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Articles on Solar Renewable Energy

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תכנית הממשלה לבניית לוחות סולריים - פורטל מיחזור. ממשלת ישראל אישרה בסיומה של שנת 2010 תכנית מתאר ארצית שנועדה לקדם ולעודד את הקמתם של מתקני ייצור חשמל בעזרת פאנלים סולאריים על גגות מבנים בישראל.

תכנית הממשלה לבניית לוחות סולריים - פורטל מיחזור

התכנית תאפשר את תהליך הקמתם של מתקני לוחות סולאריים לייצור חשמל, בטכנולוגיה פוטו-וולטאית, על גגות ומבנים שונים ברחבי ישראל, כולל גגות של חניונים, חלקות קרקע שסמוכות למבני מגורים במגזר החקלאי ועל בריכות דגים. מקורה של תכנית המתאר הארצית לעידוד הקמת מתקנים סולאריים לפני כמה שנים החליטה ממשלת ישראל על יעד ייצור חשמל מאנרגיות מתחדשות ונקיות שיעמוד על עשירית מהייצור הכללי עד שנת 2020, נכון לראשית 2011 היקף הייצור מאנרגיה מתחדשת עומד על 0.5% בלבד כך שההגעה אל היעד נראית כחלום רחוק. אנרגיות מתחדשות הן בדרך כלל אנרגיית ים, אנרגיית רוח ואנרגיית שמש. Solar Energy Solutions. ^Photovoltaic array over a parking lot in the middle of a city.

Solar Energy Solutions

Continued from page 1, The Solution... Relocalization is a term for a way of life, where not only energy is locally produced and consumed, but also food and goods. The idea is to strengthen the local economy rather than ship everything in from across the country and overseas. Much of the conventional thinking about alternative energy rallied around mega projects: 60 square miles filled with huge arrays of solar collectors that produce enough energy to power a small city.

But 8 to 12% of the electricity generated at these remote sources is lost along the wires, largely from resistance, before the energy reaches the city. Jason Bradford, Ph.D., founder of the nonprofit Willits Economic Localization (WELL) in Willits, California, foresees a sutainable local economy for towns like his: “There needs to be local infrastructure for local use. Go Rooftop! ‫ד"ר עמית מור ראיון בנושא הגז וועידת אנרגיה ועסקים 2015 רשת ב, מראיין דר' מיקי מירו 12042015‬‎ השמש תהיה מקור האנרגיה העיקרי. ראיון עם ד"ר איוואלד ברונס, מנהל יחידת תמורות באנרגיה (Energy transition) חברת SHELL ההולנדית.

השמש תהיה מקור האנרגיה העיקרי

היחידה עוסקת בתחזיות ארוכות הטווח של משק האנרגיה. תפקידה הוא לחזות את השינויים הטכנולוגיים והכלכליים בענף, על מנת שחברת הענק הבינלאומית תדע להיערך לקראתן מבעוד מועד. | הדר חורש | The US Just Made Its Largest Investment In Renewable Energy Yet. Solar Panel Costs Drop, Fueling Rise In Renewable Energy. BERLIN -- A dramatic drop in the price of solar power technology last year helped the continued growth of renewable energy, according to a U.N.

Solar Panel Costs Drop, Fueling Rise In Renewable Energy

-backed report published Wednesday. Global energy-generating capacity from renewable sources rose by 115 gigawatts in 2012, compared with 105 gigawatts the previous year, the report by the Paris-based think tank REN21 showed. Installed renewable energy capacity rose to over 1,470 gigawatts, equivalent to about 1,500 nuclear reactors. Two thirds of all renewable capacity still comes from hydropower, but wind and solar have been gaining. The worldwide capacity of photovoltaic cells, which convert sunshine into electricity, reached 100 gigawatts last year, the report said.

The drop in solar prices – fuelled by Chinese manufacturers – helped bring the overall cost of investment in renewables down 12 percent to $244 billion from $279 billion in 2011, effectively boosting the amount of generating capacity investors can get for their money. Green Courses & Clean Energy Training Live & Online. Washington Post: Utilities Wage Campaign Against Rooftop Solar. (Welcome to the Green Energy Association of Israel (GEA-IL)

דף הבית (Welcome to the Green Energy Association of Israel (GEA-IL)

(Welcome to the Green Energy Association of Israel (GEA-IL)

Electricity Consumption Efficiency. GoSol releases first free solar concentrator construction guide. Learn how to build a .5kW solar concentrator from locally available materials with this free guide.

GoSol releases first free solar concentrator construction guide

Back in April, we brought you news about the GoSol initiative, which aimed to kick off a global wave of solar entrepreneurship through the development and release of free construction guides for using local materials to build efficient solar concentrators for cooking, drying, or heating water. "’s mission is to eradicate energy poverty and minimize the damage of climate change by spreading our DIY tech and breaking down the barriers to solar energy access.With you, we want to connect communities, entrepreneurs & makers with the world’s most powerful energy source. All the tools and materials needed to implement these technologies are already produced and stocked massively around the world. " - GoSol " ... an energy solution must be low capital (lower the better), yet power a viable economy, and be locally buildable and maintainable with little or no imports.

France decrees new rooftops must be covered in plants or solar panels. Rooftops on new buildings built in commercial zones in France must either be partially covered in plants or solar panels, under a law approved on Thursday.

France decrees new rooftops must be covered in plants or solar panels

Green roofs have an isolating effect, helping reduce the amount of energy needed to heat a building in winter and cool it in summer. They also retain rainwater, thus helping reduce problems with runoff, while favouring biodiversity and giving birds a place to nest in the urban jungle, ecologists say. The law approved by parliament was more limited in scope than initial calls by French environmental activists to make green roofs that cover the entire surface mandatory on all new buildings. The Socialist government convinced activists to limit the scope of the law to commercial buildings. The law was also made less onerous for businesses by requiring only part of the roof to be covered with plants, and giving them the choice of installing solar panels to generate electricity instead.