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Brightidea: The Global Leader Cloud-Based Enterprise Innovation Management

Brightidea: The Global Leader Cloud-Based Enterprise Innovation Management
Drive Repeatable Innovation Outcomes with Collaborative Innovation Software Executive Roundtable Webinar Series Getting Started with "Innovation as a Shared Service" Watch Now » Brightidea is a one-of-a-kind innovation software platform that allows Global 2000 businesses to monitor the social process of innovation, from concept to cash. You can use other tools, but it's like taking a square peg and pounding it into a round hole." Peter NeumannInnovation Manager, Bosch

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Getting the Most from Your Crowdsourcing Initiative By: David | September 23, 2010 When running a crowdsourcing contest, which strategy makes the most sense? Entry with most votes wins Select winner from top N (e.g. 20) most popular entries Pick the winner from what you like most, regardless of crowd feedback Perhaps the best way to answer this question is, “It depends.” Depends on the objective of the contest, the nature of the submissions and who is doing the voting. Get Off Of My Cloud: Sonar6 vs. Rypple Like a lot of HR pros who like to figure out ways to use technology, I'm a fan of Performance Management apps in the organization. Goal alignment, consistency in delivery, assisting managers in providing quality feedback and tracking are all good reasons to automate how you deploy performance management in your organization. The last five years of my career, before I joined Kinetix, were spent in venture capital-backed software firms. That means I had the freedom to experiment with newer, lighter, more nimble applications on the performance side of the house that I never would have had the opportunity to touch as an HR exec in the field for a Fortune 100. Two of the best lite, on-demand apps of the past couple of years in the Talent/Performance space were obvious: Sonar6 and Rypple.

Crowdsourcing's Champions (GE, OMC, SNE, WEN) Crowdsourcing is all the rage these days, another aspect of the cloud computing proliferation that has companies doing crazy things. Even if you have never heard of it, you have probably purchased a product that was developed using crowdsourcing or have been directly involved yourself. Crowdsourcing is the outsourcing of idea generation or tasks that would normally be tackled by employed workers or contractors for a particular company. Crowdsourcing software translations Most software is written and documented in English. Yet, people speaking English to some degree of competence are only a fifth of the world. Native English speakers are even less. For a piece of software to become globally accepted, translated interface, help files and documentation is a must. For this reason, translation and translation management tools have been around for quite some time and translators are always in demand and the translation market is estimated to be currently a 5 billion dollar market.

Crowdsourcing + Smartsheet = Smartsourcing Crowdsourcing + Smartsheet = Smartsourcing Smartsheet is the only online software collaboration tool that makes it possible to connect to an on-demand workforce. We make it easy for you to get work done with co-workers, clients, and vendors so it made sense to us to take it to the next step – we make it easy for you to get work done with a global workforce that’s always available. You may have heard of crowdsourcing, for example Wikipedia, where people do work for free. GUI Automation - Challenges and solutions Why automate GUI application with Automation Anywhere? Automation Anywhere is the only software to offer four cost-effective methods under one umbrella, enabling users to effectively automate processes using GUI. Furthermore, as Automation Anywhere offers a quick ROI, it is the software of choice for testing in thousands of organizations across the globe.

What Is Scrum? Scrum is an Agile framework for completing complex projects. Scrum originally was formalized for software development projects, but it works well for any complex, innovative scope of work. The possibilities are endless. Crowdsourcing specific microtasks Since the first-ever Mechanical Turk meetup a year ago, there has been an explosion in crowdsourcing services and a well-attended conference in San Francisco. I remain enthusiastic about crowdsourcing, but the number of companies has me worried about quality of work. Fortunately specialization is already occurring, so for particular tasks there are companies out there ready to provide high-quality service. One company that recently caught my eye is Helsinki (and SF) based Microtask.

Crowdsourcing Software - Idea Crowdsourcing Software - Online Suggestion Box What is crowdsourcing software? Crowdsourcing software is an online platform that allows for the collection of great ideas and for collaboration around their idea development. Crowdsourcing software automates the parts of the crowdsourcing process that no longer require manually sorting. Now instead of hiring a contractor or numerous meetings, you can tap into the furthest reaches of your network with IdeaScale’s cloud-based software solution and gather ideas, suggestions, and information from a vibrant and active audience. The members in that community can also help sort through the information housed there to help flag those ideas that would be best for implementation.

Hively Customer Feedback Surveys Gather real time customer feedback Each team member gets a personal rating snippet they insert into their email signature, CRM, website or ticket tracking system. Now, every time they send an email, create a ticket or comment in a website forum, customers can leave feedback on their performance. Request ratings from your customers

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