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Semnale de schimbare si abordari inovative - exemple

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Aici sa adaugam diferitele exemple de semnale de schimbare pe care le observam in piata externa

Cum vrea să revoluționeze piața globală a igienizării fructelor și legumelor un startup românesc - Revista Biz. Reading Time: 2 minute.

Cum vrea să revoluționeze piața globală a igienizării fructelor și legumelor un startup românesc - Revista Biz

Aplicație românească de nutriție țintește 100.000 de utilizatori în doi ani - Revista Biz. Sandvișuri instant? Un startup românesc lucrează la o imprimantă alimentară 3D - Revista Biz. Soluții gratuite de urmărire a provenienței produselor - Revista Biz. China uses AI to capture misdeeds in public kitchens. Authorities in China are using artificial intelligence (AI) to detect unhygienic behaviors in restaurant, hotel and cafeteria kitchens, according to reports.

China uses AI to capture misdeeds in public kitchens

The technology, which was developed for authorities in Shaoxing, a city in Zhejiang province, captures unhygienic conduct of food preparers, including smoking and failing to wash their hands while handling food. Using an AI algorithm along with internet of things (IoT) technology, the system scans camera footage of hotel, cafeteria and restaurant kitchens looking for 18 different risk management factors, including smoking, handling mobile devices and infrequent hand washing. Following detection of any of those behaviors, the system issues an alert to administrators via mobile app. Finland announces AI app for animal welfare. From today, consumers have the opportunity to view varied and up-to-date information on the welfare of cows.

Finland announces AI app for animal welfare

Arla Iris is the name of an app developed by Arla Finland that uses artificial intelligence technology. The app will be piloted on Tikka, an organic farm in Kurikka. Arla Single Estate Organic Milk will be the pilot product. Virus Forces Catering Platform to Find New Audience, Purpose. NEW YORK — When it launched in 2017, the catering tech platform HUNGRY had one customer in mind: well-heeled office workers.

Virus Forces Catering Platform to Find New Audience, Purpose

The goal was to bring delicious meals to places like Microsoft, Amazon and Google by creating networks of chefs and deliverers. HUNGRY was going to be the Uber of catering. Jay-Z was a fan. Then came the global pandemic. Sun Genomics Closes First Round Of Series A Financing At $8.65M – Crunchbase News. Sun Genomics aims to make every human’s gut healthy through its direct-to-consumer custom probiotics solution, and thanks to a Series A has more investor dollars to put toward that mission.

Sun Genomics Closes First Round Of Series A Financing At $8.65M – Crunchbase News

Subscribe to the Crunchbase Daily The company’s flagship product is Floré, a microbiome test and gut probiotics solution that uses whole-genome sequencing to evaluate samples, then recommends personalized products based on users’ unique gut profiles, Sunny Jain, founder and CEO of Sun Genomics, told Crunchbase News. The company also has a digestive powder product for children called Floré Tots. Pangaea Ventures led the first closing of the San Diego-based company’s $8.65 million Series A round, with additional investments from Danone Manifesto Ventures, SOSV, Human Longevity and Nascita Ventures.

SOSV led Sun Genomics’ seed round in 2019, and with the new cash infusion, the company’s total funding is $11.75 million to date, Jain said. How CAMP is Enabling Summer Fun Online Through Interactive Digital Entertainment. Walmart Connects With Parents By Broadening Its App Experience A new digital camp experience draws on star power from the likes of LeBron James and Drew Barrymore to guide kids on virtual choose-your-own adventure sessions ranging themes from arts and makeup to physical fitness.

How CAMP is Enabling Summer Fun Online Through Interactive Digital Entertainment

Powered by niche retailer CAMP, the goal of Camp by Walmart is to keep kids entertained and offer online alternatives to cancelled summer fun. 50 virtual activities debuted through the Walmart app on July 8, with 200 more rolling out until September. Monthly Cheese Delivery – The Cheese Geek. Free Camel Milk! Just Pay for S&H. The meal service for insanely busy people. For all your cheesy experiences.

How We Make Animal-Free Dairy Proteins. Local grocery orders placed through WhatsApp (Facebbok & Reliance) UK dairy campaign partners with Mind. The dairy industry unveiled details of the new consumer campaign, announced last week, which has seen AHDB, Dairy UK, Defra, the Scottish and Welsh governments and the Northern Ireland Executive join forces to deal with the fall-out of the coronavirus.

UK dairy campaign partners with Mind

As part of the campaign, the dairy industry will be supporting mental health charity Mind to highlight the importance of human connections during lockdown. The ‘Milk Your Moments’ campaign aims to celebrate and inspire the little moments of connection that are bringing people together whilst physically apart due to coronavirus. By encouraging more open conversations with others, the industry hopes to support Mind in making a positive impact on people’s mental health. Ageria yoghurt - the elixir of life. Popular Now Could yoghurt be the elixir of life?

Ageria yoghurt - the elixir of life

The founders of Ageria think so. American Corey Howe (front right) and his Austrian colleagues Andreas Stuermer, Alexander Gfrerer and David Weichselbaum set up their Irish company Ageria in 2015 with one radical aim – to develop a food product that offers, if not eternal youth, then at least the prospect of slowing down ageing. The four met at a biohacker conference, and online, before participating in IndieBio, the Cork based synthetic biology accelerator programme founded by entrepreneur Bill Liao. Their goal is to create a high performance ‘second gen’ yoghurt capable of eating into the $260 billion global anti-ageing product market. The ‘Youngurt’ Nestlé launches nesQino to create healthy, customizable superfood drinks. Nestlé has launched nesQino – a smart and simple solution that enables people to personalize healthy superfood drinks made from 100% natural ingredients, at home or in the office.

