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Homemade Firewood: How to Make Logs from Newspaper. I’m always looking for new ways of of using common household materials in a survival situation. The other day I came across how you can take old newspapers and turn them into logs that can be used for fuel similar to any other log. How to Make Logs from Newspaper Step 1: Soak the Newspaper Step 2: Drain and Lay Out the Paper Step 3: Roll the Wet Newspaper Around a Dowel Step 4: Continue Rolling Until Desired Thickness is Acheived Step 5: Thoroughly Dry your New Newspaper Log Lighting Your Newspaper Firewood If you’ve made these correctly, they should be pretty dense. These paper “logs” will also produce more ash than traditional logs. Ultralite cot for under $30. Thermarest Cot, Compact Camp Cot, Emergency Cot Bed, Survival Cot Bed, UL Cot, Military Cot, Backpacking Cot, Camp Bed, Camping Bed, UltraLight Bed, Motorcycle Cot, MIL Cot, Light Weight Cot, Luxury Cot, LuxuryLite Cot, Boy Scouts Cot, Scouting Cot, Scout.

Spring Sale: FREE additional Mesh Fabric Sheet with the Ultralight Cot. (Save $30) Hot days at the beach or warm nights camping, the white mesh sheet is cool and dry... you get two cots in one. AND Free USA Shipping. No tent is too small... just slide it UNDERNEATH U.S.A. - $219.95 -- Therm-a-rest® LuxuryLite® UltraLite Cot 24"x72", 2 lb. 12 oz. with FREE Mesh Sheet (white) and FREE USA Shipping. For fast USA shipping or international addresses for each cot ordered: 2nd Day Air - $35 -- Additional shipping charge for UPS 2nd Day Air to the 48 States for one Cot. Export - $75 -- Additional shipping charge for ONE cot for Air Mail shipping to most international addresses.

Spring Sale - Free UltraLite Pillow for the Ultralight Mesh Cot and FREE shipping. U.S.A. - $199.95 -- Therm-a-rest® LuxuryLite® Green Mesh Cot - Regular - 24" x 72" Sleeps up to 350 lbs. U.S.A. - $229.95 -- Therm-a-rest® LuxuryLite® Green Mesh Cot - Large - 26" x 77" Sleeps up to 350 lbs. Camping Recipes | Foil Packets, Dutch Oven & Gourmet S'mores Recipes. Ever since our first camping trip when we threw foil packets of cubed steak with roasted rosemary potatoes, carrots and peas on the campfire, finding great camping recipes has been a top priority. That’s why we’ve created this section of the blog dedicated to our favorite camping recipes.

Breakfast Main Dishes Side Dishes Sweet Treats Dutch Oven Pork Chili Verde Camp Recipe Beef Stew Foil Packet Camp Recipe Oooey gooey S’mores’adilla goodness Sweet Potato Taco Foil Packet Fixin’s Breakfast Hash Camp Recipe A little taste of s’more heaven. Gooey delight! Camp Recipe: Rosemary Cubed Steak with Roasted Potatoes Camp Recipe: Spicy Taco Patty and Cheesy Potatoes Foil Packet. Rope Bed. It is not so much that Terafan figured out how to make a rope bed, but one was offered as a prize for the "Bed Sports Tourney" in the Shire of Crannog Mor, Atlantia. After winning the tourney and using the bed for a couple of years, Terafan decided that the original legs were too short, so he made new ones.

The advantage of longer legs is that now lots of stuff, transport boxes, etc. can be stored conveniently under the bed, out of the way. Here are is a drawing of the bed with dimensions. For the original PowerPoint 97 version of the drawing, click here. The dimensions can be modified as necessary. If you want the bed taller, make the legs longer. Return to the Greydragon Furniture collection. HOMEMADE OUTDOOR GEAR. Improvised Seating. *Improvised Seating With a Towel and Para-cord*By: RollingHitch04 April 2003 Situation- You're on a camping trip, boating, or having a picnic and for whatever reason there aren't enough chairs to go around. The ground is wet or not level. You are looking for a place to park your derriere and there's not a rock or log in sight...but there are a few trees.

Your MacGyver mindset clicks into gear and you take a look and what you have on hand. Among those items are a large towel and of course you have a few yards of 550 Para-cord. "No problem", you say to yourself. "I read this article on the Rubicon that explained the versatility and strength of the sheet bend. In mere moments, you are swinging gently in the breeze, off the ground, repelling request to try out the "chair" you just made with a towel and some cord. So here we go. The Sheet bend- As a brief refresher, a knot is tied in one piece of rope or cord and a bend is used to tie two pieces of rope or cord together.

