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How to Get a Complete Workout with Nothing But Your Body. As someone who has never been motivated to work out, I thought I would add two things that have helped me to stay motivated, even if I let it slide for a few days.

How to Get a Complete Workout with Nothing But Your Body

First, I added my planned workouts as tasks in google calendar. Now, I have to check them off as I complete them. If I get lazy, they start to back up and I start to feel guilty about it. I'll push them back and reset the schedule, but at least it gets me working out again instead of feeling like I've already failed and just give up on it. Second, I started using Fitocracy, which turns working out into a game. Flagged. Awesome Rooms. Yogatailor. Have you got what it takes? — PR Friendly, Brand Ambassador, Health & Fitness Mom Blog. Health Tips - Home Remedies That Work at - Womans Day. Nobody is naysaying the wonders of modern medicine—what would we do without a medication like penicillin to treat infections?

Health Tips - Home Remedies That Work at - Womans Day

But, as it turns out, everyday items have secret curing powers, too. Next time you don’t want to fork over money to get a common wart removed, consider using duct tape. Already popped two aspirin but can’t get rid of the headache? A pencil could do the trick. Below, get medical explanations behind a few bizarre—albeit brilliant—MacGyver-esque home remedies. Duct Tape to Remove Warts In 2002, a group of doctors compared duct tape’s effectiveness with liquid nitrogen in removing warts. Vapor Rub to Cure Nail Fungus While there are no studies to prove coating infected toenails with vapor rub once or twice a day is an effective treatment for nail fungus, a basic Internet search results in a number of personal testaments to the medicinal ointment's fungus-killing powers.

Oatmeal to Soothe Eczema “This is absolutely true, as oats have anti-inflammatory properties,” Dr. How to Sleep Well. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to sleep.

How to Sleep Well

Tossing and turning. Your mind is racing, going over everything that happened today. Night noises keep you awake. What can you do? There ARE things you can do! A hot bath will raise your body temperature, but it is the drop in body temperature that may leave you feeling sleepy. Trouble Sleeping? As soon as you get up in the morning, go outside and turn your face to the sun for 15 minutes. Sleep Problems Are Costly - CNN Sleep Tips from CNN Plus Online Sleep Clinics Help the Weary Find Relief - CNN Healthy Sleep - Pacific Coast Feather Co. Tips for Restful Sleep - Group Health Co-Op Diagnostic Classification Steering Committee, Thorpy MJ, Chairman.

Kryger, Meir H., Roth, Thomas, Dement, William C. Please note: If you see a mistake, or wrong information, please E-mail: Nodmaster. Go back to The Sleep Well Home Page. 15 Minute Workout - Denise Austin 15 Minute Chair Workout - Womans Day. If you’re starting to lose your motivation to exercise at this time of year, don’t throw in the towel—just grab a chair.

15 Minute Workout - Denise Austin 15 Minute Chair Workout - Womans Day

You can use it to change up your workout and increase calorie burn. Kick off your shoes and get situated in your family room or basement (you’ll need enough space to kick your leg back while standing by the chair). Do this routine twice a week and you should see results just in time for the holiday season! 1. Glute Kicks AFacing the chair, bend at your waist and place your hands flat down near the edge of the seat. Glute Kicks BKick your left leg straight back, keeping your foot flexed so it forms a straight line with your torso. 2. Hip & Thigh Trimmer BLift your leg a few inches, keeping your upper body straight and facing forward. 3. 4.

Triceps Dip BBend your arms and lower down a few inches so that your elbows form a 90-degree angle. 5. 6. Full Body Stretch BLift up slowly from your waist, keeping your back and right arm straight. No More Dirty Looks. How to Get a Complete Workout with Nothing But Your Body.

11 Prescription Foods To Cure Your Illnesses. Why take pills if you can eat these 11 everyday foods that can help cure most common illnesses?

11 Prescription Foods To Cure Your Illnesses

14 natural items for your alternative first aid kit. Cloves.

