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Get to Know a Glowfolk: Middle School STEM Teacher, Mr. Brandon Western - The Glowforge Blog. We chatted with Brandon Western, a middle school STEM teacher at a K-8 school in Central Florida, to learn about how he’s using Glowforge in his classroom to teach his students how to design, create and be innovative.

Get to Know a Glowfolk: Middle School STEM Teacher, Mr. Brandon Western - The Glowforge Blog

We can’t wait for you to get to know Glowfolk Brandon, so let’s jump in! Brandon, thanks for chatting with Glowforge! Tell us about yourself, your role, and where you work. I’ve been teaching at my current school for 9 years now, starting as a science teacher, and I’ve been the STEM teacher now for 4 years. My school is a K8 school, with students living nearby, and phenomenally supportive parents. What do you love most about what you do? I’m lucky enough to teach in a school and district that trust me to engage the students in meaningful learning, and challenge them in unique, creative ways. How did you first learn about Glowforge, and why did you decide to get a Glowforge for your school? My classes are full of 25-30+ eager students each class period. Elmhurst Public Library.

The Makery is reserved specifically for the use of creating.

Elmhurst Public Library

Patrons may use other areas in the Library to read, relax, or do other work not related to DIY projects.Children younger than middle school-age must be directly supervised at all times by a parent or caregiver while in the Makery.It’s important to keep safety in mind while using the Makery. If you’re unsure what to do, ask! The Makery is not available as a meeting space. To request a scout visit, please visit our Scout Services page. To request a tour of the Makery, please fill out our Tour Request Form or email Get Inspired Come to the Makery with a project in mind. Get Prepared Go to the equipment page to see what kind of materials you need to bring with you in order to complete your project.

Get Familiar Watch YouTube videos or manufacturer equipment videos to familiarize yourself with the machines. Get Planning Allow enough time for your visit. Get Involved. 098: Makerspaces with Diana Rendina. In this episode I speak with Diana Rendina.

098: Makerspaces with Diana Rendina

Diana is a media specialist/teacher librarian at Tampa Preparatory School, an independent 6-12 school in Tampa, Florida. Previously, she was the media specialist at Stewart Middle Magnet School (also in Tampa) from 2010-2017. Before working in education, she worked for Hillsborough County Public Libraries. She has seen the library world from both the public and the school side of things. She is the author of two books. You can discover more about her on her website Direct Link: Episode can be found here CHECK OUT THE SHOW AND EPISODES ON ITUNES The show is now on Spotify! The show is also now on Google Play The show is also now on Stitcher Topics We Explore How does a media specialist balance all the hats a media specialist has to wear along with creating and operating a makerspace? Show Notes & Quotes Social Media Website – We can find all of her social media links on her website.

Evolving Our Makerspace: The Conclusion. For those of you who haven’t been following along with my last few posts, our fifth and sixth grade student-run business, FH Gizmos, landed a manufacturing contract with Slack.

Evolving Our Makerspace: The Conclusion

Slack tasked us with making 50 desk toys for employees to use in their new education center. To read an indepth account of our experience check out this awesome article from a local paper, Red Bank Green. For those of you that have been following along, we did it! This past week, the last week of school, we received the first of fifty S-shaped fidget spinners! The year ended with a bang. Further, as we end the year on these high notes, I have a much clearer idea on the final evolution of our makerspace. Fair Haven Innovates: Fair Haven Innovates is Fair Haven school district’s 21st century life, careers, and technology program.

The Innovation Lab (4th and 5th grade): The Innovation Lab is where 4th and 5th graders learn the skills they’ll need to be successful in the world of tomorrow. First Reflection From The Innovation Labs. We are about a month into Innovation Lab, and even though that may sound like a lot, I only see each class once a week for an hour.

First Reflection From The Innovation Labs

In all, since we’ve had some days off since the start of school, I’ve only seen most classes twice. Not a lot, but between observations and collecting data, I’m starting to see some trends. So, in the spirit of the same Growth Mindset I hope my kids develop in the Innovation Labs, here is the first reflection from the trenches of the Innovation Labs. TANARFUZET_2016_legfrissebb.pdf. Maker Ed – Maker Education Initiative. Maker Education. Makerspace Playbook Feb 2013. Toys from Trash. 2018 Alfa Béta Gamma - Csodák Palotája témahét. Digitális Pedagógiai Módszertani Központ. Paper Mechatronics – Build your system. Makedo plastic screws for cardboard. Responsibly engineered architecture models. – 3Duxdesign. I made a robot that serves me soup.