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La République de Star Wars a-t-elle été détruite par l'absence de bons gynécos ? - Motherboard. Short of the Day: ‘Lovestreams’ Revisits the Early Days of Online Relationships. Nowadays, everything is done digitally – paying your bills, ordering goods, keeping up with friends and family, and even finding love. 11% of Americans have used a dating app or website to meet their significant other – yours truly included – and moving forward that number is only going to increase.

Short of the Day: ‘Lovestreams’ Revisits the Early Days of Online Relationships

Online relationships today are commonplace, but remember back in the day, say around the turn of the 21st century, when everything internet was still new and thus a little sketchy? If you were looking for love on the world wide web back then, it wasn’t something you advertised, in fact, it was a bit shameful, like there was something wrong with you, like you couldn’t hack it in the real world and thus had to retreat to the internet, which at the time was perceived as an amalgam of fantasy and reality where nothing could really be trusted.

This is the world and time in which Sean Buckelew’s charming and bittersweet animated short film Lovestreams is set. Life in the blue. □☀️□ Jenny Slate Talks About Her Breakup With Chris Evans. Most pillows are just pillows, but for Jenny Slate, the floral-print puffs arrayed on her pristine white linen couch in her freshly rented apartment in L.A.’s Silver Lake are metaphors.

Jenny Slate Talks About Her Breakup With Chris Evans

For a bright future. For a new life. For freedom. The Obvious Child star and her bichon frise, Reggie, just moved into this sunny one-bedroom in February, and every time she looks at those pillows, she gets so excited because she remembers how she’d bought them while still married to editor-director Dean Fleischer-Camp, her husband for three years, but had to stow them away because she realized it felt like they were living in a box of tampons. Now she and Reggie don’t have to run their decorating decisions by anyone. The bathroom door doesn’t quite close — she’d warned me of this. I have been in her presence for about two minutes. 'She saved me from depression': readers on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It’s been 20 years since Buffy the Vampire Slayer first appeared on TV and taught us that everyone gets a second chance – even if you were expelled from your last school for burning down the gym (accidentally, of course).

'She saved me from depression': readers on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Hailed as a feminist show by Rupert Giles himself, Buffy and the Scooby gang have continued to inspire and empower. In many of the responses we received to our Guardian callout, readers expressed their love for episodes The Body, Restless and Once More With Feeling. From helping people with their sexuality to inspiring others to work in the television industry, here’s what some of our readers said about what the show means to them.

Frenchy Faith, 31, Toronto: Buffy helped me accept myself as a lesbian A French native, I developed a passion for English by watching the show. Amber Benson takes the Spike vs. Angel question somewhere dirty · 11 Questions. Sign in Forgot your password?

You are using an outdated browser. More information »× SupportSign in Sign up today The publisher of this file doesnt allow adblock, please disable and reload ! Openload. Aww hell. That lasagna looks crisp. Untitled. Ayto posts - Are You the One? ~drive-by body pierce~ Ayto posts - Keepmovingdarling.tumblr. Curse of the Blair Witch-1999 PC. Film Les Filles au Moyen Âge streaming vf. Origine du film : Français, Réalisateur : Hubert Viel, Acteur(s) :Chann Aglat, Léana Doucet, Malonn Lévana, Genre : Comédie , Durée : 1h 28min Date de sortie : 2016-01-27 Année de production : 2014 Bande annonce : Cliquez ici pour visualiser la bande annonce Qualité : Dvdrip Format : Xvid Langue : vf Synopsis et détails: Bercés par le récit d'un vieil homme érudit, des enfants d'aujourd'hui se retrouvent transportés au Moyen Âge.

film Les Filles au Moyen Âge streaming vf

Les garçons sont des rois, des moines et des chevaliers. Les filles, des conquérantes, des savantes, des héroïnes. Dans ce Moyen Âge méconnu, elles leur tiennent tête et n'ont de cesse de s'émanciper. Veuillez patienter quelques secondes avant le chargement du Lecteur. Le Columbarium. Evan Smith's "Time Trap" Part. Luan Oliveira's "Mic Check" Part. Kevin Kowalski's "On One" Part. Institut français .TV. Glass: An Oscar-Winning Documentary Short on Dutch Glassblowing from 1958. Hannah Arendt - Du devoir de la désobéissance civile. "Mon métier, c’est la théorie politique, je veux comprendre", disait Hannah Arendt.

Hannah Arendt - Du devoir de la désobéissance civile

Née en 1906 en Allemagne, la brillante étudiante juive de Martin Heidegger, avec lequel elle entretient une relation intellectuelle passionnée, assiste à la montée du nazisme et s’engage, avant de choisir l’exil en 1933. Une expérience fondatrice qui imprégnera sa pensée et l’amènera à analyser l’essence des totalitarismes, avec une profonde acuité et un anticonformisme revigorant. "Réfléchir, cela signifie penser toujours de manière critique", aimait à rappeler l’auteure des Origines du totalitarisme.