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SARAH - Documentation. Si vous ne trouvez pas de réponses dans cette communauté Regarder dans la FAQ lié à votre version de SARAH v3 ou v4Chercher de l'aide sur le groupe Google+.

SARAH - Documentation

Sommaire Projet SARAH Pourquoi SARAH ? SARAH, JOSHUA, JARVIS, YURI, et les autres … SARAH, JOSHUA, JARVIS, YURI, et les autres …

SARAH, JOSHUA, JARVIS, YURI, et les autres …

S.A.R.A.H. – Documentation. Wiki. S.A.R.A.H. S.A.R.A.H, installation et premiers pas. Ce n’est pas un retour en enfance que je vous propose (en faisant référence au dessin animé princesse Sarah), mais un bon dans le présent.

S.A.R.A.H, installation et premiers pas

400 Projects tagged with "raspberry pi" Raspberry Pi micro arcade machine - Intro. The Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi micro arcade machine - Intro

Love it, hate it, but you'll have a hard time denying the fact that adding an EUR35 1GHz embedded machine to the arsenal of the average hobbyist is a good thing. Recently, I got one of the Pi's myself exactly because of that reason: it's always useful to expand your toolset with something powerful and cheap. Raspberry Pi. Gmail - Free Storage and Email from Google. Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi. Plus de 50 idées pour votre Raspberry Pi. Nous sommes nombreux à nous être procuré un petit ordinateur Raspberry Pi pour nous lancer dans des projets de ouf malade...

Plus de 50 idées pour votre Raspberry Pi

C'est très cool, mais à part le classique Media Center XBMC, qu'avez-vous fait avec votre Raspberry Pi ? Si vous séchez niveau idées, voici une petite sélection que j'ai rassemblée au cours des derniers mois. J'imagine qu'il y a encore beaucoup d'autres idées et de tutos, donc n'hésitez pas à partager les liens dans les commentaires, je les rajouterai à ma liste.

8 Watt Desktop PC that Fits in the Hand. Building a Green PC. La reproduction du moteur Orbo de Steorn par JL Naudin. La reproduction du moteur Orbo de Steorn par JL Naudincréé le 26 décembre 2009 - JLN Labs - Mis à jour le 2 Mars 2010Toutes les informations et schémas sont publiés gratuitement ( freeware ) et sont destinés à un usage personnel et non commercialAll informations and diagrams are published freely (freeware) and are intended for a private use and a non commercial use.

Moteur magnétique. Moteur magnétique. Activité. Neurocom. Débuter avec Arduino! - Chapter Zero «tronixstuff. Hello world!

Débuter avec Arduino! - Chapter Zero «tronixstuff

Updated 24/11/2012 Please join with us as we learn about electronics and the Arduino! Together through this series of tutorials I would like to share with you a journey of learning, exploration and fun with the Arduino system, and make some enjoyable, useful, interesting, useless and practical things. Arduino Pédalier MIDI avec affichage LCD. Now we can manage N Banks, N Patches, 16 Channels…

Arduino Pédalier MIDI avec affichage LCD

Ftp/atelier-vie-electronique/ressources/GEG-controler-appareils220V-midi.pdf. Système Adafruit apprentissage. Introducing Bluefruit EZ-Link The ultimate serial Bluetooth link & wireless Arduino programmer We are excited to add another product to our growing Adafruit Bluefruit line, this time its the Bluefruit EZ-Link: the best Bluetooth Serial Link device ever made.

Système Adafruit apprentissage

Like you, we have purchased all sorts of Bluetooth serial link modules, with high expectations - we just wanted something that worked! But nothing ever did exactly what we wanted: there was always some configuration modes to wade through, and using one of those other modules to reprogram an Arduino is impossible. So we did what we always do, we went in and engineered something better.

Adafruit 2.8" Color TFT Touchscreen Breakout v2 Color! Tutoriels Arduino - Ethernet + SD. Whatsit?

