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Lightroom KeyWording & Lists

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PRISM Metadata - Idealliance. Specifications Home PRISM Metadata Vocabularies The PRISM Working Group initiated its work in 1999, released PRISM Metadata Specification 1.0 in 2001.

PRISM Metadata - Idealliance

PRISM addressed publishing across print and online media platforms by releasing PRISM 2.0 in 2008. Today PRISM Specifications have been updated to address mobile content distribution as well. Photo Metadata IPTC. Guide to Photo Metadata Fields. If you are trying to compare what fields labels are matches between various applications (like Photoshop, Lightroom, Bridge or iView), you may find the charts in the "IPTC Core Mapped Fields" PDF, (available from the website) to be helpful.

Guide to Photo Metadata Fields

Additional Model Information [IPTC Extension]The Additional Model Information field can be used to record information about the ethnicity and other facets of the model(s) in a model-released image. Use the Model Age field to note the age of model(s). Artwork or Object in the Image [IPTC Extension]You can use this structured set of metadata fields to record information about artwork or other objects in the image that may have intellectual property rights of their own such as paintings, sculptures, and other forms of artwork. NewsCodes - IPTC. IPTC creates and maintains sets of concepts – called a controlled vocabulary or a taxonomy – to be assigned as metadata values to news objects like text, photographs, graphics, audio and video files and streams.

NewsCodes - IPTC

This allows for a consistent coding of news metadata across news providers and over the course of time – that’s the reason why we call them IPTC NewsCodes. What can NewsCodes be used for? For the news industry – but also far beyond – it is a strict requirement being able to assert something about the content of a news item, to apply so called metadata. This could be achieved either by free-text human language (e.g. by a headline or a caption) or by codes, NewsCodes. Codes have the advantage that they can be easily shared among users and as each code requires an explicit and comprehensive definition not only the codes but also their semantics can be shared among users.

Free Online Keywording Tool, IPTC editor, suggestions for photo tags. New keywording tool Try the new FREE iStock keywording tool with cloud backup - offering AI keyword suggesting, auto categories and bulk-edit features.

Free Online Keywording Tool, IPTC editor, suggestions for photo tags

This is a must for all serious stock-contributors - go to This tool will suggest keywords based on similar images, and it lets you compare keyword popularity. The site aims to serve the needs of photographers and illustrators in their quest to tag/keyword their images. Free Online Keywording Tool, IPTC editor, suggestions for photo tags. Organize Your Lightroom Keywords into Keyword Hierarchies. If you have been following advice from me and others, you are taking the time to keyword your photos using the Keywording panel, so that you can find them later.

Organize Your Lightroom Keywords into Keyword Hierarchies

Now it is time to organize these keywords. The Keyword List panel, which is below the Keywording panel, shows you all the keywords you have ever assigned to photos in your catalog. Chances are, at this point it’s just a very long list, sorted alphabetically. More Fall Cleaning – Eliminating Lightroom Keyword Duplicates and Misspellings. In my first Lightroom Fall Cleaning Post, one of my 9 suggested tasks was deleting unused keywords.

More Fall Cleaning – Eliminating Lightroom Keyword Duplicates and Misspellings

In this post I will explain how to clean up duplicate and misspelled keywords. We will use the Keyword List panel, which is below the Keywording panel on the left in Lightroom’s Library module. If you have a misspelled keyword and don’t have another version with the correct spelling, simply right-click on the keyword in the Keyword List panel and select Edit Keyword Tag. In the dialog box, change the Keyword Name in the dialog box that comes up, and click Edit to save the change. If you already have another version with the correct spelling, Lightroom won’t let you rename the old one to the new one directly, so the process is more involved. Three versions of the same keyword. RAW, Post Processing & Printing in forums.

NinetyEight wrote in post #6995486 This is not a sarcastic comment, but why do you need to buy ($70 :shock or download a list of words?

RAW, Post Processing & Printing in forums

Keyword Hierarchies. Keywording.

Keyword Hierarchies

Yech. You might not have any need for keywording your photos (in which case, what are you doing here?) But if you use them commercially, chances are that you have no choice. Particularly for stock agencies, keywords are key (ahaha) to selling photos because keywords are used at the heart of their searches. And yet keywording is just so dull. Lightroom Keywords Updated. Changing lightbulbs on a vintage sign in Globe, Arizona If you read the Ann-alog via feed, you wouldn’t have noticed that I implemented a major redesign between Thanksgiving and New Years.

Lightroom Keywords Updated

As per usual, a few files went astray, and I got an email asking for the link to my Lightroom keyword file from this ancient post. Since that post, I have keyworded over 50,000 of my images, the list has grown to 1900+ hierarchical keywords, not counting individuals’ names. Link to the new list: Right Click to Save (.txt format) I ran a test on a new, empty catalog in LR3, and the list imported without problems, but back up your catalog before you try mine, ‘kay? One thing I noticed in that test run is that Lightroom 3 now lets me import my keywords with my “unusual” characters, like § or • which is a good thing, since I am using them with rigor now. But I digress: the reason for the non-alpha characters is that I tend to keyword fast and furious. Lightroom Keyword List for Photographers.

Lets face it - no photographer enjoys the task of keywording his photos, but if those images are to be found online by picture researchers or image buyers, its a task that has to be endured if we expect our photos to translate to useful sales.

Lightroom Keyword List for Photographers

Can a Buyer find your image? No? Then it will never sell! Even though keywording our images is a task that can't be avoided, anything we can do to reduce the amount of time taken would therefore be very welcome. As a professional travel photographer with 1000s of images in my databases, I've put in a lot of time thinking about this problem. Free Lightroom keyword list of animals and plants - Digital Darkroom Forum. Photography Keyword Lists & Free Keywording Resources for Lightroom. Commercial Keyword Lists for Photographers Controlled Vocabulary - They say: "Version 3.0 contains approximately 11,000 keyword terms organized in a hierarchical structure with segregated synonyms.

A broad range of people, lifestyle, and concept themes are included. " The cost: "Lightroom CV Keyword Catalog + 1 yr. of subscription updates: $69.99" See the full list of their 27 categories here: save you doing the math: 11,000 keywords @ $69.99 means you get 157 keywords for $1.

Lightroom Keyword List Project. Free Lightroom Keyword Library Download. Hey folks! Keyword Lists / Controlled Vocabularies.