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Nic Allen

Stoner rock bands always seem to come out with the best psychedelic, non-heavy songs. So let's get a playlist going, please add to it! : stonerrock.

Airport scooter

Steel Tube Direct - Select Your Steel Tube. Steering. Seymour powell. Electric trike conversion kit with gear bridge. Electric trike kit with differential gear bridge 800w to 2000w [UDB101] - $548.00 : brushless dc motor, UU Motor online Store. Details: If you need such electric trike kit, please email us for details at; you may click here to have a preview of our electric trike kit catalog.

electric trike kit with differential gear bridge 800w to 2000w [UDB101] - $548.00 : brushless dc motor, UU Motor online Store

Motor Power: 800w,1000w,1200w,1500w,2000W(2kw) brushless dc motor Motor Voltage: 60V/48v/72v Axle Length: 1000mm/1100mm/1200mm/770mm/800mm/900mm Maximum load:60v-1200kg/48v-1100kg/72v-1300kg Maximum load speed:40km/h Maximum speed:45km/h complete set of a transaxle kit as shown in the picture includes 1.brushless dc Permanent magnet(20 pcs) gear motor 2000w 2.controller 3.rear transaxle(gearbridge) 4.two direction switch 5.brake power switches 6.connection box 7.throttle rear axle Brake hub Diameter:180mm(30-45km/h) it uses for Electric tricycle passenger and van and golf car certificate: CCC,CEGear Ration: for load carge using ratio is 1:12; for load passenger using ratio is 1:10 Current Reviews: 0 This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 19 August, 2012.

The Secret UX Issues That Will Make (Or Break) Self-Driving Cars.

Closed scenario

Marketing In The Fast Lane With Self-Driving Cars. From George Orwell predicting the overwhelming reach of television in 1984 to the video phone calls in Back to the Future, it seems that technology often imitates pop culture.

Marketing In The Fast Lane With Self-Driving Cars

Nowhere could that be truer than with the new developments in self-driving vehicles. These self-driving vehicles won’t just change the way we look at transportation. They will shift people’s behavior in a critical way, making it a new avenue for digital marketing. When you consider how much time the average person spends in their vehicle every day — about two hours according to most studies — this type of marketing could become a new cornerstone.

This new avenue could be a great new way for brands to connect with their target audience, by creating personalized, value-added services. How self driving will become the new driving One of the champions of self-driving cars, Elon Musk, likens them to elevators and the elevator operators of old:


Wheel. City centre. Skating. Old people data. Air Car Advantages. One major advan­tage of using compressed air to power a car's engine is that a pure compressed air vehicle produces no pollution at the tailpipe.

Air Car Advantages

More specifically, the compressed air cars we're likely to see in the near future won't pollute at all until they reach speeds exceeding 35 miles per hour. That's when the car's internal air compressor will kick in to achieve extra speed. The motor that runs this air compressor will require fuel that'll produce a small amount of air pollution. Some fuel (you can use eco-friendly biofuels or fossil fuels) will also be used to heat the air as it emerges from the tank.

The newest compressed air engines also offer drivers the option of using fossil fuels or biofuels to heat the air as it enters the engine. Air cars are also designed to be lighter than conventional cars. Another advantage of air cars is that the fuel should be remarkably cheap, an important consideration in this era of volatile gas prices.

Walker aids

Rain, cycling and glasses: they don't mix. Earlier this week I got drenched riding into work.

Rain, cycling and glasses: they don't mix

Utterly soaked to the bones. It was the sort of rain which meant that after only 10 minutes in the saddle I reached that almost comforting stage of knowing that I couldn't really get any wetter, like a Labrador in a lake. I mention this not to seek sympathy – though it's always welcome – just to ask for your tips. Like most cyclists I'm not a huge fan of rain. Corners become skiddy, metal manhole covers treacherous. You wouldn't know it from my byline pic but I habitually sport spectacles (I removed them for the photo as they were apparently causing some sort of glare).

I've tried a series of different methods to stop the water dripping onto the lenses, even jamming a baseball cap under my bike helmet so the peak acted as a shield. The #ChooseCycling Network. Formed by British Cycling in March 2015, the #ChooseCycling network is a group of British businesses that strongly believe more cycling would be good for their workforce and customers.

The #ChooseCycling Network

Meeting a couple of times a year, the group believe that the promotion of cycling and walking as everyday transport options are crucial to help business thrive, to encourage people to live healthier lives and to make Britain a more pleasant place to live. There are clear benefits for our staff, our customers and our businesses in putting cycling at the heart of transport policy. People who cycle regularly have fewer days off sick, are more motivated and suffer from fewer of the serious conditions caused by a lack of physical activity. More cycling can help retail businesses on our high streets thrive.

Open4Funding. Sketchdrive.


Data. Personal Transport-existing products. Segways are officially illegal.