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Obama is creating a 1,500-mile “butterfly corridor” to help Monarchs get from Mexico to Minnesota. US president Barack Obama, a friend to bees and other pollinating insects in peril, has unveiled his national strategy (pdf) to mitigate honey bee loss, increase the Monarch butterfly population, and restore the habitats of both insects, whose health is essential to our food supply. The program will depend heavily on federal agencies and will also involve Mexico and Canada, since bees and butterflies know nothing of state laws and don’t really care about borders. The strategic report includes a section on “expanding pollinator habitat on rights-of-way.”

This doesn’t mean the feds will tell bees and butterflies who flies first, but rather that the US Department of Transportation and US Fish and Wildlife Service will help rehabilitate butterfly habitats alongside Interstate 35—a federal highway that extends from the Texas-Mexico border to Duluth, Minnesota. Illusion Magazine | Art, Photography, Tattoo, Design, Film.

Laurent Baheux - Black and white Africa - CFYE Magazine. The French Laurent Baheux (1970) is one of the most exciting wildlife photographers the world has to offer. His high contrast black and white photography of Africa’s most wanted mammals set him apart from the norm of wildlife photographer. The well-chosen highlights put an emphasises on the animals character, giving them an almost human like appearance. We’re happy to present you with a small interview with the master himself!

Laurent Baheux – Exodus of elephants, Kenya I’m never tempted to publish my pictures in color because, for me, Africa is a land of light and contrast. You’ve photographed many animals, do you have a favourite animal to photograph (or one that has extremely impressed you)? Laurent Baheux – Lion in the wind, Kenya, 2013 Laurent Baheux – Lion in the grass, Kenya The strongest predator of Africa is the king of the bush and that is apparent in everything he is or does.

What is the best country to photograph wildlife? Laurent Baheux – Magic horn, Kenya 2013 Laurent Baheux. Chroma Issue | UCE Magazine. Automotive Intuition — The Car Crush. Berck - Carl-Philippe Brenner. Dream Car of the Day | Toyota Dream Car Art Contest. Pokémon Red and Green beta. From Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia. Global information Pre-release Pre-release flyer with the earlier release date Female player character No Mew present Poké Balls Main article: Poké Ball Some concept art depicts Poké Balls on the ground, in two pieces. Rebattling Trainers In an interview with Shōko Nakagawa in her book Shōko Nakagawa: Pokémon Taught Me The Meaning of Life, Tsunekazu Ishihara revealed that originally, the game was programmed to trigger a battle with each Trainer any time the player walked by them, regardless if the player had already defeated them in battle previously. Release date The games were originally scheduled for a December 21, 1995 release, according to an old Nintendo of Japan flyer.[3] This could explain the copyright year of 1995 that appears in the games' introductory sequence, and all subsequent games and official merchandise.

Prerelease border Title screen screenshot from New Game Design. Post-release Concept art GameCenter CX Bird type Music. HTML Symbol Codes and Entities — HTML Arrows. Dab Artists - The California Sunday Magazine. We were somewhere around Barstow, on the edge of the desert in a driving rain, when my passenger, James “Skywalker” Johnson, began to fidget with the well-traveled, antiballistic, Pelican-brand polypropylene case resting on the floor mat between his feet.

Hazard yellow and covered with stickers, equipped with double-throw latches and a heavy-duty handle, it resembled something the modern army might carry into battle, a safe box for a delicate gun sight or high-end piece of electronics. Skywalker is a chunky man of 32 with a burner cell phone, an exceptionally well-developed palate, and a bit of an asthmatic wheeze. A former intern for a Republican U.S. senator — his season in Washington politics left him sprinting for the exit — he has worked as a bartender, a chef, a computer programmer, and a marijuana grower.

Now, he says, he’s “an ambassador for a California-based lifestyle brand inspired by the culture of hash oil.” But it won’t be just work. “Mind if I do a dab?” 60+ Awesome, Free Tools for Modern Storytellers. 463 photographs by Chris Niedenthal. Konstantin Kofta - official web page. Konstantin Kofta created his own label, Kofta which combines seemingly contradictory elements outside the traditional canons of the fashion industry.

