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Pharaoh as Shaman. In this post we continue to explore ancient Egyptian magic—looking at possible parallels between the pharaoh and tribal shaman.

Pharaoh as Shaman

The Egyptian king, or pharaoh, who served as political and religious leader of his people was believed to be a living god. Saudi Aramco World : Who Were the Sea People? Who Were the Sea People?

Saudi Aramco World : Who Were the Sea People?

Written by Eberhard ZanggerIllustrated by Rosemary Robertson Through the epics of the Greek poet Homer, tales of an "age of heroes" have been passed down through millennia. In The Odyssey and The Iliad the poet told of an era dominated by aristocratic warlords who bore ornamented weapons and commanded well-organized, armored chariot troops. This "golden age" culminated in the legendary Trojan War, fought between Troy, located in what is now northwestern Turkey, and Mycenaean Greece.

Homer himself, however, lived four centuries after the Trojan War, in a time when the communities around the Aegean were populated by little more than farmers and shepherds. 1 - The Legend of Solomon's Ring. This blog post is the first of a series about the Ring and its stone, previously touched on in my post of January 25, A Tale Half Legendary: We begin with a Sufi telling of the legend, which may be helpful (I hope) to those readers not familiar with the ancient references or the metaphoric possibilities.

1 - The Legend of Solomon's Ring

There are numerous other historical, cultural, and metaphysical/occult perspectives on the story, which differ in their details somewhat; I've chosen this telling for readability and focus, not by way of a preference for the tradition. Afterwards I've included some further notes which may be significant to the reader. And now listen, those that have ears, to a tale of Solomon the King.


THE SPIRIT OF HERU. Isis Unviled Vol 2 V2.0. Thoth Tarot & comparisons. The Thoth Tarot- Key 15-The Devil & The Night Sun Tarot-Key 15-The Devil: represent a concept that it is so subtle it is easily misunderstood.

Thoth Tarot & comparisons

In fact the early Christian theologians, so misunderstood this concept that it is now considered synonymous with the Evil Twin of a One or Monotheistic God... or some such nonsense. As modern person who knows the first law of physics, we know there is only "one energy that cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed [and transmitted]". Therefore, evil is not and energy, it is a form of upside down thinking, which is often depicted as an upside down pentagram. Egyptian Symbols and Definitions. Djed It is believed that the Djed is a rendering of a human backbone.

Egyptian Symbols and Definitions

It represents stability and strength. It was originally associated with the creation god Ptah. ISIS and OSIRIS. Posted May 20, 2014 04:38 PM ISIS (42) and OSIRIS (1923) ISIS is the personification of the Divine Feminine "Shakti" or Power that seeks to Unite with Her Infinite God-Source by completing the Divine "Union".


The entire Kundalini Yoga Process is nothing but Shakti at the base of the Spine uniting completely with the Divine "Shiva" center in the Crown Chakra. The Egyptian Myths speak of a patient Isis searching for the missing parts of her beloved Osiris. The Myth is a very good allegory to the Fall of Man. So, ISIS, the Twin Soul of Osiris collects all 13 pieces to make Osiris whole again for Union. Smenkhare. Statue from Musée l’Egypte et le Monde Antique, Monaco Ankhkheperure Smenkhare Djeserkheperure Smenkhare followed Akhenaten on the throne.


He may or may not have served as a co-regent with Ahenaten for a short period. Art of the ancient Mediterranean. Nefertiti's Eyes. Did the queen's distinctive feature become a symbol of Egyptian royalty?

Nefertiti's Eyes

Found in 1912 in the studio of the sculptor Tuthmosis at Amarna, and now in Berlin, this painted bust of Queen Nefertiti shows her with unusually shaped eyes, probably an actual physical trait. (Nina Aldin Thune) All eyes were on the Valley of the Kings the morning of February 5, 2006, when our expedition first looked into the chamber now known as KV63, the first tomb found in Egypt's Valley of the Kings since that of Tutankhamun (KV62) in 1922. Press speculation was rampant over what the tomb might hold. Would our expedition find the mummies of royal women from the late 18th Dynasty, such as Queen Nefertiti, thought by some to be Tut's mother? New Book Project Mysteries of the Kybalion -Part 1 Online now – KEMETIC WORLD / EGYPTIANYOGA. Greetings This is the first installment in the creation of the new book by Seba MAA entitled Mysteries of the Kybalion.

New Book Project Mysteries of the Kybalion -Part 1 Online now – KEMETIC WORLD / EGYPTIANYOGA

This is a pilot program to present a new book project online while allowing aspirants to partake in the process beyond acquiring the book when the editing process is completed. Here you will have an opportunity to read the text and formulate questions and have them answered. You will be able to partake with other aspirants and learn from their questions and through fellowship with them as you all study the text together. The Stag Beetle aka Tarroo-Deyll or Devils Coach Horse (Human faced back with beard and horns) Ancient Egyptian Beetle WorshipThere are no shortages of sources online or in book form, to confirm that the Egyptians were Devout worshipers of the Sacred Scarab Beetle.Here we shall ask a number of questions regarding the worship of this strange insect, the cults that developed from the worship, as well as, their origins and possible present day existence.

