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New motion filed in Adnan Syed case. BALTIMORE —Defense attorneys for Adnan Syed have filed a new motion in court, centering on the role of a previous defense attorney in the case.

New motion filed in Adnan Syed case

The motion to supplement the record was filed Tuesday and included two letters as exhibits -- one from prosecutors and the other from University of Maryland School of Law professor Michael Millemann, who briefly represented Syed in 1999. Download the WBAL app During Syed's post-conviction hearing, prosecutors argued that Millemann was part of an initial defense team that made a strategic decision not to contact the alibi witness Asia McClain. In the latest motion, a three-page letter by Millemann, entered as exhibit 2, said that is untrue. In a one-page post-hearing letter, the state on Feb. 23 addressed Judge Martin Welch clarifying Millemann's role.

"Mr. Millemann's letter to Welch on Feb. 25, further clarified his limited role in the case. "I was retained by Mr. Read the full motion and both letters. 'Serial' Adnan Syed Case Lands ID Special on New Evidence. “Innocent or Guilty?”

'Serial' Adnan Syed Case Lands ID Special on New Evidence

Features first one-one-one interview with convicted murderer’s new defense attorney Didn’t like “Serial” Season 2? Well, Investigation Discovery has your fix for all the latest on the landmark first season of “Serial,” which introduced tens of millions of podcast listeners to the murky Adnan Syed murder case. Asia McClain From Serial Is Writing A Book. Chemmie Squier | Features & Beauty Writer | 7 days ago The Debrief: Another key player in the case has decided to tell their story.

Asia McClain From Serial Is Writing A Book

New Evidence in ‘Serial' Hearing Comes 16 Years Later. February 17, 2016 By Jessica DaSilva Feb. 16 — Both parties to the post-conviction hearing of Adnan Syed introduced evidence discovered or dated within a week of the proceedings, despite the passage of 16 years since he was found guilty of murder.

New Evidence in ‘Serial' Hearing Comes 16 Years Later

Although the nature of the claims for ineffective assistance of counsel and a Brady violation require the introduction of new evidence, an evidence professor said it is “unusual” to see testimony from witnesses never called to trial about events so long ago. The Cell Phone Evidence in Adnan Syed's Case Illustrates a Depressingly Common Problem. The hearing is over for Adnan Syed, whose 2000 murder conviction came to national attention through the Serial podcast.

The Cell Phone Evidence in Adnan Syed's Case Illustrates a Depressingly Common Problem

The judge is now deciding whether the evidence presented at that hearing warrants Syed's request for a new trial. The request centers on two issues -- the alleged ineffectiveness of Syed's original trial lawyer Cristina Gutierrez in failing to contact a potential alibi witness, and alleged reliability issues with the cell phone evidence used to place Syed near the location where the victim's body was found.

Some background as to that second question -- using historical call records to trace a subscriber's location is a relatively recent development. The basic theory is that cell phones making or receiving calls will typically connect up with nearby cell towers, so tracking which towers were communicating with a particular cell phone during a given period can provide information about where that phone was during that period. That's an admirable admission, I suppose. 'Serial' Witness Asia McClain Speaks Out About Recent Adnan Syed Testimony. 1:45 PM PST 2/10/2016 by THR Staff THR Staff.

'Serial' Witness Asia McClain Speaks Out About Recent Adnan Syed Testimony

This Is What the Judge in the Adnan Syed ('Serial') Case Will Be Deciding. Adnan Syed, whose 2000 murder conviction was chronicled in last year's Serial podcast, has moved for a new trial on multiple grounds.

This Is What the Judge in the Adnan Syed ('Serial') Case Will Be Deciding

One of those is an "ineffective assistance of counsel" claim, based primarily on the allegation that his trial lawyer failed to follow up with a potential alibi witness. This claim actually has a possibility of succeeding, although the specific issue is different from what some media reports have suggested. First, some legal background. A defendant in a criminal case has a constitutional right to the "effective" assistance of counsel. If a lawyer's performance falls below that standard, that "ineffectiveness" can render the entire trial void, requiring a new proceeding.

Under the leading case on ineffective assistance claims, a defendant seeking a new trial on this basis has to prove two things. It's not as simple as just lining up all of the evidence that might point away from guilt and putting it before the jurors. After Serial's Adnan Syed's drama filled hearing: What happens now? Two weeks after Adnan Syed's post-conviction proceedings came to an end, we are still waiting to find out whether he'll be getting a new trial.

