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Savoirs. UnDropDansLaMare. LionMaker Studios. Dapastudio. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. Download/stream "Stay A While" here: Download 8 Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike tracks FOR FREE: Following a summer where Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have truly cemented their place in the history books of electronic music, they found time to add to their momentous career ride one of their biggest records to date.

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

‘Stay A While’ is a departure from the crazy antics of club land into a more personal insight on life and love. A sentiment not lost on big name supporters like David Guetta, Afrojack, Yves V and The Chainsmokers, who’ve all had the song on heavy rotation in their sets. Now the Belgian brothers are releasing the official music video for ‘Stay A While’, directed by Oliver Millar also known for his music video of A$AP Rocky’s L$D. Tomorrowland. Upload Tomorrowland.


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