Nestlé launches nesQino to create healthy, customizable superfood drinks

First launched in China, nesQino comprises a silent, digitally connected Q-cup machine, superfood sachets, and three different base sachets: smoothie, oat shake and milk shake. With nesQino, consumers can make 21 different superfood drink recipes designed by creative nutritionists using different types of ingredients known to be healthy. OriginTrail. Making Supply Chains Work. Together. Country Delight - Fresh Cow and Buffalo Milk, Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Pune. Natural Machines: The Makers of Foodini, a 3D Food Printer. Mitsubishi produces new cobot. Home - Yomee. SomaDetect: Sensors detect critical indicators of dairy-quality. Zippin launches in Europe with the first ever checkout-free store-within-a-store.

Home - Solar Foods Ltd. Dairy AdvanCE. Why is Earning & Tracking Continuing Education (CEs) Important?

Dairy AdvanCE

Take control of your professional development. Increase efficiencies and challenge yourself with accredited trainings from 3rd party education providers, which provide you CEs with each training you complete. All accredited trainings are vetted through a rigorous application-based process to ensure listed trainings are top quality, robust in content and matched with expert instructors. Be proactive and prepared. Demonstrate your dairy businesses' dedication to animal care, natural and human resources, business and financial management, and beyond. Prove your value as a dairy professional and community leader. Read what others have to say about tracking their continuing education through Dairy AdvanCE. View FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) Selver launches Cleveron’s innovative grocery robot — Cleveron. Selver, an Estonian supermarket chain, launched Cleveron 501 that enables customers to receive online-ordered groceries without human contact.

We make packaging disappear - Notpla. Atria - Borrow a BBQ grill. Calculator for tracking the environmental benefits of replacing beef with plant-based products. ALGAIA ACCELERATES GROWTH WITH NEW PRODUCT LINES. Algaia, S.A. announces completion of a 2.2m€ investment round to continue fueling its double-digit growth. One of Algaia’s main growth engine is a new range of seaweed-based texturing solutions named VegAlg® designed to contribute shape and structure, and add juiciness to plant-based burgers. Also included is a new range of alginates for processed cheese in cordon bleu. Investment and impressive sales growth. Kemin’s algae-sourced beta glucan BetaVia gets novel foods nod: ‘An opportunity for innovative product developers’

BetaVia Complete, an algae-sourced beta glucan ingredient, is manufactured through a patented process using a proprietary strain of algae, Euglena gracilis ATCC PTA-123017. It is the ‘first and only’ ingredient derived from this strain to be issued a positive opinion from EFSA, according to Kemin. EFSA has concluded that BetaVia Complete is safe when used in food supplements; foods for total diet replacement for weight control; and as a food ingredient added to a number of food products.

EFSA’s positive safety review reflects the safety evaluation performed by the EFSA Panel on Nutrition, Novel Foods and Food Allergens on Kemin's immune support ingredient. The company said the food safety agency could not have reached this positive conclusion without Kemin's proprietary safety data. The news paves the way to full novel foods approval, Miguel Martinho, marketing manager Europe at Kemin Human Nutrition and Health, explained.

Immune support gets COVID-19 boost Immunity health claims in Europe. 15 Dairy Alternative Startups. FarmTree: dairy analytics platform for farmers. Smart Dairy Inside: Standardized Dairy Farm-In-A-Box. Introduces Valio Carbo® Farm calculator – to help lower its farmers’ CO2e emissions by an estimated 30% within 5 years. Emissions from milk production can be reduced in many ways. One of the most important methods is carbon farming, i.e. farming methods that maximize the carbon sequestration capacity of fields. The carbon footprint also decreases by increasing the per-hectare harvest of grass for feeding cows. Cow welfare also has a big climate impact: emissions per litre of milk are reduced when cows live longer and produce milk well. The proper handling of manure also reduces emissions: tilling manure into soil rather than spraying it reduces nutrient runoff, and less industrial fertilizers are needed.

Some dairy farms are already using their own biogas plants. Over the decades, Finnish dairy farms have done a lot of work to reduce their carbon footprint. . - Finnish cows’ methane emissions per litre of milk have halved in 50 years as a result of improved animal productivity, health, and nutrition. Actions reducing emissions are also savings actions. Nestle: Machine creates healthy, customizable superfood drinks (APR 2020) Medically-approved meal kits contain immunity-boosting ingredients (MAY 2020) Coronavirus: Ramo cambió el nombre de sus productos para apoyar en la cuarentena. Would a Stephen Starr pizza, delivered by a vampire shake up lockdown? Department of Distraction Services. Dream Gallery. Smart Project and drinks brand owners deliver online training for Russian airport retail staff. RUSSIA. Don’t let a health crisis get in the way of staff training. That was the defiant message from Russian marketing agency Smart Project, which recently facilitated online training sessions for the employees of duty free stores across key airports in Russia.

Virtual chocolate testing. Remotesnacks: Snack Box Subscription For Remote Employees.