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Free Worksheets and Printables - A Teacher's Bag of Tricks. Do Students Know Enough Smart Learning Strategies? Lenny Gonzales What’s the key to effective learning?

Do Students Know Enough Smart Learning Strategies?

One intriguing body of research suggests a rather gnomic answer: It’s not just what you know. It’s what you know about what you know. To put it in more straightforward terms, anytime a student learns, he or she has to bring in two kinds of prior knowledge: knowledge about the subject at hand (say, mathematics or history) and knowledge about how learning works. Parents and educators are pretty good at imparting the first kind of knowledge. Research has found that students vary widely in what they know about how to learn, according to a team of educational researchers from Australia writing in this month’s issue of the journal Instructional Science. Teaching students good learning strategies would ensure that they know how to acquire new knowledge, which leads to improved learning outcomes, writes lead author Helen Askell-Williams of Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia.

Memory experiments. Memory Experiments Here are some experiments and games to test your memory.

memory experiments

Also, don't forget that there are some memory tricks and techniques at the end of this section! Ansvarstrappan. Utbildningsstryrelsen har gett ut en bok om ansvarstrappan på svenska.


Den heter Ansvarstrappan - Hur kan barn och unga vägledas till att ta ansvar för sina gärningar och är skriven av Tapani Ahola och Harri Hirvihuhta. Detta produkten kan beställas från Utbildningstyrelsens internetbokhandel. Vad innebär läsflyt? Flyt i läsningen innebär att högt läsa en text i lämplig takt, med korrekt avkodning och med inlevelse och förståelse.

Vad innebär läsflyt?

Läsaren kan dela in texten i meningsfulla enheter, fraser och satser. Läsaren vet var man pauserar och var man lägger betoningar. Att läsa texten snabbt och felfritt kräver också att man klarar den minnesbelastning som längre meningar förutsätter. Läsflyt förutsätter automatiserad avkodning. Interbib. Stories & Props. Describing photos (comparing, contrasting and speculating) You are going to practise language for; Describing photosComparing and contrasting photos (discussing similarities and differences)Speculating on what might be happeningReacting to photos (giving opinions) Discuss Look at the presentation.

Describing photos (comparing, contrasting and speculating)

Follow the instructions and talk about some of the photos Write The language used here for comparing and contrasting / speculating is also useful for writing discussion / argument essays. Plan: Introduction - describe the situation / topic to be discussedCompare / contrast ideas (for and against / advantages and disadvantages)Speculate on solutions to problems raised by the questionConclusion - give an opinion Which pairs or groups of photos in the presentation could be used to demonstrate ideas for argument writing topics about education, technology, food, family, work, leisure, health, advertising etc? More Practice on May / Might / Could / Must / Can't.

Litteracitet. Kognitionssimulatorn - Gibbon - Playlists for Learning. Blubbr. Always nice to find a new tool!


I had the chance to catch Shelly Terrel this weekend and learned about an easy and fast tool to use. Blubbr is a super easy site that makes "games" which basically ask questions based on short chunks of YouTube videos. Since I am talking about pronunciation on Wednesday (If you haven't joined the eltmooc yet there's still time!) I took an older comedian sketch by the Two Ronnies. The sketch is based on a fun encounter of a clerk who can't understand what a customer wants. If you laughed a bit, and you feel like your students would enjoy it, then I think you'll enjoy Wednesday's class. Spel som tränar hjärnan.

Free online speed reading software. Learning Chocolate - Vocabulary Learning Platform. Lino - Sticky and Photo Sharing for you. Skolväskan. 1999 - 2013 Din lekplats på nätet! - Lekindex. Lekindex A-Ö Lek kategorier Tipsa gärna om nya lekar!

1999 - 2013 Din lekplats på nätet! - Lekindex

Vikten av lek "Skapande arbete och lek är väsentliga delar i det aktiva lärandet. Särskilt under de tidiga skolåren har leken stor betydelse för att eleverna ska tillägna sig kunskaper. " Senaste kommentarer ahmed sa: så går inte reglerna till jalla King Out. Free Math Learning Materials. Startsidan - Pedagog Stockholm. Skoldatatek - Skoldatatek.

Hjälp med dyslexi och läs- och skrivsvårigheter - Kod-Knäckarna. SMART Klubben. Free Math Learning Materials. Geoclopedia. Khan Academy. – FREE Math Games. Home - Sesame Street. Educational Games and Resources.

TeacherTube - Teach the World. Free K-5 Teacher Resources. Animal Planet: Animal Planet: Animal Planet. Lesson Plans. Home › Classroom Resources › Lesson Plans We have hundreds of standards-based lesson plans written and reviewed by educators using current research and the best instructional practices.

Lesson Plans

Find the perfect one for your classroom. Standard Lessons See All Standard Lessons These lessons are designed to offer three to five classroom sessions with step-by-step instructions. Grades K – 2 | Lesson Plan Fact or Fiction: Learning About Worms Using Diary of a Worm Students often believe that fiction writers make everything up, seldom realizing how research worms its way into entertaining writing. Grades 2 – 5 | Lesson Plan A Schema-Building Study With Patricia Polacco Students use the Semantic Impressions and Possible Sentences strategies to write about Patricia Polacco's books Chicken Sunday and Rechenka's Egg, complete a character study, and write using a WebQuest.

Standards. Teaching resources for 7-11 year olds. Brazil and the Amazon - Wildlife Film Script Students will be introduced to the topics of Brazil and the Amazon before using fact sheets to research and write a script for their own wildlife film about an endangered species from the Amazon.

Teaching resources for 7-11 year olds

Design an Invasive Species Students will learn about invasive non-native species and the negative impacts they can have, looking at examples from the UK. Using what they have learned, the students will then design their own invasive species. Handling Data: African Animal Maths Students will explore measurement data for a range of species found in the African savannah. Web of Wildlife Do you know what links a lion, an orca and a barn owl? Turtle Life Cycle Explore the life cycles of a variety of species groups, from plants and mammals to amphibians and reptiles, and investigate their similarities and differences. Endangered Animal Easter Eggs. Free phonics worksheets for kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, and workbooks from Fun Fonix.

Scholastic International. - The Internet's #1 Education Site for K-8 Kids and Teachers - ClassBrain Games- Educational Games for Kids of All Ages. Kids Educational Computer Games, Interactive Activities & Online Learning Games By TurtleDiary. 9,000+ Teaching Materials, eBooks, Educational Videos, Games - GoEd Online.