Tutoriels Arduino - Ethernet + SD

We just got the latest version of the Arduino Ethernet shield with a MicroSD card slot and I promised Bill Greiman I'd try out the latest version of his SdFatLib library so I decided to code up a simple Webified file browser. Its a quicky project and demonstrates what you can do, but it isn't 100% perfect so you should be ready to modify it if you'd like to do other stuff, 'K? Arduino LCD avec seulement 3 broches. It’s clear that I’ll have to connect an Ethernet Shield, an RFID reader, a keypad and an LCD display to the Arduino, so it’s essential that I make the best use of the available pins.

Arduino LCD avec seulement 3 broches

I came across this article which explains how to connect an LCD to the Arduino using the 74HC595 8 Bit Shift Register using only 3 pins. LED Orb 2.0 : Une sphère POV RVB en rotation à base de LED. Voici une réalisation électronique DIY très poussé, c’est un système de type gyroscope qui utilise plusieurs cadrans en rotation dotés de LED RGB. Francais - HomePage browse. Experimentalists Anonymous - Archives. Arduino, moteurs, affichage, shields... Quelques questions. Realisations. Electronique > Réalisations Dernière mise à jour : 15/01/2017 Dernière page ajoutée ou mise à jour : Wattmètre audio 002.

Arduino Controlled RGB LED Light Strips. LED Chaser using Arduino. This is a LED Chaser, with the simplest code. Here you vary the speed of chasing LEDs by potentiometer which is as analog input to arduino.You can have different LED glowing arrangements, like Knight Rider is kinda famous, you can make it by simply putting the same loop but with descending outputs try it. The potentiometer has three pins, the centre one is connected to the analog input of arduino and rest of two pins are GND and Vcc In the picture, the blue lead is going to 5v of Arduino, red lead is connected to GND and Orange lead is connected to analog input of arduino, (Here A0).Here I have used the potentiometer of 100k, However it does not matter, because in programming we set the value ranging from 0-255 Connections with Bread board: The programming code is actually not the proper one, It should be done with bunch of nested for loops which is quite complicated, this is what you are here for, things in easier way, int delayTime = 0; void setup()

MariaMole - Tutoriel. MariaMole is an OpenSource IDE for Arduino. Like the original Arduino environment, MariaMole makes easy for users to create Arduino software. But, while the Arduino IDE is focused on making things the easiest possible for beginners, MariaMole brings some features that experienced users are used to find on professional IDEs. You can see more about it on its oficial webpage. Téléchargement gratuit de logiciels de développement à SourceForge. Aire de jeu pour Arduino - Accueil.

NRF24L01-2.4GHz-HowTo. Having two or more Arduinos be able to communicate with each other wirelessly over a distance opens lots of possibilities:Remote sensors for temperature, pressure, alarms, much moreRobot control and monitoring from 50 feet to 2000 feet distancesRemote control and monitoring of nearby or neighborhood buildingsAutonomous vehicles of all kinds These are a series of 2.4 GHz Radio modules that are all based on the Nordic Semiconductor nRF24L01+ chip. (Details) The Nordic nRF24L01+ integrates a complete 2.4GHz RF transceiver, RF synthesizer, and baseband logic including the Enhanced ShockBurst™ hardware protocol accelerator supporting a high-speed SPI interface for the application controller. The low-power short-range (200 feet or so)Transceiver is available on a board with Arduino interface and built-in Antenna for less than $3!

See it here. NOTE! Power Problems: 2,4 GHz sans fil USB Module NRF24L01 (pas encore disponible) ABC - Arduino Connexions de base - PighiXXX. ABC – Arduino Basic Connections Just about everything you every wanted to know about how interface your Arduino to a wide selection of input and output devices! All cards are now divided in sets (3 cards each). For every card there’s a revision number. Enjoy! SimplenZAR getting more complicated « As the name simplenZAR implicates, this thing should be very simple, but with all the cables it it is not very useful. So I decided to take this a bit further and expand my knowledge a bit. I decided to build a shield to fit the Arduino, so I could get rid of all the cables. For the PCB I started with Eagle Cad, but found that I could do it faster on my own with Illustrator. After an evening of pushing traces around I came up with a quite simple pcb that I could route an my mill.

