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Elliot Condon { Using the Advanced Custom Fields Plugin to create a custom home page in WordPress Elliot Condon { Using the Advanced Custom Fields Plugin to create a custom home page in WordPress Here’s a simple tutorial showing how you can create a professional quality custom home page for your WordPress website using the free “Advanced Custom Fields” plugin. In this tutorial we will look at how the Advanced Custom Fields plugin can be used to create a professional home page fit for your client. What will I need? General knowledge of making a WordPress theme General knowledge of PHP

SpritePad - Create and edit css sprites

SpritePad - Create and edit css sprites SpritePad is your free and easy-to-use web app for creating CSS spritemaps. It only needs seconds: Drag & drop your images onto the grid and have it immediately available as one PNG + CSS code. No fiddling in Photoshop, no manual assignment of CSS styles, no long-winded setups, SpritePad makes creating spritemaps as easy as writing your next e-mail. What SpritePad can do for you We are Kiss We’re an independent company from Germany, a team of experienced media and web specialists.
WordPress 3 has gone gold and ships with an amazing new menu manager that can be used to control the navigation menus of your website. This tutorial will teach you how to change the default output of this manager, since getting a custom output can heavily improve the style of your themes. So first of all here is an example of the wordpress menu we want to build. How to display the content of the wordpress menu description field Improve your Wordpress Navigation Menu Output Improve your Wordpress Navigation Menu Output
Den Arzttermin online buchen – verschiedene neue Plattformen wie ( machen es möglich. Im Interview spricht Mitgründer Bjoern Keune über die Abgrenzung zu den Mitbewerbern, erste Zahlen und welche Fachärzte sich am schnellsten überzeugen lassen. Es hat erstaunlich lange gedauert, bis Menschen ihre Arzttermine übers Internet buchen können. Warum kommt die Online-Terminvereinbarung erst jetzt?Ärzte akzeptieren neue Technologien traditionell etwas später, das ist auch richtig – bei Ärzten darf nichts schief gehen. Unser Maßstab ist es, das Verabreden von Arztterminen so einfach zu machen wie das Bestellen einer Pizza. “Wir haben echten Patiententraffic und zahlende Ärzte” – Bjoern Keune von im Interview “Wir haben echten Patiententraffic und zahlende Ärzte” – Bjoern Keune von im Interview
How to Zoom and Pan with SVG (Preliminary) How to Zoom and Pan with SVG (Preliminary) This topic shows you how to use Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) to zoom and pan, and ends with an example of a complex organizational chart that can be zoomed and panned. Basic HTML and JavaScript knowledge are assumed, as well as access to a browser that can render inline SVG in HTML5, such as Windows Internet Explorer 9 and later. Introduction
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Datavisualization OKCon 2013 29 Aug 2013 Events Conference On September 16th to 18th, Geneva will host OKCon 2013, the annual Open Knowledge Conference, bringing together representatives from agencies and public administrations, technology activists, civic entrepreneurs and data-driven designers. Read more How We Visualized Meteorite Impacts 14 Jun 2013 Inside Infographic, Process


Pure CSS Shapes: Triangles, Delicious Logo, and Hearts » CSS/HTML » Russell Heimlich

31 Free Clean Icon Sets For Minimal Web Design

All clever things are usually very simple. Sometimes you just want to stay with the old valuables and keep it subtle. These icons will look great with clean and minimal web designs and also notice since almost all of them are monochromatic you can put different colors, create your own letterpress and different effects without spending time to create your own actual icon. I think minimal and letterpress effects currently are very popular in webdesigns and many designers will find this collection useful and worth bookmarking! 31 Free Clean Icon Sets For Minimal Web Design Home

Welcome to, personal site and web playground of Birmingham (UK) based developer Mark James. Silk icons - That's your lot 11:11pm 12th March 2006 Permalink After a hiatus for website updates, I have spent a little time tidying up the free Silk web icons, adding a few of the many requested icons and a sprinkle of others to complete the set. Home
This is a simple example of Coolhunting over the internet. To start with, I would like to thank Professor Gloor for inviting me to write on Swarm Creativity blog. This was a study I did for the Collaborative Innovation Networks class in MIT Sloan, which was taught by Professor Gloor. The goal is to use variety of tools offered by Condor to compare people’s perception of products, and understand the difference between “cool” and “hot”. Swarm Creativity Blog Swarm Creativity Blog
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JSGB v.0.02: a JavaScript Nintendo GameBoy Emulator and Debugger JSGB v.0.02: a JavaScript Nintendo GameBoy Emulator and Debugger fn 00F6: 00 = NOP fn 00F7: 00 = NOP fn 00F8: 00 = NOP fn 00F9: 00 = NOP
Lean Project Management Software Tour – Improve | AgileZen Find ways to improve AgileZen's project management software can grow and adapt with you as you find more efficient ways to work. By tracking some simple performance metrics, AgileZen helps you understand how well you're doing. Track performance metrics AgileZen helps you understand how efficient your team is by tracking some lean performance metrics, like cycle time and lead time.
GmbH | Münchner Werbeagentur für Werbekonzepte, Onlinelösungen und Designleistungen Webdesign und Onlinelösungen aus München Hier trifft aussagekräftiges Design auf technisches Know-How x75 ist Ihr Partner für sämtliche Kommunikationslösungen mit Schwerpunkt Internet. Unser kreatives und engagiertes Team stellt sich ganz auf Ihre individuellen Anforderungen ein. Ob strategische Werbekonzepte, Leistungen aus dem Bereich Grafikdesign oder Onlinelösungen für hohe Ansprüche – wir garantieren hochwertige Qualität, transparente Kostenstrukturen und partnerschaftliche Kundenbeziehungen.
Das Nachrichtenportal der Süddeutschen Zeitung wurde heute relauncht. „Schöner, schlichter, besser“ lautet das Motto und tatsächlich wird dieser Eindruck auch von Seiten der Stammleser bestätigt, die in einer SZ-eigenen Umfrage mehrheitlich (64%) die neue Umgebung als besser einstufen. Wer derlei Umfragen auf Nachrichtenportalen kennt, der weiß, dass solch ein positives Votum selten genug anzutreffen ist. Relaunch von
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