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For growth, look to Africa. If you’re looking for robust economic growth during this prolonged, fitful recovery from the recent global economic crisis, look toward Africa.

For growth, look to Africa

Ethiopia’s gross domestic product grew almost 10 percent in 2014, Tanzania’s 7 percent, the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s 9 percent, Rwanda’s 7 percent. Those numbers, of course, mask other problems, such as gaping inequality and millions living in poverty. Still, Donald Kaberuka, the former president of the African Development Bank, said that from an economic standpoint, the numbers are no fluke. Kaberuka acknowledges that helping millions of people out of poverty is an enormous job, but he also points to increased government stability, regulation that sets a level economic playing field, ample natural resources, and a young, growing population hungry for both jobs and consumer goods, all good signs for the future. GAZETTE: Let’s start with some background on the African Development Bank.

The African opportunity: Full of potential for brave investors. East Africa: Verve International Launches in East Africa - Verve International, the African payment card brand, has announced its entry into the Kenya market at a launch in Nairobi.

East Africa: Verve International Launches in East Africa -

The launch included the announcement of a strategic partnership with Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) to expand card acceptance and payment services in six key East African markets. Verve, which is also the biggest payment card brand in Nigeria with more than 30 million payment tokens, is rapidly expanding issuance and acceptance across the African continent and is now issued by over 40 banks in Africa.

The launch of the Kenya operation will extend the Verve network into Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, South Sudan and Rwanda and integration into existing operations in Uganda. The launch opens the way for Verve card users to enjoy services in Kenya and key East African markets. Verve also intends to begin issuing branded cards to Kenyan and East African customers in the near term. Verve International is pursuing acceptance of the Verve card around the world.

Help for soybean industry in Africa starts with the source. Africa buzzing as next frontier for coffee drinkers. Mozido targets Africa's mobile money market. Mobile payments company Mozido hopes to target Africa's mobile money market by setting up office in SA.

Mozido targets Africa's mobile money market

South Africa's lacklustre uptake of mobile money services was not enough to deter mobile payments solution firm, Mozido, from setting up office in the country. The international company will run its first African mobile financial business from South Africa. According to Mozido, the new business is aimed at providing African consumers access to payment platforms that will change how mobile money is utilised across the continent.

Mozido says Africa has some of the fastest growing mobile money markets in the world and it plans to capitalise on the growing market on the continent. However, the country where Mozido has decided to set up office to achieve its target has a bad track record when it comes to the adoption of mobile money services offered in the market. Global Real Estate Capital Beginning to Discover Sub-Saharan Africa - WORLD PROPERTY JOURNAL Global News Center. According to JLL's newly released "Emerging Beyond the Frontier" research report, unprecedented liquidity in global capital markets is fueling investors to seek out new markets and it is beginning to find its home in real estate markets in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).

Global Real Estate Capital Beginning to Discover Sub-Saharan Africa - WORLD PROPERTY JOURNAL Global News Center

JLL's report reveal that sustained economic and demographic growth in SSA countries are combining to create urban markets of global scale which is generating a need for significant investment in the region's urban infrastructure. As demand from corporations and consumers for modern office, retail and commercial infrastructure increases; SSA is entering a high-growth period of development. "As home to some of the world's fastest-growing city economies, with rapid rates of urbanisation and burgeoning middle classes, Sub-Saharan Africa is now firmly on the radar of a number of multinational corporations, hotel operators and investor groups. " How to win African consumers. Dr Amelia Richards, account director at Ask Afrika, shares her presentation from the recent ‘Media research for one continent’ - 16th meeting of PAMRO and All Africa Media Research Conference held in Tanzania.

How to win African consumers

Africa holds much promise, but also many pitfalls. To succeed on the continent, brands must learn from the failures and successes of others. Media penetration in Africa is growing and radio is the leader with 82% penetration followed by mobile 81%, television 78%, out of home (OOH) 65%, newspapers 34%, magazines 30%, internet 29%, and cinema 5%. There is, however, a lot of fragmentation among the traditional media channels like radio and television in contrast with OOH and especially mobile.

Facebook, Eutelsat in African internet satellite hook-up. PARIS: European satellite operator Eutelsat Communications and social media giant Facebook said on Monday (Oct 5) they are working jointly to deliver satellite broadband internet to connectivity-hungry sub-Saharan Africa.