After Serial's Adnan Syed's drama filled hearing: What happens now?

The latest twist in the tale of Syed's 16 year battle to overturn his 2000 conviction for the murder of ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee, which became the subject of the hugely popular podcast Serial, took place during a five day hearing in Baltimore at the beginning of February. Presenting new evidence to the judge - including alibi testimony from Asia McClain and cell phone data not heard at the original trial - it became a mini-trial of it's own as the defence argued with the state over whether Adnan should be granted a new trial.

But after waiting 17 years for the hearing, what is the next step for the case? What happens now? Retired Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Martin Welch, who is presiding over the case, will consider all evidence presented during the hearing before issuing a written ruling. Adnan Syed’s Hearing - Serial. Or at least he’s written an affidavit that’s kind of a stunner.

Adnan Syed’s Hearing - Serial

Stay with me here. There’s been a development in Adnan’s case — to me, the most interesting one I’ve seen. And it comes from, of all people, the cell phone expert who testified at Adnan’s trial. Abraham Waranowitz. "Serial's" Adnan Syed says he'll "keep fighting" to prove he's innocent. Last week, after 15 years, Adnan Syed’s post-conviction hearings took place for five days.

"Serial's" Adnan Syed says he'll "keep fighting" to prove he's innocent

That’s right — he was finally given a chance to prove his innocence, and Serial fans have been hungrily devouring Sarah Koenig’s updates. And Syed is determined like never before. “I think he is more hopeful than I have seen him since I first met him seven years ago,” said Syed’s attorney C. Justin Brown after the end of the hearing, according to People. Syed’s younger brother, Yusuf, agreed. "Serial's" Adnan Syed is returning to court today. Serial fans, it’s happening. It’s really happening. Literally right now. Adnan Syed is currently back in court to have his case revisited after more than 15 years. Syed, who has been serving a life sentence since 2000 after his conviction for the alleged murder of his high-school ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee, is returning to court after Baltimore Circuit Judge Martin Welch granted a request to reopen the case back in November.

Just last week, we discovered the dates when the State of Maryland v. "Serial's" Adnan Syed's case is being reopened and it's a very, very big deal. Adnan Syed’s case is being revisited. No, we’re not talking about another Serial season. We’re talking about something life-changing for Syed: An official re-opening next week. Back in November, Baltimore Circuit Court Judge Martin Welch granted a request to reopen the case. . . And now it’s going to happen. Serial Reveals Crucial Update Involving Adnan Syed Phone Calls. Update, February 3rd 2016: NPR is reporting that Adnan Syed, the convicted murder at the center of the wildly popular Serial podcast, is appearing in court today in hopes of securing a second trial—something that, while rare, may be granted to the 35-year-old. Syed and his new defense attorney, C.

Justin Brown, are looking to re-open the 2000 case where he was found guilty, and use new evidence and witnesses to help establish his innocence. Should the new trial be given the go-ahead, legions of Serial fans, which is the most downloaded podcast in history, will no doubt be tuning in. Remember NPR's game-changing podcast "Serial"? The one that transfixed listeners across the nation and did more to rekindle your childhood dreams of becoming a detective than Ian McKellen and Benedict Cumberbatch combined?

But, SIKE! “If I had been made aware of this disclaimer, it would have affected my testimony,” Waranowitz now says. Serial Offers Update on Adnan’s New Hearing. Adnan Syed is back in court this week for three days of hearings related to his appeal for post-conviction relief in the murder of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee. Fittingly, season one of Serial, which brought Syed's case to international attention, is back, too: Sarah Koenig is attending the hearings and offering a series of short updates about what goes down each day in court. Here's what she learned on Wednesday: Adnan's lawyer really was declining in health. Syed's original attorney, the late Cristina Gutierrez, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis around the time of his original trial, and, as part of his argument that she provided incompetent legal counsel, Syed's camp has long claimed that the illness left her unable to give him the defense he needed.

The first day of the hearings saw defense witnesses take the stand to bolster this point, as Gutierrez's former colleagues testified that she was in constant pain and frequently had to hand off work to other attorneys. Judge defers ruling on retrial for Adnan Syed in 'Serial' murder case. The hearing for Adnan Syed’s request for a retrial of the murder case against him wrapped up in Baltimore on Tuesday, though the judge said that he would offer a written opinion and would not rule from the bench.

