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Manage & Organize. Media Sharing. Digital Storytelling. 25 awesome apps for teachers, recommended by teachers. What are the best apps for teachers?

25 awesome apps for teachers, recommended by teachers

We asked TED-Ed Innovative Educators and the TED-Ed community. Below, 25 awesome apps recommended for teachers, by teachers. For teaching students how to present, create and code TED-Ed More than 250,000 teachers use TED education tools to spark student curiosity and explore presentation literacy skills. “TED-Ed is an outstanding resource in my classroom,” says TED-Ed Innovative Educator Jennifer Hesseltine. Middle School Reading Apps and Websites. The Ultimate List – 65 Digital Tools and Apps to Support Formative Instructional Practice. There is no shortage of strategies, techniques, and tools available to teachers (and students) who use formative instructional practice in their classrooms.

The Ultimate List – 65 Digital Tools and Apps to Support Formative Instructional Practice

We’ve compiled an extensive list of 65 digital tools, apps, and platforms that can help teachers use formative assessment to elicit evidence of student learning. These tools and apps for formative assessment success give teachers (and students) many options and opportunities for classroom success. To get the most out of formative instructional strategies, check out our NWEA® formative practices workshops. You’ll gain a better understanding of the role formative practice plays within your instruction and about the four foundational practices to use in the classroom. And, share your tools, ideas, and thoughts with us, so we can keep this list growing and current! Deck.Toys - Learning Paths for Lesson Adventures.

Flashcards and Other Resources for Educators and Learners. Create Engaging Digital Activities.