RollingHitch. The Near-Perfect Tent: Design and Build a Recycled Tent. Henry Shires' Tarptent. The following document has appeared in print since 1999 and details plans for making your own tarptent. While neither as easy to set up, nor as storm and wind resistant as the next generation Tarptents, these tents are excellent do-it-yourself projects for even the first-time sewer. We will be happy to offer tips and suggestions should you decide to make one. The Tarptent sleeps 1+ (me, gear, +) and weighs 18 ounces complete with poles, stakes, tie lines etc. The Tarptent-for-2 sleeps 2 (or huge for one), weighs 24 ounces complete including generous beak, and has some additional room for gear. Both tents are floor-less, completely screened with zipper opening door and made from 1.1 oz silicone-coated nylon. Introduction Shelter Comparison All in the Fabric Anatomy of a Design Materials The Plans Some Assembly Required Out, Damned Mosquitoes Options (Why?

Finishing Touches But Do I Really Want to Make One... Five Months on the PCT Introduction Shelter Comparison All in the Fabric Anatomy of a Design. DIY - My Designs - Summer tents. Send any questions or comments to the designer Roger Caffin Contents Commercial Status The tents I have described here have been for sale, but at present I have ceased production as it wasn't economic. However, things may change. Summer Designs - Two Man - Two Poles I have a couple of designs which may be used in summer, depending on how sheltered an environment is available. The poles on all these designs come to a point at the top, a little like an old A-frame tent. All the above prototypes worked, but they weren't good enough. My final 2M 2P Tent So I redesigned the whole pole sleeve system after a bit more testing, to put the poles in sleeves on the outside of the tent.

Designing the panels for all these bends required some fairly heavy mathematics, but once I had the equations running for a single panel, adding more bends or more panels was fairly straightforward. The current state of the art is the V8 tent, shown to the right. The ventilation makes this a good summer tent. Make a Big Teepee from Cedar Trees. Gigwam Festival & Family Tent Systems. Building a Yurt from Scratch: Resources. Yurts (and more interestingly to us, Gers) are front and center on the Milkwood research table currently. We’ve identified these structures as a likely cost-effective, climate-appropriate solution for our coming need for weatherproof, windproof, cosy crew-space come Spring at the Farm.

While there’s many solutions to easily yurt oneself if you have a reasonable budget ($8-$10,000), we need to find a solution more in the DIY realm. So we have searched far and wide, and here’s what we’ve come up with in terms of build-it-yourself-from-scratch Yurt and Ger resources. Firstly I should clarify that I do mean a Yurt. More precisely, we’re looking at resources to aid us to build a Ger. Lower roof means easier heating, and warm crew quicker, with less wood burned, on a windy rainy night. This is all coming out of us being really impressed with Dave and Phoebe’s DIY yurt which came to Milkwood last Easter. Online Build-Your-Own yurt / ger resources: Yurt Forum – lots of owner-yurters here.


Edible Wild Plants: 19 Wild Plants You Can Eat to Survive in the Wild. Wilderness Survival School | Wilderness Awareness School - Nature and Outdoor Survival School. The Universal Packing List. 10 Outdoor Gear Essentials. Every man has a different idea of what constitutes a “necessity” when venturing out into the wilderness. For one man, a fire source and a good blade may be all that is required, while for the next, GPS and a full outdoor kitchen setup might be considered indispensable. While experienced hikers, climbers, and other adventurous sorts most likely have their packing list down to a science, those who are just beginning to branch out into the wilderness can certainly benefit from a standard, universal checklist.

Cue the Ten Essentials. The Ten Essentials and the Ten Essentials (Systems Approach) Originally published by The Mountaineers (a Seattle-based outdoor recreation group) in the 1930s, the Ten Essentials is a list of necessities that every hiker, climber, camper, and adventurer should have on hand while in the wilds. MapCompassSunglasses and sunscreenExtra food and waterExtra clothesHeadlamp/flashlightFirst aid kitFire starterMatchesKnife Other Items to Consider The Ultimate Essential.

Off Grid Survival – Wilderness & Urban Survival Skills. Backpacker Magazine - Your Backpacking, Hiking, Camping, Outdoor Gear, Adventure Travel, and Skills Magazine. Your Adventures OLD | 52-weeks. This is a place where we get to see how YOU adventure. In doing so, we have a chance to see what adventure means to people from all over the globe, from all different cultures.

Don’t forget, it doesn’t have to be an epic journey, just so long as it was an adventure for you. Some of our adventures at 52-weeks are big, some are small- we want to see them all! There are two ways you can get your adventures posted on 52-weeks: FACEBOOK: Upload a photo, video, or testimonial of your adventure on our facebook page, and we’ll make sure the world sees it here.Email us your adventure at Too easy right?

Now get adventuring! Adventure Awards Every adventure has a theme, or several, that make it unique. Skydiving with Maggie & Josh, Colorado We knew it was only a matter of time before we received the adventure submission everyone has been waiting for. From pre-jump planning over beers, (why is it so many great adventures begin with drunken banter???) The Wait. Time to Jump. Free Shipping on Outdoor Sports Gear & Apparel at The North Face® Cabela's Official Website - Quality Hunting, Fishing, Camping and Outdoor Gear at competitive prices. : Cabela's. Give the Gift of the Outdoors with Holiday Gear & Clothing from REI.

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