The Stag Beetle aka Tarroo-Deyll or Devils Coach Horse (Human faced back with beard and horns)

View topic - Khephra in the Moon card. This wasn't the quote I was looking for but it serves alright instead: Having once reduce Lao Tze to Qabalistic form, it was easy to translate the result into the language of philosophy. I had already done much to create a new language based on English with the assistance of a few technical terms borrowed from Asia, and above all by the use of a novel conception of the idea of Number and algebraic and arithmetical proceedings, to convey the results of spiritual experience to intelligent students. - The Tao Teh King by Crowley As I remember it...

Crowley said it somewhere else, too; that he was creating a language with which it becomes possible to as accurately as possible communicate mystical and magical "truths". I understand what you are saying when you say: "there is no definite attribution for anything, and every symbol takes part in every other" ... Susan Joy Rennison Home. Women in the Aegean: Minoan Snake Goddess: 9. Snake Charmers. Women in the AegeanMinoan Snake Goddess Christopher L. C. E. Witcombe. Women in the Aegean: Minoan Snake Goddess: 9. Snake Charmers. The Knot of Isis: A Personal Sharing.

The Knot of Isis is an ancient Egyptian Prayer from ‘The Book of Coming Forth into the Light” (aka ‘The Book of the Dead’) which has been translated by Normandi Ellis into a an especially moving modern version in her book Awakening Osiris. We been using a version of this Prayer in our Temple of Isis/Los Angeles Rituals for a number of years as a Community bonding ~ “We are bound Mind to mind, Heart to heart”. We even have a song which was written when Normandi came to speak at our ISIS2001 event. The Knot of Isis – OSIRIS ARISING. Lost cities #1: Babylon – how war almost erased ‘mankind’s greatest heritage site’

Of all the world’s lost cities, none surely can compete for evocative splendour, age or mystery with Babylon. Here on the desert plains 60 miles south of Baghdad, where the sun turns horizons into flashing pools of mercury, is where so much human history began. Land of the Fertile Crescent, bounded by the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, this is successively the realm of Sumer and Akkad, Assyria, Babylonia, Mesopotamia and Iraq. Adam and Eve’s Garden of Eden is said to have been nearby. If Mesopotamia is the cradle of urban civilisation, Babylon is its firstborn child. First mentioned in the 23rd century BC, it looms larger in the records from around 1792 BC, the beginning of the reign of Hammurabi. Babylon’s second most famous king is remembered for his uncompromising code of laws – many ending with the ominous phrase: “He shall be put to death” – which sit today in the Louvre on an eight-foot stela of carved black diorite.

In 597 BC, Nebuchadnezzar attacked and seized Jerusalem. Octubre 2012. 47.- Es gracias al sabio aprovechamiento de la simiente sexual, de su propia simiente, que desde el lodo de la tierra se levantaron grandes Hombres y Sublimes Maestros de la Rosacruz, quienes conquistaron para sí mismos el elixir de la larga vida, fuente inagotable de juventud; y la piedra filosofal, arca fabulosa de riquezas espirituales capaz de transformar el plomo en oro. 48.- Nos viene a la memoria la excelsa figura del Hombre que deslumbró a Europa, el Conde de Saint-Germain, Iniciado Caldeo que allí en la lejana tierra de Abraham (En el año 300 a.C.) recibió la Iniciación Alquímica, gracias a un sublime Maestro de la Rosa y Cruz. 49.- Saint-Germain, indiscutible Rosacruz, bebió él mismo, de la fuente inagotable de sus aguas espermáticas, el elixir de la eterna juventud, y encarnó en sí mismo la piedra de fuego de la filosofía aurea. 50.- Como él, muchos otros lograron la inmortalidad. 63.- La causa de la muerte hay que buscarla en el sexo.

La castidad es vida. DemonBase: Online Catalogue of Ancient Egyptian Supernatural Beings – Demon Things – Ancient Egyptian Demonology Project. A votive Work in honor of the Goddess Isis. Queen Elizabeth I of England on the cover of The Faerie Queene Did you know that Isis can be connected with Queen Elizabeth I—she for whom the “Elizabethan Age” is named? It’s an interesting story… It’s a story that speaks to the influence of Isis’ story throughout the ages. It is also a story that reinforces Isis’ importance as a feminist icon. So let us start in 1558, the year Elizabeth, daughter of Henry VIII, became queen. ANCESTRAL DEVOTION.


