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You are miles away from the stress of your everyday life. You are immersed in Nature. So, what do you do next? The first thing to do when Romantic Camping is shift your mind into Nature Mode. This involves breaking the habits of your daily routine. Beginning Romantic Ideas Simplicity - Everything you do while camping should reflect this idea. More Ideas Romantic camping ideas are truly endless… For inspiration, check out additional Romantic Ideas from the MENU on the left. One Pot Meals for Family Camping. One, all-purpose pot stows better in a camper or tightly packed car than multiple pots and pans.

One Pot Meals for Family Camping

Not to mention, meals are easier to assemble, watch and, serve, leaving you with only one pot to wash. And, with only one pot for the main dish, your other camp stove burners are free for making coffee or heating water. If your family is bored of the same old chili and stews, try these one-pot meals for a change. Breakfast Eggs in Foil Bowls Recipe. Sheepherder's Breakfast Recipe. Camping Recipes - KOA Community Gets Cooking.

Phoo-d » Campfire Nachos. Wednesday July 22nd, 2009 in Home Cooking, On the Road, Travel When I am completely immersed in the natural world, it is then that I feel truly alive.

Phoo-d » Campfire Nachos

Mr. B shares the joy I find in leaving the modern world behind and seeking solitude in vast natural spaces. Once the weather turns warm we happily pack our bags and head off into the woods whenever our schedule allows. Over the 4th of July we ventured out to the Black Hills of South Dakota. There we set up camp on a grassy flat spot, and spent the next several days frolicking in open meadows, fishing for elusive trout, and chasing grasshoppers from sun up to sun down (well only Oscar did that!). Fortunately our camp site had a small fire ring fashioned by a previous camper, and we were able to expand our camp food repertoire beyond the small backpacking stove. Camping Macaroni and Cheese.

What a crazy week it’s been so far!

Camping Macaroni and Cheese

Greg and I packed up the car on Sunday and drove south to Texas Hill Country for a few days of camping. We spent two nights at Krause Springs swimming in their spring fed swimming hole and spent our last day enjoying the natural beauty of Hamilton Pool. It couldn’t have been a better trip, that is until we drove home to Dallas. As we got closer to the city the sky became dark and ominous. Lightning began to touch down and within minutes the sky appeared to be exploding with flashes of light.

After pulling up in our driveway we dashed up the stairs to our apartment and the Tornado sirens began to sound. I immediately went inside and turned on the news to discover a series of tornadic storms were surrounding Dallas County. I frantically ran to the bedroom, ripped off the mattress and dragged it to my small and awkward bathroom. Never in my life have I been as scared as I was last night. Prepare pasta at home according to package directions. Campfire Cooking: Recipes and techniques for cooking on an open fire.

Here's a wonderful method for campfire cooking which is simple, versatile and doesn't even require cookware or a grill.

Campfire Cooking: Recipes and techniques for cooking on an open fire

All you need is some heavy-duty tin foil. Tear off a 12" sheet of foil and fold it back over your fist, making a "pocket". Roll the sides in a few turns so the pocket is only open at the top, and roll a turn or two up from the bottom for extra strength. The pocket needs to be leak-proof, and formed well enough to withstand cooking directly in the coals. 7 Important Tips for Camping With Your Dog, Dog, Cat and other Pet Friendly Travel Articles. 41 Camping Hacks That Are Borderline Genius. Camping Checklist - REI Expert Advice. First-Aid Checklist - REI Expert Advice. 4 Tips for Hiking With Your Dog. Hiking with your dog requires planning and preparation.

4 Tips for Hiking With Your Dog

Though a few of your dog's needs mimic yours, as in the need for food and water, there are a few others to keep in mind as you prepare to head outdoors. More: 10 Best Dog Breeds for Outdoor Junkies 1. Find a Dog-Friendly Hiking Trail Finding a dog-friendly trail may be easier said than done. More: What Are the Best Dogs for Running? 2. Hiking with your dog requires extra water. Some breeds, such as shepherds or huskies, with double-layered coats, may require more cooling than other thin haired dogs. Finally, know your particular dog. If your dog's body temperature reaches 109 degrees fahrenheit, it's susceptible to heat stroke. 15 No-Cook Recipes for Your Next Camping Trip. Let's face it: cooking at camp can be time consuming.

15 No-Cook Recipes for Your Next Camping Trip

And after a full day of outdoor activities, who wants to heat up the fire and cook a complicated meal for the family? The good news is that not all meals have to be prepared with heat. Save time and energy by eliminating the cooking part. Mping Boxes. Camping Boxes.