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Science and Engineering Practices

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Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading. Learning Design Group. The Argumentation Toolkit - Home. Exploring the Lunar Surface Educator Guide. Product Type: Educator GuideAudience: EducatorsGrade Levels: 3-5Publication Year: 2013Subjects: Mathematics The lessons in this book use the 5E learning cycle to help students in grades 3-5 learn about the moon.

Exploring the Lunar Surface Educator Guide

Hands-on activities and mathematical concepts demonstrate size and proportion. The guide explains the moon's two orbital periods - sidereal and synodic. Space Math @ NASA. Mathematics Grade 6 Chapter 1 - Dividing Multi-digit Whole Numbers [Click Here] - Students will learn about satellites that gather data about Earth systems through reading a NASA press release and viewing a NASA eClips video segment.

Space Math @ NASA

Then students will practice dividing multi-digit numbers using satellite data related to Earths ozone layer. Featured NASA Missions: Aura Chapter 2 - Translating between Tables and Expressions [Click Here] - Students will learn about black holes through reading a NASA press release and viewing a NASA eClips video segment. Then students will use tables and mathematical expressions to compare black hole sizes and temperatures. Teachers. Nationally Recognized Teacher Training in STEM Education Are you a PK-12 educator seeking sustained professional development in high-quality STEM Education?


Our nationally recognized professional development model has been developed to support the evolution of your classroom offering with a focus on high-quality problem based learning experiences rooted in career connections, 21st century skills and collaboration. Our Educator Fellows have unique transformational experiences including building long-term relationships with local STEM Industry professionals and university professors through our collaborative 15-session model. As a result, our educators become members of a community of teacher-learners who share a common ambition to provide their students with rigorous and relevant classroom experiences that engage students’ minds and ignite their imaginations.

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