Temple of Alexandria. Amon Amen, Amon, Amun, Imen – Primeval Creator God mentioned already in the Pyramid Texts (5th Dynasty) as a primeval deity whose shadow protects the other gods. His female counterpart is Amaunet. Egyptian Mythology. Muinainen Egypti. Black drink. Tefnut, Goddess of Moisture and the Moon, and Dryness and the Sun. 12:12. It may not surprise those of you who have put such loving commitment into Harmonic Convergence, or the 8:8 and 11:11 ceremonies to hear that 12:12 is the next step in spirit's divine plan.

Family Symbol. Meaning of the Family SymbolNative American Indians were a deeply spiritual people and they communicated their history, thoughts, ideas and dreams from generation to generation through symbols. Native American symbols are generally geometric portrayals of celestial bodies, natural phenomena and animal designs.


Crystal healing. Beware the Red Eyed Horus, The Significance of Carnelian in Egyptian Royal Jewelry.  Temple of Carnelian - TarotScopes by HiC. Ponder this ...How and where do I no longer need to accept defeat but, instead, stand strong, be bold, forge ahead ? Secret Teachings of All Ages: Mystic Christianity. Sacred Texts Esoteric Index Previous Next. Elohim Phenomenon: Torah, Science and Math - I. D. McClain - Google Books.

Behold! There Are Mistranslations in the Bible and the Word 'Elohim' Can Be Used as a Plural. By Erik Parker Los Angeles August 2002 from ErikParker Website. Abolitionist Movement. Amistad Digital Resource: Black Opposition to Vietnam. Demonstrators at the Harlem Peace March to End Racial Oppression, 1967. Square of Opposition. Welcome to Namaste Cafe! Pinterest. This booklet is dedicated to the memory of. Black Africans in Renaissance Europe: November 2011. Camp John Rich of Crone Felt. Knight of the Order of St. Maurice and St. Lazarus, imperial German ambassador in The Hague. 1679 - 1687 painting Simon Ruys. And Discover We Are Good, After All. Human nature. Human Nature: Justice versus Power.

Black family pictures - 1 My dream is to be a mother of five and happily married to a strong black man! Chapel of the Ark of the Covenant - Axum, Ethiopia. French Masonry. The Merovingians, Merovingian Dynasty. View topic - so...what do we have. The Power of Dreams-Anima/Animus. Ancient Egyptian Statue Shows Ancient Egyptians Were Aware Of Yin Yang Principles – Happeh Theory. Intuitive Goddess – My calling is to encourage, motivate & support you as you awaken and connect to your Inner Wisdom, your Sacred Feminine Essence. Intuitive Goddess – My calling is to encourage, motivate & support you as you awaken and connect to your Inner Wisdom, your Sacred Feminine Essence. How To Best Understand The Personality Traits Of Yin Vs Yang. Balancing Masculine Energy. Understanding the Masculine and Feminine Side. Masc fem. Understanding the Masculine and Feminine Side.

Alphafemale 2000 - Solara : The Yin & The Yang of Relationships, Explained. Yinyang (Yin-yang) Yin, Yang theory, Universal messages, TCM. Tonight. OUR SPIRITUAL SUN SIRIUS. OUR SPIRITUAL SUN SIRIUS. PRINCIPLE OF FREEDOM*PRINCIPLE OF LIBERATION. SIRIUS ~ THE GOD * DOG STAR. III. THE PRESENT STAGE OF MANASIC DEVELOPMENT IN THE THREE GROUPS - Online Books. A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Alice A. Bailey, Djwhal Khul - Google Books. Science and Religion - Benjamin F. Loomis - Google Books. THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES OF MAN — Frank C. Bereidge. Manas – The Mystery of Mind – Blavatsky Theosophy Group UK. SOULEDOUT.ORG GLOSSARY. NIGHT SKY~FOURTH OF JULY. Serapis Bey, Chohan of the White Fire Ray of Purity. Superman Homepage. Valerie Ames - Notice that the breastplate on this...

Migrant Invasion - The Illuminati Plan for White Genocide. Buddhist Deity: Simhamukha Main Page. Oshun - Tribe of the Sun. Oshun and Chango, A match Made In Heaven. The Bearded Gods Speak. Religion-Mayan Gods Deities. Sapta Matrikas...Seven Mothers by Yogi Ananda Saraswathi!! - BAUL OF BENGAL * Trishula Jyotish Vedic Astrology * Healing Arts, Qigong & Meditation * Vedic Goddess * TRAVEL with TRISHULA. The Biblical Meaning of the Number Seven. Numbers and their Meanings. Meaning of 1212 and Its Significance - 1212 Meaning. Arcana Coelestia #1222 - New Christian Bible Study. Full Text Hebrew/Greek Bible Gematria Database. The Number 1222: Properties and Meanings.

ANGEL NUMBER 1222 & MYSTICAL NUMBER 7. Tzadik. Place Of The Gods - The Stargate At Abu Ghurab, Egypt.