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ODB 4thEdition GlobalReport. עיר חכמה ומקימת. DataSF Guidebook: Data Coordinators V 3.0. EU Open Data Portal Report: Open Data in cities. By Anastasia Panori on .

EU Open Data Portal Report: Open Data in cities

Posted in Cities, Platforms, Apps, Solutions Open Data portals are in place, increasingly backed by solid Open Data policies. Cities have an important role to play here. This report investigates the Open Data initiatives in eight medium-sized European cities, after having analysed Open Data initiatives in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Paris, Stockholm and Vienna in a previous report. Cities covered in this report include Dublin, Florence, Gdansk, Ghent, Helsinki, Lisbon, Thessaloniki and Vilnius.

Executive summary.

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Videos of Storage Facilities. Water Footprint - טביעות רגל מימית. Calculating Power Wasted on Standby. Municipal Solid Waste Management Projects. Water. 100% Renewable Energy Cities. Big data. Big data videos. Data Platforms. Data Analysis of Municipal Waste.

Crumbling Infrastructure

Sidewalk Labs. Vertical farms. Smart City Videos. SMART CITIES. International Organizations for Sustainability. Articles on Renewable Energy. IOT. GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) Articles on City Renewal. Overflow sewage report update. Project ides. SunToWater Technologies-Water From Air Generators (877) 898-9598. Chicago’s new smart sensor network is a game changer for city data - Curbed. How the big-data revolution can help design ideal cities. There are sensors everywhere collecting data, unnoticed.

How the big-data revolution can help design ideal cities

Data on how you move through space – on foot, on bike, in a car, in public transit. How much water and electricity you use, and when; how much garbage you produce and where it goes. Data on things we haven’t yet imagined. And these reams and reams of information will allow us to not only understand the city better but improve it. This is the future of the city. We are only now at the earliest stages of this transformation. This is evidence trumping gut feeling. Big data could be the key to bettering life in urban settings, says Dr. The group has partnered with real-estate developers Related Cos. and Canada’s Oxford Property Group in a project currently in New York that bills itself as the world’s first “quantified community.”

“Understanding the pulse of life in the neighbourhood could really help, we think, design an urban space that meets the needs of the people who are living and working there much better,” Kontokosta says. Indian Scientists Design Solar Tree to Save Space for Solar Power Generation. Indian scientists have designed a “solar tree” that they hope will help overcome one of the key challenges the country faces in the generation of solar power.

Indian Scientists Design Solar Tree to Save Space for Solar Power Generation

With photovoltaic panels placed at different levels on branches made of steel, “solar trees” could dramatically reduce the amount of land needed to develop solar parks. “It takes about four-square meters of space to produce energy which otherwise would have required 400 square meters of space. So almost 100 times the space is saved, which as you know is very valuable,” said Daljit Singh Bedi, chief scientist at the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in New Delhi, whose laboratory in Kolkata developed the tree.

A scarce resource in India, acquisition of land to develop roads, factories and other infrastructure is a sensitive issue that has led to frequent and sometimes violent protests from displaced people. Scientists estimate the energy generated by a solar tree would be sufficient to light up five homes. 22 CityLink - The Intelligent Living Platform. #hbrlive. “There’s not one definition for a smart city – but we are working to change that” I interviewed Dr Patricia McCarney, who is President and CEO of the World Council on City Data (WCCD) and is a Professor of Political Science and the Director of the Global Cities Institute (GCI) at the University of Toronto, Canada.

“There’s not one definition for a smart city – but we are working to change that”

She enlightened me on the need to agree on a standard set of metrics for a smart city, and how the WCCD and Global Cities Institute continue to work towards these requirements. What is a smart city in your view? Unfortunately, there is no one definition for a smart city and coming up with a single, “one-size fits all” definition for cities around the world is next to impossible. Every city, globally, has a unique sets of needs, wants and resources and the definition of a smart city must adapt to this fluidity.

If a city in a less developed region is struggling with basic electrical and sanitation needs, then that should be the city’s focus with regards to the smart agenda. ערים חכמות: מדברים על זה וממשיכים לחפש תקציבים - אנשים ומחשבים - פורטל חדשות היי-טק, מיחשוב, טלקום, טכנולוגיות. Parans Solar Lighting.

Civic Innovation And Sidewalk Labs

Devices and Products. New Innovations. Managing Consumption. Efficiency In Resource Management. Residential Energy Storage Systems. Optimiziation 0f Renewable Energy התיעלות אנרגטית. Energy Storage. Efficiency in Energy Usage. Management of Electrical Use- Smart Grids. HEMS- Home Energy Management Systems.

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The New Incandescent Light Bulb. Solar Street Lights. Cool Roof. Wind Turbines. Cogeneration CHP (Combined Heat Power) Wood Waste Management. Syngas Bio Gas. Videos. Burning Wood waste.

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Community Solar Projects. Solar Cloth. Solar Canopies for Car parks. Solar Instalations. Solar Walls. החממה לחדשנות חברתית. Contests and Competitions in Solar Energy. Products that use solar power. Solar Energy Data. Solar Glass. Images of Solar Energy. Solar Recharge Stations.

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Articles on Solar Renewable Energy. Startup Accelerator. Examples - דוגמאות. News Articles -כתבות. Accelerator for Social Business. Anglo Business Project. An Incubator for Innovation for renewable energy. Cluster of incubators. Joanna.