journal’s national survey. Where do you start? 1) Acing Productivity Applications Whether your school uses Google Apps for Education, Microsoft Office, Office 365 Education or something else, learn the fundamentals of word processing, spreadsheets and presentation applications and then go beyond the basics. 8 Free Apps and Web Tools for Staying Organized in the New Year. The start of a new year is a great time to think back and reflect about what really worked for you and what isn't quite cutting it.

8 Free Apps and Web Tools for Staying Organized in the New Year

When it comes to staying organized, there is no one-size-fits-all. It's really all about finding the system that works for you, picking apps or tools that you will actually use, and remembering that there are lots of options to choose from as you figure out the best fit. As you sort through the following list, don't try them all out at once. Pick one or two, put them into practice for a month, and then reflect on how well something is helping you stay organized. You may choose to add that website or app to your tool belt as you explore another resource, or you may decide to scrap that tool and try out something completely new. 30/30 (iOS - Free; upgrades available) This super useful task manager is perfect for teachers with a long to-do list.

Google Docs (iOS, Android, Web Browser - Free) Google Docs are one of my favorite tools for staying organized. How to Save Time by Reducing Email: 6 Strategies for Staying Afloat. As teachers, we need to protect our professional time vigilantly.

How to Save Time by Reducing Email: 6 Strategies for Staying Afloat

But email, that ravenous beast, can eagerly devour our prep periods and infringe on our time outside of school. When let loose, it can distance us from the important tasks of the profession like planning, grading, and developing ourselves professionally. If we are disciplined, though, email doesn't have to be a beast of burden -- we can use it as a weapon of efficiency, making us more frequent communicators with parents and administrators, more effective record keepers, and more focused in our growth. Here are six strategies for reducing the flood of messages we receive and becoming more pragmatic with our replies, freeing time for more important endeavors. 1.

According to the email service provider Mail Chimp, only 18.6 percent of education newsletter emails are opened, and worse, 2.6 percent of links in those emails are clicked. 2. Smartphones make us obsessive email checkers. Here's how to beat it. 3. 4. Evernote Tips: The 11 Amazing Features That Make Using Evernote So Freaking Awesome. What is Evernote? (Animated Infographic)