According to legal observers, the five-day proceeding was highly unusual for what is known as a post-conviction hearing – which generally has a very limited scope – often feeling more like a trial than a limited hearing. Syed’s defense attorney, C Justin Brown, called it the “first ever open-source case”, with the hearing, in many ways, a result of new evidence that came to light when the podcast Serial set hundreds of online sleuths on to the case of Hae Min Lee’s murder 17 years ago and, crucially, brought out the potential alibi witness Asia McClain. Syed’s lawyers argued that his initial defense team failed in their constitutional duty to investigate an alibi witness.

For all of the technological novelty in the case, there are many old-fashioned elements as well. Adnan Syed. Teacher Resources - Waltham High School One School, One Story. 23 Thoughts You Have While Listening To The “Serial” Podcast. 1. Three (Common Core) Justifications for Binge Listening To Serial. Posted by Jessica Keigan on Tuesday, 12/30/2014 A teacher friend asked me this weekend if I had started planning for next semester, which totally interrupted my fantasy of being a woman of leisure. Truth be told, though, January 5th is fast approaching.

Teachers: have you used Serial in your classrooms? : serialpodcast. Serial. 'Time' goes behind the scenes of riveting podcast, 'Serial' “Serial” has taken over the podcast world with its riveting investigation into the mystery of how a then-17 year old Adnan Syed was convicted of the brutal murder of his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. Time goes behind the scenes with ”Serial” host and executive producer Sarah Koenig to see how the pieces do - and don’t - fall into place. “There’s definitely something here that I don’t understand, and that the public never got to hear. Something is missing in this story. Something’s not quite right,” Koenig tells Time. English Teacher Bases Final Exam on 'Serial' Podcast - Teaching Now. The final exam Alexa Schlechter gave her 10th graders this year wasn't written, per se. Instead, according to KQED's Mindshift, she found inspiration from the popular podcast "Serial" to give her students an opportunity to show their knowledge in a new format.

For months, Schlechter, who teaches English at Connecticut's Norwalk High School, had immersed herself and her students in the world of "Serial," a weekly audio program produced by This American Life about the real-life 1999 murder investigation of a Maryland teenager. This spring, she told her students that, for their final exam, they would get into groups and, taking a cue from the show, record a series of audio pieces from the points of view of memoirists they'd studied over the year. Serial Unit - About. Unit 1: Serial Podcast Lesson Plans +... by Mike and Melissa Godsey. Update: Season 2 lesson plans are now available.

If you enjoy season 1, you might also enjoy season 2. The Skeptical Pioneer: A Simple Guide to Teaching "Serial" in high school. Last week, I wrote about why I'm choosing to use "Serial" as the primary text instead of Shakespeare in my high school English class. I also wrote way too much about how easy it is to use this "Serial" to teach the state standards (and which standards in particular).

But since then, many people have asked how we're using "Serial" in the classroom, and (shocking!) Official Serial Podcast Season 1 Person List : serialpodcast. Season One - Serial. A high-school senior named Hae Min Lee disappeared one day after school in 1999, in Baltimore County, Maryland. A month later, her body was found in a city park. She'd been strangled. Her 17-year-old ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, was arrested for the crime, and within a year, he was sentenced to life in prison. The story behind the 'Serial' podcast. Need a gift? Give 6 months of unlimited digital access for $39.

Episode 01: The Alibi - Serial. SERIAL EXCLUSIVE: The Teachers of Woodlawn High Speak Out. The Serial podcast about the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee has been heard and debated by millions, yet there are still untold stories and perspectives from Woodlawn High School teachers who taught and had close relationships with students Adnan Syed, Jay Wilds, Stephanie McPherson, and Hae Min Lee but declined to talk to Sarah Koenig for podcast. I was able to sit down with some of these teachers for an exclusive conversation. I am a second-year teacher at Woodlawn High School, and like so many, I became obsessed with the Serial podcast this fall. However, my experience was just a little bit different. Some of my Woodlawn colleagues had heard about the podcast but absolutely no one else was listening to it.

I felt like I was living through the case as I drove past the Woodlawn Branch Public Library into the school parking lot and walked past Hae Lee’s memorial tree on my way into the building every morning. These Images From 'Serial' Bring The 15-Year-Old Murder Case To Life. People Map - Serial.