His garments are sensual, effortlessly elegant, practical and wearable. Kofta uses rough skin, irregular shapes and unique scents to create a totally new vision of the attire as a whole. Designer Konstantin Kofta combines rural and urban perceptions, and embraces the unintentional and unexpected, which provide inspiration for current and future collections. Each collection appears as a form of art installation. Konstantin Kofta believes that the perfect is hidden in the sacramental places away from an ordinary vision littered by common standards. Stockists : Daad Dantone SRL Via Santo Spirito, 24 Milano, Italy Vertice London 16 South Molton Street London W1K 5QS Gara Concept Store Schorsa 31, office 606 01133, Kiev, Ukraine.

ODD. 164 Ludlow Street New York, NY 10002 H. Hōshi: A Short Film on the 1300-Year-Old Hotel Run by the Same Family for 46 Generations. Butterick’s Practical Typography. The Road Within EP | Ms. Charm Taylor. Jehly SINGER 2032 na kůže - Šicí centrum Milada. Specialist-project-leathercraft-manual-justin-schlichter-dec-2007. Dream Sequence | The Loop Rebels. Craft in the Anthropocene - Thesis by Yesenia Thibault-Picazo.

Beauty Dock — Jorge Diego Etienne. Namsa Leuba's Khoisan explores an ancient African tribe. Zboznost_zen_-_nebeklice. Type Classifications. Most typefaces can be classified into one of four basic groups: those with serifs, those without serifs, scripts and decorative styles. Over the years, typographers and scholars of typography have devised various systems to more definitively categorize typefaces – some of these systems have scores of sub-categories. A classification system can be helpful in identifying, choosing and combining typefaces.

While four categories are clearly inadequate for design professionals, dozens become self-defeating. We have put together a somewhat hybrid system of 15 styles, based on the historical and descriptive nomenclature first published in 1954 as the Vox system – and still widely accepted as a standard today. Classifications Serif Type Styles Old Style Transitional Neoclassical & Didone Slab Clarendon Glyphic Sans Serif Type Styles Grotesque Square Humanistic Geometric Script Type Styles Formal Casual Calligraphic Blackletter & Lombardic Serif Type Styles Script Type Styles. Fonts tagged ‘ultra light’ Top 20 Google Web Fonts and How to Use Them. As a web designer, you’re probably well aware of the importance of typeface. With the growing amount of businesses engaging in content marketing, font selection is becoming all the more crucial. There’s nothing worse than coming across a website with awesome content and horrible typeface.

One of your main goals as a designer is ensuring a positive experience for the end-user. After the release of Google Web Fonts, it’s become a lot easier to incorporate beautiful typography into your websites. For this reason, we’ve put together our top 20 Google web fonts that are sure to bring out the best of your design. But first, let’s walk you through the installation process. How to Use Google Web Fonts Google Web Fonts is a free, open-source and hosted service. Step 1 Head over to Google Fonts and pick out a font. Step 2 You’ll then be brought to a screen where you can choose the style you want (ie. light, bold, extra-bold, etc…) as well as the character sets. Step 3 Recommended Google Web Fonts PT Sans. Level 1: A Typographic Foundation.

Ligatures Part 2 - Discretionary - By Ilene Strizver A discretionary ligature is more decorative in nature than a standard ligature and should be used at your discretion, as the name indicates. Some discretionary ligatures combine frequently occurring letter pairs (like “Th”) into a single graceful design. Other ligatures, such as the “ck,” “ct” and “st” combinations found in faces such as ITC Dyadis and ITC Founder’s Caslon, originated from historical usage and add elegance and individuality to a setting. Still others, like the joined “oo” in ITC Rennie Mackintosh and the “LL” and “TT” in Jokerman, are designed purely for fun and spontaneity, creating an almost hand-lettered appearance.

Fonts in the new OpenType® format, which can accommodate thousands of characters, often contain discretionary ligatures. You can conveniently view all available discretionary ligatures in a font in the Glyph palette via the pop-up menu. Turning them on and off globally via the OpenType palette. Missed part 1 this article? Rick Rubin. Sequi - FREE Typeface on Behance. Rigerl. Qards: Responsive Page Builder Plugin for WordPress. Screen Artifacts on Transparent PSDs in Exported PDFs Can Be Deceiving…Most of the Time. By: Bob Levine | July 4, 2008 I've been using transparent PSD files from Photoshop since the release of InDesign 2.0.

