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Main_Report_2016_Ten_Frontier_Tecnologies_for_International_Development. Search for a Dataset - Humanitarian Data Exchange. Won Most Innovative Tech Company in the Emerging Markets Award by MongoDB.


PEPFAR Dashboards. DDFinance. Budgit - The Nigerian Budget Made Simple. Tarifs de GoToMeeting. NuCivic - The nü standard in civic technology - NuCivic. Human Network International - Bridging the development divide. DKT International Family Planning and HIV Prevention. Zimbabwe Health Information System. Data Sites We Love. The Vaccination Tracking System (VTS) - Support Polio Eradication in Nigeria. Open Smart Register Platform. Emmanuel Otin. Technology for good. Richard Branson bekroont Imec-innovatie. Op zijn tropisch privé-eiland heeft de flamboyante ondernemer Richard Branson de start-up Bloom, een spin-off van het Leuvense kenniscentrum Imec, met superlatieven overladen.

Richard Branson bekroont Imec-innovatie

‘Volgens Branson hebben we het potentieel om het leven van miljoenen mensen te impacteren.’ Drie vluchten en een boottocht waren nodig om er te geraken, maar volgens Eric Dy was het‘totally worth the effort’. De jonge ondernemer zakte vorige week af naar Necker Island, het privé-eiland van Virgin-miljardair Richard Branson, bij de Britse Maagdeneilanden. ‘Het is er prachtig’, zegt Dy. ‘Schildpadden, wilde dieren, exotische vogels.

Maar Eric Dy was niet naar ­Necker Island afgezakt om alleen maar te feesten. Silicon Valley. Flowminder — Home. Online Diagram and Flowchart Software. Sales Prospecting, Like a Boss. Send emails directly from your browser You're browsing websites to find prospects?

Sales Prospecting, Like a Boss

Turn these prospects into hot deals without leaving your browser with our Google Chrome Extension. Email a prospect in 2 clicks only! Automatically find and detect emails We use some magic to automatically find emails on the page. If we don't find any email we use external services to find emails associated with the domain. Prospect on LinkedIn™ Our Google Chrome extension is directly integrated in the LinkedIn profiles.

Follow the Money. Sales Prospecting, Like a Boss. Synergy International Systems. Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. Mother and Child Health.

Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to Fund Disease Surveillance Network in Africa and Asia to Prevent Childhood Mortality and Help Prepare for the Next Epidemic. SEATTLE (May 6, 2015) – At its Global Partners Forum, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will announce the Child Health and Mortality Prevention Surveillance Network (CHAMPS), a network of disease surveillance sites in developing countries.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to Fund Disease Surveillance Network in Africa and Asia to Prevent Childhood Mortality and Help Prepare for the Next Epidemic

These sites will help gather better data, faster, about how, where and why children are getting sick and dying. This data will help the global health community get the right interventions to the right children in the right place to save lives. The network will also be invaluable in providing capacity and training in the event of an epidemic, such as Ebola or SARS. The Gates Foundation plans an initial commitment of up to $75 million on the effort.

“The world needs better, more timely public health data not only to prepare for the next epidemic, but to save children’s lives now,” said Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. “A disease threat anywhere is a threat everywhere,” said CDC Director Tom Frieden, M.D., M.P.H. MamaNatalie Birthing Simulator. Simulate a wide range of birthing complications.

MamaNatalie Birthing Simulator

MamaNatalie allows you to simulate a huge variety of complications as well as normal birthing scenarios. Some include: Distance learning solutions leading provider. Homepage. Agile Development and Experience Design. Your extended team covers that vital last mile to patients in their homes.

Agile Development and Experience Design

Community health workers. People who do logistics, distribution, and collection. They all need technology that empowers them to provide effective, patient-centered care. And they need solutions to gather data to support future interventions. Many global health organizations have implemented such solutions. For social entrepreneurship. How to close the gender gap? Use technology. Despite encouraging signs of progress, the statistics are clear: there is a gender gap and women are behind.

How to close the gender gap? Use technology

How can technology help close the gender gap in economic participation by improving women’s access to health and education? Health outcomes in the developing world show the stark gender differences that exist: 70% of the world’s poorest individuals are female. Girls are three times more likely to be malnourished than boys. Over 280,000 women die from pregnancy and childbirth-related complications every year.

Mhealth (mobile health) provides access to information and resources in a way that was previously not possible. The gender gap also exists in education. Home — I-TECH Website. Doc_1_The_Forgotten_States.pdf. Open Government Partnership. Home - Health Enterprise Fund. Pershing Square Foundation. Tools & Resources. - Welcome to Zalongwa.

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Performance Tables. What will be happening in the NHS as you sit down for your Christmas lunch? Media / What will be happening in the NHS as you sit down for your Christmas lunch?

What will be happening in the NHS as you sit down for your Christmas lunch?

Over 70,000 doctors, nurses and health staff will be keeping the NHS going over Christmas NHS staff up and down the country tell us that positive feedback really boosts morale on the wards, especially over the festive period. Patient Opinion has collaborated with healthcare information experts Dr Foster to find out what goes on behind English hospital walls when everyone else is busy tucking into their turkey. We are sharing this first ever breakdown of hospital activity on Christmas Day hoping that it will inspire patients and carers to say thanks to the staff delivering health care this Christmas.

On Patient Opinion, it’s simple for patients, carers and families to share their stories about care this festive period. Dr Foster Intelligence - Using the power of information to provide better services.


RBF. UHC. CNAMGS La solidarité a un sens.

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