14 natural items for your alternative first aid kit

Photo by Elenadan Find out which multitasking natural remedies merit a spot in your backpack. IF YOU’VE COME TO trust in herbal and alternative medicine at home, it can be a hard decision to go back to Pepto-Bismol and Dayquil when you’re getting ready to go abroad. With these 14 items it’s easy to keep up that alternative health kick you’ve been on, even when you’re 5000 miles from home. 1. This is top of the list because it’s just so damn useful. Echinacea. 2. A powerful antibacterial, antibiotic, and antiparasitical potion. 3. Few things can kill a travel buzz like bad menstrual cramps. 4. All-Heal, Self- Heal and Heal-All are all common names of a plant which has many uses: antibiotic, antiseptic, astringent. Ginger root. 5. Stomach troubles are one of the most common issues among travelers. 6. Arnica is commonly found in two forms, either as a gel( look for Boiron brand) or in homeopathic pellets. 7. Native to Australia, the tea tree plant produces a powerful astringent oil.

Yoga Poses to Relieve Pain, Calm Anxiety and More - iVillage. The 10 Best Foods for Your Looks - Health - GOOD - StumbleUpon. You can slather yourself from your forehead to your pinkie toe in organic lotions, but if you think that alone will make you glow, we have some bad news.

The 10 Best Foods for Your Looks - Health - GOOD - StumbleUpon

From its well documented health benefits to its undeniable impact on physical beauty, good nutrition is the pillar of every kind of healthy lifestyle. That doesn't mean you need to swear off bacon and beer or anything. The trick is finding the right balance. But with new studies coming out every month about what we should put in our mouths—not to mention the unending discovery of mysterious superfruits from deep in the forests of wherever—it can be hard to keep track of what, exactly, we should be eating.

To simplify things, here's a can't-go-wrong shopping list. This is the tenth installment in a series inspired by No More Dirty Looks: The Truth About Your Beauty Products and the Ultimate Guide to Safe and Clean Cosmetics, a book by GOOD's features editor Siobhan O'Connor and her co-author Alexandra Spunt. Read more on their blog. Health Tips - Home Remedies That Work at - Womans Day - StumbleUpon. 7 Day Detox - Weight Loss Diet Plan - Detox Diets - The Daily Green.

In my quest to strike a middle ground between eating out and eating sprouts, I’ve done GOOP’s liquid harvest (yay!)

7 Day Detox - Weight Loss Diet Plan - Detox Diets - The Daily Green

And I’ve gone gluten free (boo!). GOOP’s veggie-heavy eating made me a ball of energy who came thisclose to grabbing people on the L train and telling them, “TRY THIS! IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!” Conversely, for someone who’s spent 30+ years pretending Yellow #7 is an ingredient, a gluten-free diet proved too extreme against bad, but solid, habits. But I ain’t no quitter – and thankfully, I’ve got help.

For those without a lot of kitchen savoir-faire, Juliette outlines an easy plan with options. DAY 1 The reliance on produce – especially fruit – in this plan is front and center, so I decide to start my days with smoothies. It’s undressed salad for lunch (zzzz), and by dinner, the creativity starts to slide – as does the will to come home from a long day and start cooking. Oh, and I’ve solved the potato issue: Stewed tomatoes and diced onions. About Jenny. AilmentsSs - What Grandma Knew - Herbal Remedies for Common Problems& - StumbleUpon.

Yoga Journal: Yoga Poses, Classes, Meditation, and Life - On and Off the Mat - Namaste - StumbleUpon. Ease Neck and Shoulder Tension Quickly with Desk Yoga. Yoga & other useful stuff with Tara Stiles - Download free podcast episodes by on iTunes. Customer Reviews Don't Even Bother . . . by zukigirlzukigirl If you are a serious yoga devotee . . .

Yoga & other useful stuff with Tara Stiles - Download free podcast episodes by on iTunes.

Don't Even Bother! Tara zips through the yoga poses with the attituide of "Hey, look at me. ...More Disappointed by HairMJ Podcast had potential but until she can get over her politcal pettiness and snide remarks she won't demonstrate the positive energy that is essential to yoga. Goes too fast; strays off topic by misslizabeth She goes through her routines much too quickly and for a beginner it could be very easy to get lost or even injured. Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres and Ashrams.