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The English speaking world by leonard.boivineau on Genially. The Civil Rights Dream - ESCAPE Cycle 4 by BURT on Genially. The Civil Rights Dream Martin, Rosa, Malcolm and Ruby are looking for a partner in today's fight for Civil Rights.

The Civil Rights Dream - ESCAPE Cycle 4 by BURT on Genially

Will you stand against discrimination ? We have a Dream ! Ready to fight with us ? En route vers le lycée by diddy2703 on Genially. Révisions:En route vers le lycée!

en route vers le lycée by diddy2703 on Genially

,Mise en page: C. Mathieu (ac. ROMEO AND JULIET ESCAPE GAME by BURT on Genially. Romeo andJuliet,MISSION,START,CHARACTERS,INTRODUCTION,ESCAPE GAME,MISSION,INTRODUCTION," Romeo is in love with Juliet.But he is a Montague, and she is a Capulet.Romeo would like to see his beloved one but the Capulet hid her somewhere in Verona.Could you find her before something tragic happens ?


",Romeo and Juliet,CHARACTERS,ESCAPE GAME,CHARACTERS,MISSION,INTRODUCTION,Your mission is to go to different places around Verona and to answer the questions asked by different characters of William Shakespeare's famous play ! But beware of Tybalt ! Are you ready to help Romeo find Juliet ? Get on your horse and go ! Fairy Tales by nathaliepledran on Genially. IRISH LEGENDS - Cycle 4 by BURT on Genially. EMERALD ISLE,LEGENDS OF THE,THE GIANT'SCAUSEWAY,MOLLYMALONE,DOORSOF DUBLIN,THE SECRET OF KELLS,SAINTPATRICK,THE SECRET OF KELLS,Once upon a time, there was a little boy called Brendan.

IRISH LEGENDS - Cycle 4 by BURT on Genially

He lived with monks in a monastery in Iona. Iona was threatened by the Vikings. Brendan's tutor built walls but other monks wrote an illuminated book to protect their culture. ENGLISH STEP by STEP by teacher.lopez on Genially. 5e Once upon a time# physical description# comparison by missteacher.m on Genially. The survival game by wagner.nilles on Genially. Intro,The,Survival Game,Characters,Intro,The,Survival Game,Map,Intro,The,Survival Game,Characters,Intro,The,Survival Game,Map,Characters,Intro,The,Survival Game,Map,The killer,The beginning of the game...

The survival game by wagner.nilles on Genially

,Intro,At the end of the first night, Mrs Green was found dead and it's up to you to find who commited the murder.Now, look for your first clue on the main page... ,Characters,Mr Brown,Miss Pink,With the help of your clues. Find who the murderer is. ENGLISH SPEAKING WORLD / DIFFERENT ACCENTS AND VOCABULARY / EXPERIENCES / PRESENT PERFECT by BURT on Genially. Canada.


USA. The UK. South Africa. India. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - CHAPTER 1 by Maxime Chanet on Genially. CONGRATULATIONS !

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - CHAPTER 1 by Maxime Chanet on Genially

,You finished the first two chaptersof Alice's adventures in Wonderland.Now click on the computer to do an activity with the THREE forms of comparatives (superiority, inferiority and equality). ,VALIDER,Dans chaque case vide sur la gauche, écris la lettre qui correspond à la traduction en français de ces trois phrases liées à la taille d'Alice dans ce chapitre.,1). I will be as tall as a house in a minute ! ,2). I'm getting smaller again! Word on the Street - Murder Mystery. Home - Commonwealth for kids. Little Miss Sunshine. A2 Lessons. Social Media Lesson- Social Media Students predict the topic of Social Media from mini-texts, read ‘Facts about Facebook’ and focus on lexical items in context.

A2 Lessons

Students then discuss social media in their lives before taking part in ‘mini debates’, using simple phrases to give their opinions. Teachers’ Notes – Social Media The Answer – Short Film Lesson – The Answer In this lesson, students will meet words/phrases for describing appearance while introducing them to ‘will’ for future predictions. The Answer – Teachers’ Notes Soccer and Free Time Activities. 6e Home sweet home final version by nathaliepledran on Genially. Lesson 6 : adventures réutilisable by diddy2703 on Genially. How adventurous are you?

lesson 6 : adventures réutilisable by diddy2703 on Genially

Book Creator. Imagidice - Guia Pedagógico. NOTRE SÉLECTION DE RESSOURCES POUR HALLOWEEN – La Réforme du lycée par Dans notre sélection spéciale à l’occasion d’Halloween, vous retrouverez, entre autres, des films, des poèmes, des vidéos et des BD qui plongeront vos élèves (et vous aussi !)


, dans l’atmosphère de cette fête tant attendue par les amateurs de bonbons ! Vidéos à utiliser en classe Bet you didn’t know: Halloween – HISTORY Cette vidéo de la chaîne HISTORY vous révèlera la face cachée d’Halloween ! Let's go green! Save the Planet. THE LEGEND OF KING ARTHUR - 4e - 3e. Whychristmas. MERRY CHRISTMAS. Kids world travels guide. Here are some interesting facts about India for kids which were chosen and researched by children especially for children. India Facts | Country Facts Population: 1.37 billion people live in India (2019)Capital city: New Delhi with about 29 million inhabitantsName: Republic of India or Bharat Ganrajya (in Hindi)Government: DemocracyLanguages: 22 official languages: Hindi is the most commonly spoken language and spoken by more than half of the Indians.Religion: mainly Hindus (80.5%), but also Muslims (13.4%) and other faiths.Currency: 1 Indian Rupee (INR) = 100 PaiseHistory: Around 7000 BCE the first settlements were built in the area.

The Indus Valley civilisation developed as the first urban culture in South Asia. Mahatma Gandhi National Days: India has three national days: Republic Day, Independence Day and Gandhi's Birthday! India for Kids | India Geography Map of India India is the seventh largest country in the world. India for Kids Geography Superlatives. Idioms and proverbs by EnglishTeacher85 on Genially. The Bulldog's Words,2020/2021,Edited by your English teacher,English idioms and proverbs,78,nº,Idioms,Proverbs,Table of contents,For each idiom or proverb, click on the bulb to learn about their meaning ! 3e-classroom-english by valerie.basset on Genially.

The Super Teacher Kit by DoltoPamEnglish on Genially. Greetings Today... Mood Yesterday Homework. Act and react ! Your choice, Your voice! 3ème TV SERIES. What's your excuse today? Collegissime17. Big trouble in Little Barna. HOW WAS YOUR SUMMER? - 3e. NEW YORK GENIALLY 2 by laura.moerman.etu. Manhattanwas founded in 1683, itis the most populated borough of New York City. It is located in the South of the Bronx and bordered by theHudson River,the East Riverand the Harlem River.

In Manhattan we can find the Broadway theatres, the Empire State Building, and Central Park. It is the economical and cultural heart of New York City.In Manhattan, some communitieshave their own borough. We can find Chinatown, the most famous: anasian borough where live the majority of the Chinese people in the USA. There arechinese shops and restaurants, and there people speak Chineseand Cantonese.There is alsoLittle Italy, the second most famous: this is an Italian borough.

Staten Island is an islandthat is part of New York City. Brooklynwas founded in 1683and is the borough themost populated in New York City. The Queensis the largest borough of NYC. The Bronxis located in theNorth of NYC and was founded in 1914. New York City was founded in1653, and is located in theNorth-Eastof the USA. New Destination: New York Genially 1.

Mission 4 commonwealth

Write your fairy tales by nathaliepledran on Genially. You can write a introduction here nº Dolor sit amet (at last) Prepare to take notes Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5.