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Design & Thinking - a documentary on design thinking. Just Enough Research by Erika Hall—An Event Apart Video. Just Enough Research. Webinar - Getting Started With Trello. 20 Steps to Better Wireframing. Possibly the biggest mistake in any development project is failure to plan.

20 Steps to Better Wireframing

Recently, the owner of a prospective start-up told me that planning was unnecessary and a good developer could just start coding. This, I promise you, will end in tears. Wireframing is one of the first steps in your planning process and arguably it’s one of the most important ones. This is when the idea starts to take shape as an application, becoming boxes and buttons that users will interact with. This article will take you through a wireframing process; who should be involved, the tools to use and tips to enable you to make better wireframes. 1) Be Clear About Your Objective As a developer I can understand the temptation to jump in and start coding. A wireframe will help you identify many of these issues in a way that is time and cost effective.

The process also helps to create a better understanding of the application. 3) Draw on Your Experience You do not need skills in design or development. Collaboration: The Narrative Design Canvas. A few years ago, I took a master class in Toronto with Alex Osterwalder, the visionary author of Business Model Generation and creator of the the Business Model Canvas, to learn how to apply his canvas to organizational and project design.

Collaboration: The Narrative Design Canvas

After the class, I spoke with Alex and with his permission, reimagined the canvas into one with fields particular to the use of social impact media for a campaign, project, or organizational program. The result was the project model canvas for narrative design for social impact below. The canvas is a strategic planning tool that allows you to lay out on one page the internal considerations for the design of your narrative-based project for social impact.

True to Alex's spirit, my version of his canvas has been freely available to anyone who requested it, but under the demands of my task list, I had never gotten around to releasing it for direct download. Rectifying that oversight now, here it is below and also available at SlideShare. The UX Series: are UX and design thinking used enough in i-docs? The UX Series is a collaborative research project about UX in i-docs.

The UX Series: are UX and design thinking used enough in i-docs?

The point is the following: if we want users to engage in our i-docs we need to work with them from the beginning. This does not mean giving them the full control of our stories, but starting a dialogue that can forge our decisions and design so that the result is inclusive and immersive. With the UX Series I want to question how/if using UX design methodologies could help us produce better interactive factual narratives. I came up with 7 questions that summarise the main issues we are facing when creating an i-doc. Each sets of answers will be released separately, aiming to cover them all by March 20th (the first day the i-Docs 2014 conference that I co-organize with the DCRC). The 7 Questions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Rocket Surgery Made Easy by Steve Krug: Usability Demo.

Tools for Game Design: Game Design Methods. Game design method implies an approach to a problem which is likely to lead to a successful solution.

Tools for Game Design: Game Design Methods

It is backed by a certain amount of imagination, creativity and intuition, and a more or less systematic investigation of the problem with the help of techniques, 'best practices', or 'tricks of the trade'. A Brainstorming Toolbox (David Perry)Creativity/ Innovation (Yolanda Verhage)Jumpstarting Your Creativity (Brad Meyer)Visualizing the Creative Process (Daniel Cook) From the Vault – The BioShock PitchHow To Pitch Your GameGame ConceptsHow To Pitch Your Project To PublishersWhat a Pitch! DOCUMENTATION for GAME DESIGN HEURISTICS for GAME DESIGN FLOWCHARTModel-Driven Game DevelopmentThe Chemistry Of Game Design (Daniel Cook)Computer Game-Flow Design Design DiagramsDiagrams for puzzle designConsiderations on flowcharts, dialogues and Design Documents (Cindy Dalfovo) Settlers of catan Flowchart.

THE 12 APPS OF CHRISTMAS - The 12 Apps. Mobile learning is for everyone… Mind Map and Concept Map Creating Tools & Tips. Tomsplanner.