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9 Methods for Dealing with Psychic Energy Attack in Your Field. By Open Contributing Writer for Wake Up World There’s a high degree of psychic energy attack going on in the field right now.

9 Methods for Dealing with Psychic Energy Attack in Your Field

My strong sense is that it’s coming from (what I call) the ‘raptor consciousness’. It is a dense vibration, a controlling energy, that’s like a consumptive virus. It’s prevalent across the planet, has been so for millions of years, and acts through humanity’s denser vehicles of expression. It’s what happens when you stir the bed of the stream The matrix is an interwoven system of frequencies that lowers vibration into dense behaviourisms – ones that specifically target the mind for example and thereby addict people to the consumptive physicality of life. I know this will sound very esoteric to some, but there are entities working the field in the background, purposefully depleting people so as to enhance their own energy.

Here is some general advice around dealing with that… Past Forward Exercise: Breaking the Hold of Past Life Vows. A Practical Guide To Grounding Your Energy. 16th May 2015 By Cameron Day Guest Writer for Wake Up World It used to be common knowledge in consciousness circles that a person needed to be grounded both energetically and physically.

A Practical Guide To Grounding Your Energy

People would talk about what foods helped them feel the most grounded, how spending time in nature helped them ground their meditative experiences and so on. However, I have noticed a trend in the last few years where people are getting very ungrounded, and are even encouraging others to engage “spiritual” practices that I consider to be very ungrounding. Two of the adverse consequences of being ungrounded are that it can cause a person to be too easily swayed by the opinions of others, as well as be fooled by any of the many deceptions in our world. First, Get Into Your Body! The “Higher Self Meditation” in the Self-Clearing System ‘Higher Self’ Meditation puts a focus on bringing your own Inner Light back down into your body because most people are literally floating above themselves energetically. The Healing Code: Radically Improve Your Health With This Powerful Practice.

7th May 2015 By Carolanne Wright Contributing Writer for Wake Up World If you had access to a single tool that would solve all your health issues — including those of the life-threatening sort — would you use it?

The Healing Code: Radically Improve Your Health With This Powerful Practice

How about if it was inexpensive and took less than 20 minutes a day? The Healing Code is a cutting-edge protocol that delivers on the above promise and more. Symptoms of Healing · Nutritional Author Julie Casper, L.

Symptoms of Healing · Nutritional

Ac., is a hTMA clinician and educator, she works with patients across the U.S. and internationally. In addition, she supports health professionals who are interested in adding clinical hTMA to their practice. Contact: Author: Julie Casper, L. Ac., hTMA clinician, C.H.E.K. The ‘welcome’ symptoms of healing include many of the physical markers of excellent health. Contents Getting better doesn't always feel good. Achieving your health potential often includes disruptive symptoms that may not be welcome. Conventional medicine has evolved on the paradigm of symptom suppression. If you experience disruptive symptoms while following the mineral balancing protocol, they can be managed with adjustments or added supportive therapies.

hTMA mineral balancing is a remarkable healing protocol with wonderful health benefits. Confusion Between Symptoms of Healing, and Symptom Suppression Rebalancing Biochemistry. Compassionate Dragon Healing - Metaphysics 2. Everything on the Physical plane is a manifestation of something on the Metaphysical plane.

Compassionate Dragon Healing - Metaphysics 2

When we speak of abundance, what we are really talking about is an abundance of emotional, mental and spiritual energy. We fill ourselves to the brim with these energies and it is the overflow that is manifest on the physical plane. The signs and symptoms that are apparent on the Physical plane lead us to inquire, ultimately, more deeply into ourselves as energetic and spiritual beings. We tend not to worry too much about this sort of thing when our body is working well, we are not feeling pain, or we are not in the throes of some chronic disease. But when our body feels pain or becomes disabled by disease or accident we tend to start reaching out for answers. Realistically, when our body refuses to do what we want it to, metaphysically, it is not actually broken. Western medicine takes the position that we feel pain because we can.

Enter the healer. Head.