Arduinoscope - oscilloscope et la sonde logique à l'aide arduino et le traitement. I saw the wonderful arduino/processing scope, and thought of many improvements, including: logic analyzer mode that shows 1's and 0's clearly. pause frame save frame configurable pin-count use as many pins as will fit on screen (tested with 12 at 800x800, seems ok) use scope class in your own thing, easy to reuse, and setup any kind of GUI shows volts, based on scaling settings Arduinoscope is very much a DIY sort of tool. It makes it easy to set it up however is useful. It can be used a lot of different ways (see Usage for more info) Comment modifier le code. Synth In a Box. Synth In a Box Details Published on Friday, 13 January 2012 23:20 I have been conducting a series of music electronics workshops in conjunction with Switched On, the awesome Austin synthesizer shop.

In the November 2011 workshop we build a new mini synthesizer that I designed. It is a simple CMOS synth, but it has a lot of features: Two audio oscillatorsTwo LFOs – one per oscillatorPseudo ring modulator effect – the classic CD4011 XNOR circuitAttack/decay volume envelope – the even more classic single transistor VCAMaster volume control and separate volume controls for each oscillator and the ring modFive passive low pass filters for wave shaping of the LFOs, oscillators and ring modThree modes: constant sound, gated (using the pushbutton) or repeatedRepeat circuit with separate controls for on time and off timeBuilt in amplifier and speaker as well as 1/4" output jack.

DIY Music & electronics. Auduino - tinkerit - Détails du synthétiseur Auduino - Communiqués open source de TinkerLondon et - ​​Google Project Hosting. The Auduino is a sound synthesiser based on the Arduino platform. It works on all Arduinos running at 16MHz - everything from the original Arduino serial to the Arduino Mega. It uses granular synthesis techniques to generate a distinctive filter-sweep sound that had much more character than boring square waves.

Sound is generated by playing the same noise ('grain') repeatedly at very high speed. Lumière Harp ~ Industries Ressources pour les amateurs Constructeurs de harpe de la lumière! ~ Light Harp Industries ~ R E S O U R C E S for Amateur Light Harp Builders Stuart McGregor from the UK fires a proverbial musket volley back at us Yanks with this gorgeous 6-string backscatter light harp based on plans and source code from LHI!

Proof positive that the Redcoats are still a force to be reckoned with. StickHarp - a highly playable light harp instrument. Features 7 optical backscatter proximity detectors ("light strings"), MIDI output, diatonic chord triggering with mood inversion (13 immediately accessible chords), programmable arpeggiator and a piezoelectric speaker for onboard sound synthesis. Beavis Audio Research. This is my first build using an arduino microcontroller. I wanted to create a simple tone output device along the lines of the 555-based atari punk console, but using solely the mcu as the tone generator.

Unfortunately, that was just too simple a task with a microcontroller to play with--it was done in about five minutes and my mind was already forging ahead with a bunch of stupid ideas. Since coding the arduino is simple, I decided to set up eight tone "slots" and then sequence through them. A frequency knob would control the freq of each slot, and a separate tone duration control would allow me to get awesome eighties video game tones. Liste de tous les projets. Robot programmé de base. This page will lead you to step in to robotics, and show you how to make your First Robot Completely programmed by arduino Believe me, making robot with arduino is really a piece of cake only if once you have a complete understanding of things…

Simulation circuits electroniques. Moteur Magnétique. Energie. Incroyables Expériences. Vidéo moteur magnétique. 55) MOTEUR A AIMANT PERMANENT - inventaire des énergies renouvelables. Oscilloscopes. L'indice World Famous d'Arduino & Freeduino connaissances.

Plugins - freedomotic - Extension Freedomotic grâce à des plugins - Immeuble Cadre distribuée et Home Automation. Domogik - Accueil. Coder une console lumière. Arduino, Processing. OUTILSProcessing. OutilsProcessingRecoVocaleIntro.

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