I still remember the first time I used one and experienced a feeling of wonderment I'd never felt before when laying out a page. I felt free from the rigors of faking backgrounds with full page TIF files or drawing clipping paths. Like many of the other features of InDesign that have made our lives just a bit easier I came to take it for granted until the release of CS3. From early on I noticed horrible black halos around the edges of transparent PSD files on exported PDFs. It was very noticeable and was enough to concern me about how it would print. The good news is that for the most part it doesn't except on lower end printers (hence the title of the post). First, let's take a look the issue.

Below is a screenshot from InDesign CS3 with two identical files placed. If that was all there was to it, there wouldn't be an issue. So, why is this happening? What should you do? Web-wing-ding-ext.pdf. The world’s new largest building is four times the size of Vatican City. China just cut the ribbon on the world’s new largest building. The New Century Global Center, which recently opened in Chendgu, China, is 328 feet high, 1,640 feet long, and 1,312 feet wide. That’s roughly 20 times the size of Sydney’s legendary Opera House, four times the size of Vatican City, and three times the size of the Pentagon. And its 420 acres in floor space is nearly the size of the entire country of Monaco (499 acres). It’s an absolutely mammoth structure. But what good would the world’s largest building be without a mind-boggling array of businesses, range of activities, and mix of amenities.

Here are some of them. Read this next: The world’s tallest building will be in the middle of an empty field in China. Norio Nakamura’s Simple Lines. Japonsko, země zenu zaslíbená. You Thought Wall-E Was Just a Movie? Nope. Ornamentation on Alien ship? | Prometheus Movie. Member332 PostsPosted 01/17/2012 Well if these beings are creators of planets and species, they'll probably assume they're "better" then any other species that may exist in the galaxy. I mean ya can't blame them, I'd not wanna mess with a society who are able to do that! Member212 PostsPosted 01/17/2012 -"Well if these beings are creators of planets and species, they'll probably assume they're "better" then any other species that may exist in the galaxy. Interesting. Member108 PostsPosted 01/17/2012 It's probably like you said about our ships having an industrial look, an appearance which is based on our technology, theirs is likely to be functional as well, based upon an entirely different technolgy which may even combine the use of runic symbols.

Member198 PostsPosted 01/17/2012 "...and as Arthur C Clarke said, any sufficiently advanced civilisation's technology would appear like magic to us. " I'm hoping the ship, its operation, and its inner workings *mostly* remain a mystery. @Lyle, Slime Tribe - turn based strategy based on WebGL and THREE.js. Butter. Typography in 16-bits: System fonts. With the 8-bit system fonts post being so popular I just had to jump right in and look at the system fonts available on the 16-bit machines! IBM CGA Adapter (1981) Specifications Bold serif 6-7 pixels 7 pixels ASCII+code pages 320×200 (40×25 text) 640×200 (80×25 text) IBMDownload in TrueType The IBM PC’s first color graphics card was known as the Color Graphics Adapter. Unusual characteristics Mix of serifs and non-serifs depending on spaceOff centre ‘|+:’Squished ‘Q’ to avoid using descenderWide ‘0’Bubbly ‘!’

Rationale The large bold letters work well on the low-resolution displays at the time and many of the quirky were unlikely particularly noticeable there. Influences Unknown. Apple Macintosh (1984) This font was dusted off again in 2001 and with a few minor tweaks became the system font of the iPod (classic & mini) until the higher resolution color display model. It’s unlikely they were digital. Commodore Amiga 1.x (1985) Technical Commodore Amiga 2.x (1991) Atari ST Low/Medium Res (1985) [)amien. Aaron Draplin Takes On a Logo Design Challenge. Symbolical Designs (Trademarks and Symbols): Yasaburo Kuwayama: 9780442245641: Books. 16 Blogging Platforms That Won't Distract From Your Writing. Blogging platforms can often be cluttered and complicated, featuring a multitude of widgets and plugins that we might never use.

