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Here Is Another Great Academic Search Engine for Teachers and Students. National Geographic Kids. Christmas Worksheets ESL Activities Games. In this Christmas vocabulary game, students ask yes/no questions in order to guess words related to Christmas.

Christmas Worksheets ESL Activities Games

Give each group of four a set of game cards. The students shuffle the cards and place them face down in a pile on the desk. Also, give each student a copy of the game sheet. The game sheet shows the Christmas vocabulary on the cards. One student begins by picking up a card from the pile, without showing it to anyone. Once Upon A Picture - Image prompts to inspire reading and writing. ESL Conversation Topics +1000 Questions For English Learners. Creative Writing Resources for Kids. Create Reading Activities from Authentic Text in Minutes with Quillionz.

As teachers, we are constantly hearing about the wonders of AI and how it will take over education and make all of our lives easier.

Create Reading Activities from Authentic Text in Minutes with Quillionz

Well here finally is a genuine example of something we can use to save time and effort. Quillionz is an AI-powered question generator that can help you to take any text from anywhere and create a range of comprehension or test questions around it. All you need to do to get Quillionz to generate your questions is register and the find the text you want to use. You can copy-paste your text (anything between 300 and 3000 words) into the Quillionz editor, give it a title, select a domain (the domain is the area of study) from the drop-down menu and then click on ‘Proceed’.

It will then suggest some keywords from the text that you can choose from. Then click on ‘Proceed’ again and the AI-powered platform will analyse the text and highlight any areas in the text where it could be improved for better clarity. Games4esl. ONE-SENTENCE GAMES. More doesn’t always mean better. Smarter is better. One sentence may be as useful for teaching purposes as a wall of text with lots of words.

My today’s post is a collection of one-sentence games (see Word Games if you’d like to try some games with words). These are games that require next to no time to prepare and might be used to help students retain new vocabulary and grammar, improve their speaking and writing, while playing around with the language. Similar to the Telescopic Text experiment, the aim of the game is to expand a phrase or a simple sentence into as long a sentence as possible by adding extra words. Go Go to the shop Go to the shop to buy a mug Go to the shop to buy a coffee mug Go to the shop to buy a ceramic coffee mug I need to go to the shop to buy a lovely ceramic coffee mug I need to go to the shop to buy a lovely ceramic coffee mug for my mom Today, I need to go to the shop to buy a lovely ceramic coffee mug for my mom………………………………………………………………………………… E.g. ‘Who?’

Who?’ E.g. Funny Faces Brochure. Once upon a time ... Open 9 boxes and create a story including the items - Open the box. 35 ways to introduce your lesson topic. Are you fed up with using the same old methods to introduce your lesson topic?

35 ways to introduce your lesson topic

Look no further! Here are 35 ways to kick off your lesson. How many have you tried? Using an anecdote Example topic: idioms You know I play football, right? “can I help you?” And I’m “yeah. She says “They’re £500” And I said “£500???? Here’s some example flashcards I made for teaching idioms. Cuisenaire Rods creation Example topic: Tourist attractions Give each pair of students a bunch of Cuisenaire rods. “Work in pairs. Students then look at each model and guess the attraction. Cuisenaire Rods model Create your own model using rods. (Here is my example of the UK political parties and their share of the vote, for a recent lesson on politics) Musical “Guess the topic” Example topic: family and relationships Think of 3 or 4 songs which in some way reference the theme/topic of your lesson Avril Lavigne – Skater Boi (“he was a boy, she was a girl, can I make it any more obvious?”)

The Hollies – He ain’t heavy (he’s my brother) Present Simple - Kids - Random wheel. Crear un Dobble con Genially.