Facebook, Eutelsat in African internet satellite hook-up

The firms revealed they have reached a multi-year agreement with satellite communication firm Spacecom to use the entire broadband payload of the AMOS-6 satellite due to come on stream in the second half of next year and provide coverage for large swathes of sub-Saharan Africa, after identifying "pent-up demand for connectivity". Chemicals in Africa: A land of hidden opportunity? World Bank lines up $3.6b for Africa. Explicit cookie consent. Teraco interconnects Africa to the world’s financial markets. | Sept. 15, 2015, 9:07 a.m.

Teraco interconnects Africa to the world’s financial markets

Image: By BiztechAfrica. A leading agriculture firm marching to Africa market. Maize, as source of the staple food for Kenyan people, is mostly ground for sifted and unsifted maize meal or other products like maize grits and by products bran and germ.

A leading agriculture firm marching to Africa market.

Professional and experienced in this field, Beyase offers consumer full solutions to start a real complete milling plant that is easy to operate with accessible life-long service. Why we are focusing on Africa, by audit firm. Panell Kerr Forster, a firm of chartered accountants and business advisers, has identified Nigeria one of the key economic centres in the world and a leading country in Africa.

Why we are focusing on Africa, by audit firm

It said it is focusing on Africa because of the increasing economic growth put at about seven per cent. Its Africa Regional Director, Theo Vermaak, made this known at the Africa sub-region strategy conference in Accra, Ghana. He said the audit firm’s focus on Africa was informed by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund’s (IMF’s) report of identifying Africa as the continent with about seven per cent economic growth and West Africa sub-region as a major bloc contributing over 30 per cent of GDP within the African region.

“As a result of this, PKF International resolved that every available resources including technical and training would be deployed to support PKF offices in West Africa,” Vermaak said. West Africa Director of the firm, a Senior Resident Partner of PKF Nigeria, Mr. Som.yale. Tim Sullivan ’16 and Eric Lockhart YC ’07, ’16 have seen the potential for growth in some of the world’s most troubled areas.


Before coming to Yale SOM, Sullivan worked in Afghanistan to help the war-torn country’s citizens fight corruption, and Lockhart worked with the International Rescue Committee to help refugees rebuild their lives. Afrique - Vidéo : Uber à l'assaut du Nigéria et du continent africain. L'opposition grecque a trois jours pour annuler les législatives anticipées En savoir plus Exclusion du FN : "Jean-Marie Le Pen n’a pas de futur dans le Front national" En savoir plus Varoufakis, nouvelle coqueluche de la gauche européenne ? En savoir plus Heurts entre migrants et policiers macédoniens à la frontière grecque En savoir plus Erdogan appelle à des élections anticipées en Turquie le 1er novembre En savoir plus Pyongyang en "semi-état de guerre" après un échange de tirs avec Séoul En savoir plus Vidéo : Uber se lance à l'assaut du Nigeria et du continent africain En savoir plus Une semaine après les explosions à Tianjin, quatre nouveaux feux sur le site En savoir plus Kenya : Iten, la terre des coureurs de fond En savoir plus Téhéran et Londres vont rouvrir leurs ambassades respectives En savoir plus Un soldat syrien tué dans des bombardements israéliens sur le Golan En savoir plus.

As Cuba returns to the fold, 15 things about Havana in Africa, plus how Congo broke Che Guevara's heart. FOR decades, African countries that were either right wing or didn’t want to get in the fight between the US and Cuba, kept away from Havana. The “radical” ones, though, maintained close diplomatic relations. That is all about to change. The US flag flew above the country’s embassy in Havana, Cuba on Friday for the first time in 54 years, a symbolic end to one of the last vestiges of the Cold War. Coastweek - The most from the coast. ADDIS ABABA Ethiopia (Xinhua) -- African countries have been urged to diversify primary products into manufacturing exports and to address challenges related to standardization to compete in global trade markets.

The African Organization for Standardization (ARSO) has made the remarks at the 3rd African Day of Standardization, which has been celebrated during the five-day ARSO General Assembly Meetings, which wrapped up on Friday at the African Union (AU) Headquarters in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa. Huge Global Investment Ploughed Into Africa's Telecoms Industry. DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania, June 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The telecoms industry forms a crucial foundation to Africa's economic growth affecting all aspects of the business and social sphere.

The continent has seen a dramatic expansion in its telecoms sector over the past 5 years.