However new publishing tools are being built that emphasize readability, simplicity and usability. These modern blog platforms put the focus on the writing experience, to create a distraction-free writing environment. The exciting trend towards minimalist, responsive, typographic driven blogging, allows the content to shine. Many of these platforms support Markdown, which is a text-to-HTML conversion tool for writing on the web. You may already have used some of the major platforms already available, such as WordPress, Tumblr, Squarespace and Blogger, and found they didn't quite fit your needs. 1.

Postagon is equipped with just the essentials for a pure reading and writing experience. Price: $4.99 per month 2. Price: Free 3. Ghost is dedicated to publishing and is completely customizable and open source, meaning it's free to modify, share and redistribute. 4. Saint - Creative One-Page Multi-purpose Theme Preview. The Gadget Flow | Cool Gadgets and Creative Gift Ideas. Girls (The Top Ten Video Game Bitches I'd Masturbate To) copy- Bad Influence! : Series 1 Guide (1992) Boat magazine — Issues. Boat magazine — Riding Low on the Day of the Dead. In Southern California, Mexican culture is so embedded in local society it can be difficult to separate it out.

Here Halloween is almost synonymous with the Day of the Dead, though historically the two celebrations are very distinct. This year I was invited to a Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos) celebration in a cemetery in San Diego. Eager to experience a traditional version of the Mexican holiday, I jumped in my car and drove straight south. Shark, president of the Veteranos Lowrider Car Club of San Diego, organized the celebration at Greenwood Memorial Park to include the traditional food, face painting, activities for kids, and a massive representation of the lowrider car clubs across the city.

Families, as tradition goes, travel to the cemetery on the Day of the Dead and leave bright orange marigolds, the traditional Mexican flower used to honor the dead, on the graves of their loved ones. The car clubs aren’t all about chrome and rims. By Erin Spens. Sterling Crispin. Šablona -- Diplomová práce (fmk) - jiroutková_2010_bp.pdf. 100% SILK. FANUC Robot Statue Milling - RDCAM - Robotic CAD/CAM Software. Guillaume Amat » Open Fields. The 100 best animated movies: 30–21. More news from Nowhere. Nomata Minoru’s Fantasy Architecture. About Open Widget Area Magical Urbanism, a website about urbanization, design and social change, is maintained by Mike Ernst.

I'm an urban planner and designer based in New York City. I graduated from the Masters of City Planning program at UC Berkeley. Thanks for your interest! Nomata Minoru was born in Tokyo in 1955 and studied design at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. He paints buildings standing quietly in natural settings with no human figures present. The severe precision of these paintings gives these fantasy buildings a strong sense of presence, revealing the artist’s predilection for the mechanical forms of modern industry.

The exquisite draftsmanship and unique formal imagination of these paintings produces strong, ebullient architectural forms that transcend real time and space. Link via but does it float Your email address will not be published. Get automatic updates on when anew post is added: Mary’s Cathedral by Gottfried Böhm. Felix Odell. ¶ PERMANENT FOOD. Tim Walker's Adventures in Burma. Socialism Expo.'s Photostream. Galerie de Ren-Hang. Kaisik Wong | NUEVE MUSAS. Ex Stasis by Matthew Stone | Homotography. The Most Shocking Children's Toys. The Wound and the Gift. Girls unawares™ Shuffle - 1981 - Sogo Ishii.avi | Ulož.to. The Master Of Shiatsu.Sogo Ishii.1989 -Shortmovie No Language.avi | Ulož.to. Ignacio Torres. DiverXO – The Art of Plating. The Art of Plating. Life Driven by Death: Animation Aesthetics and the Comic Uncanny | Paul Flaig.

StillLifeSpacetime.pdf. AMKK(東 信、花樹研究所) LANDSCAPE - Nicholas Alan Cope Photography. Artscape International. Ishiyama Osamu. The Colors Of Motion. The Taste Setters. MINIPRESSO - Hand powered portable espresso machine. Peter Jostrand. NarrativeandPersuasionFashionAdvertising.pdf. Roberto Burle Marx. Amira fritz. Aki Inomata. Aki inomata. m9f9zv0aSb1qddgtoo1_500.jpg (500×667) ROMANTICISM. Kitsch-Nitsch. Eliot Porter | The Gorgeous Daily. Cornelis van Haarlem | The Gorgeous Daily. Bill Coperhwaite’s yurt | The Gorgeous Daily. Reuben Wu.